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2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs

2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs

2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs. Rank the motorcycles you know and help fellow riders find the right bike for them. Bikez has the most users and the most extensive motorcycle rankings on the internet. This includes reliability, design, engine performance, accident risk, repair costs, offroad capability, race track capability, and touring capability. The rankings are also used to rank the 100 most popular MC models each year since 1990. The list is adjusted weekly as new rankings are added. You can see the ratings for the 2013 Honda NC700D Integra and compare it to other bikes. Honda NC700D Integra lovers really hope that this one product can pave again in the near future with the latest version.

Honda NC700d Integra Engine Specs

2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs
2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs

As with the rest of the NC700 range, the Integra’s soft power curve contains no surprises, save for the red line, which is too easy to hit at over 6000rpm. While shipping is tedious, it will speed up almost any maxi scooter. There are two automatic modes – Drive and Sport – and a semi-auto mode, where you can toggle up and down using the buttons on the left bar. Fuel economy is good, at 60.1mpg in the MCN test.

The Integra is a unique and desirable modern engine, designed to provide a truly engaging driving experience while leveraging the environmental and safety technologies that customers expect from 21st century vehicles.

The Integra has the comfort and weather protection of a scooter but not the luggage capacity. There is one glove box, big enough for a phone. Because it has a motorcycle chassis, there is no spacious under-seat compartment of the scooter. The one you get is not big enough even for an open face cover. A maxi scooter that is truly a motorcycle, with the same engine and chassis as Honda’s NC700S and NC700X. While technically achievable, the Integra has a utilitarian feel, like a motorcycle made for people who don’t really like motorcycles.

brought something completely new to the game with the inclusion of the DCT gearbox. The toothed scooter went out of fashion when Vespa discontinued production of its traditional line where the gear and clutch are mounted together on the left handlebar grip. The current one is CVT, less clutch and less gears.

Buying this motorbike is probably one of the biggest ‘leaps of confidence’ a buyer has ever experienced. The scooter is a smooth electric, and the little power it has can be put to its fullest because it’s easy to access, and the DCT gearbox almost always finds the right gear in any situation, be it criss-crossing the city or hunting for motorsports in the hills. Running costs are almost non-existent, a full 14 liter tank can barely hit 400km if driven sanely, but will still deliver 320km with a heavy throttle hand. Top speed is on the low side of 180km/h and 5.5 seconds 0 – 100km/h means it leaves the traffic lights like a bat out of hell, just by turning the throttle. Highway cruising is excellent between 140-160km/h, riders sit quietly in great wind protection. Light rain doesn’t get the rider wet, and when it rains heavily, the boots stay dry.

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Totally reliable has great build quality, and service costs (Rp. 800,000 for oil, filter and labor). After 12,000km The aftermarket MIVV exhaust produces great sound and the Givi hood keeps the rear clean. The best handling Integra scooter lovers have ever owned, Integra riders have tested the BMW C600/Kymco and prefer the lighter Integra.

The Honda NC750 Integra is the perfect mix of scooter and motorcycle. It features plenty of storage space, an ergonomic riding position and great fuel consumption. This is the best sports scooter available. Bridgestone OEM sucks, and switching to the Z8 makes the scooter grip better.

The Integra – launched two years ago as a new model and one of the New Concept (NC) 3-bike platforms – takes its name from the fact that it integrates the ease of use of the scooter with the dynamic performance of the motorcycle. With its forward foot riding position, protection from the elements and internal storage, the Integra has elements of real scooter functionality. At the same time it offers the excellent performance and economy of the twin cylinder 670cc engine, the second generation six speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) plus the stability, precise handling and outstanding road grip of an orthodox motorcycle. Keywords such as fun, convenience, comfort and safety informed the original Integra’s design and engineering.


2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs
2021 Honda NC700D Integra Review And Specs
  1. 745 cc engine,
  2. Liquid Cooling, 4 stroke, 8 valve, SOHC parallel 2
  3. Cylinder with PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection.
  4. Six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission which produces fuel consumption of 28.9 km/L.
  5. Power, this engine produces a maximum output of 40.3 kW at 6,250 rpm and 68 Nm at 4,750 rpm.
  6. Multi-spoke cast aluminum wheels wrapped in 160/60-ZR17M/C (69W) rear tires and 120/70-ZR17M/C (58W) front tires.
  7. Annual service fee: £120
  8. Power: 51 bhp
  9. Seat height: Medium (31.1 inches / 790 mm)
  10. Weight & Height: (525 lbs / 238 kg)

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