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2021 Honda Supra Fit Review

2021 Honda Supra Fit Review

History of the Supra

2021 Honda Supra Fit Review. The first generation always used the name “Astrea”, therefore it was officially called Astresa Supra. Because of this name, many people sometimes use the nickname “supra”, a combination of the terms “supra” and “Astra”.
The engine capacity of 97.1 cc (100) code C100 is the same as the Astra family. Install the speed indicator on the speedometer panel or you could say it was used by AHM. The body is sleek and modern for its time.

Very Suitable

Overview of information about motorcycles supra fit. This motorcycle is in great demand among adults in Asia
This type of motorcycle has a long history, the PT Astra Honda (AHM) MOTO Assembly Machine has become one of the best-selling machines in the country from year to year. The first period was launched in 1997 with the release of the Supra name, this motorbike had replaced the previous models namely Astrea Grand and Legend, although both were still produced as entry level products until 2002, under the Supra class.
Always carrying the same type of engine, around 2000 Honda started changing the front wheel braking system which was originally on the disc and added the letter “x” to the supra x. The name Astrea is no longer used in this generation, even if Astrea collapses, super under the lights will be retained from its predecessor.

In 2002 PT. AHM launched two new variants of Honda Supra, namely Honda Supra XX (equipped with manual clutch with front disc brake) and Supra v (similar to xx, but with drum brake). At the same time, the dominance of the Honda Supra Ahm re-launched the Supra Edition Supra Fit Supra Edition which accompanied the Honda Supra until 2009-2010 (in 2007, changed its name to X, as well as its presence from the third generation. ).
This motorbike has a different design, seen in the headlights (double beacon bulb) and small changes to the stop stop. The adjustment is a recorded version, always carrying the C 100 family carburetor. You could say the adjustment was born to place the rules for the rhythm of Chinese motorcycle sales.

The 100 cc engine lasted until 2010 through the Fit X and Fit S in 2007. However, both were discontinued in 2011 and replaced by the Revo 110, as the first Honda Honda 110 CC engine. For your information, adjust with accuracy up to 2009-2010, as well as the presence of the third generation.

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About Honda Supra Fit

Honda does it, even though it uses, but consumers are always in sight. In addition to the price factor, the motor that is included in the supra fit family is known for its engine toughness. The difference is, the S suit belongs to the motorcycle group without the disc brake feature. The two wheel brake tool is still a drum. There is indeed a minus with drum brakes. It’s like taking a grip instead of a disc brake.
In terms of appearance, it is not as low as age. Headlights and chest light combine in a multi-reflector style. My heart is a mix of mika-ning with headlights. So even the lights

Specifications of Honda Supra Fit

2021 Honda Supra Fit Review
2021 Honda Supra Fit Review

• Engine: 4 times, SOHC
• Engine Capacity : 97.1 cc (100)
• Boron X Path: 50 x 49.5 mm
• Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
• Max. Power: 7.3 PS @ 8000 RPM
• Max. Pair: 0.74 kgf.m @ 6000 rpm
• Air conditioner
• Carburetor: Keihin.
• Ignition: AC-CDI, Magneto
• Battery / Battery: 12V-5Ah
• Install: nd u22fs-u; NGK C6HSA, C7HSA
• Transmission: 4 Speed ​​(N-1-2-3-4-N), constant mesh
• Clutch: automatic, dual, centrifugal, wet (humid)
• Starter: electricandkick

• Dimensions: 1907 x 702 x 1069 mm
• Axle: 1234 mm
• Clearance from ground: 147 mm
• Engine Oil Capacity: 0.70 liter
• Fuel tank: 3.7 liters
• Weight: 99.4 kg

Frame: Backbone.
• Front: telescopic
• Rear: swivel arms, double shock
• House: 70 / 090-17m / c 38p
• Rear: 80 / 90-17m / c 44p
• Home: drums (all variants use drums)
• Rear: Tromol

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