2021 Honda X Blade Review

2021 Honda X Blade Review

2021 Honda X Blade Review. This time, it was not an automatic motorbike that was exhibited at a price of only $1,118 but unfortunately the Honda X Blade sport was immediately presented in India which was again served to the people there. The manufacturer bearing the flapping wing symbol has released the Honda X-Blade. This cool 160 cc sport motorbike looks sharper and more manly, but if you are interested you can order it right there.

Honda X Blade View

In addition to having the structure of the Honda X Blade having the right dimensions, the specifications of the Honda X-Blade have also been equipped with legs that are quite reliable, sturdy and strong.

Honda X Blade carries a reliable suspension in the form of Telescopic Fork at the front and Mono Shock which is embedded in the rear so as to make driving more comfortable.

Not only that, sporty wheels will also be part of the legs that are ready to support the speed of the motor, the wheels will be wrapped in Tubeless tires with sizes of 130 mm and 80 mm. This dashing motorcycle will rely on disc brakes measuring 276 mm for the front. While at the rear will rely on drum brakes measuring 130 mm. So that it will provide a very strong grip when braking suddenly.

2021 Honda X Blade Review 
2021 Honda X Blade Review

Honda X-Blade Dimensions

Specifications Honda X-Blade also has a dimension sector that can be said to be quite ideal for an adventure motorcycle class. This is of course also inseparable from Honda’s efforts to provide a more masculine design appearance that is typical of adventure motorcycles.

This Honda X-Blade has a length of 2013 mm, a width of 786 mm, and a height of 1115 mm with a wheelbase of 1347 mm and weighs 226 kg.

Not only this, the Honda X-Blade itself is also designed with the lowest distance to the ground as high as 160 mm. it can be ascertained that it will make the driver safe and comfortable when passing through various road terrain and when stopping.

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First Generation Honda Blade

Similarly, 10 years ago, coinciding with December 2008, Honda Blade provided a new choice in the domestic automotive market. Because the concept worn by the motorcycle is quite unique. In its first generation, the Honda Blade came with a lighthouse mixed with the front deck, just below the license plate, like a scooter. In addition, the body design also looks simple and sporty.

The Honda Blade Jaya period occurred in 2011. At that time, the underbone version sold 6488 units in just 2 months in Asian countries, even exceeding the target set by the company.

Second Generation Honda Blades

After 3 years in circulation, PT AHM asia released the second generation of Honda Blade in the second half of 2011. At that time, Du Duck motorcycles came with a pair of headlights located on the handlebars. In addition, manufacturers wearing wings are also equipped with 7 liters of luggage.

For business performance, the second generation Honda Blade relies on 110cc technology, effective and friction), just like the first generation. The track is enhanced with HVIC technology (Honda’s variable ignition control technology).

Third Generation Honda Blade

2 years, early 2014, PT AHM released the third generation, as well as the last of Blade Honda. Design, this duck engine is always the same as the previous model, but uses a larger engine.

At that time, AHM included the same engine as the Honda Supra X 125, SOHC 1-cylinder SOHC 125cc producing 10 TK with a maximum torque of 9.3 nm. The track has also been supported by the injection reorganization system.

Unfortunately, there is no significant improvement in the characteristics of this last generation. The Honda Blade 125 FI only received an automatic cover and an additional sports exhaust. Then, in 2015, only equipped with a new band.

Honda Blade 110 (Carburetor)

When the motor vehicle market in this country was not healthy, PT Astra Honda (AHM) as a manufacturer and distributor of Honda motorcycles in the country launched its newest product, the Honda Blade 110r. “This new product launch is a sign of the company’s optimism at the launch

Directors believe Loman and Ahm because this duck is completely new, both in form, frame and performance. This blade, said Loman, is not a replacement for Revo. Likewise with Miki Yamamoto, the president of AHM stated that this duck has 3 main concepts which are the strengths and advantages of its class. “The advantages include style, performance and personality. Indeed there was a delay in the launch of this knife for about 3 months. Even if it was too late, we were confused by this new product,” Yamamoto commented when explaining this 110 cc. This motorbike uses three languages, namely English, Japanese and Domestic. Having 3 advantages, there is no competitor in its class, AHM dares to use the slogan “winner with the blade”. The victory was achieved because Yamamoto was already mentioned above.

In Thailand, the blade is named CZ-1, which was introduced last July. In the country of white elephants, this duck machine brings PGM-FI technology (programmed fuel injection), while those marketed in the country are not equipped with PGM or always use a carburetor. AHM’s consideration, according to Johannes, is that the falling price will be high. “But with the carburetor, it meets the Euro 2 standard set by the government,” said Johannes. The presence of Balde has been confirmed by Johannes not as a replacement for Revo. This duck, he said again and the fuel is 5% more economical than 110 cc. It is even a question of Honda’s innovations to meet the desires of young, active consumers, loving challenges and wanting to be different. “So the racing wheel is used, because it is a target for young people aged 20 to 22 years and is very appropriate,” said Johannes.

The price of the 125 cc Honda Honda Blade is set at $944 for the Asian region including the creation of a special color variant with the Honda Blade Racing Edition. The monthly target is about 45,000 units of the less than 125 cc segment, with a market share of 53%.

New Honda Blade 125More Powerful than the Carburetor Version

Eschara in a nutshell, the new PGM-Fi Honda Blade doesn’t seem to achieve any modifications compared to the previous version. But when you take a closer look and close, the sharp body lines and luxurious design make up this new cool blade. In addition to the 125cc injection engine, other changes occurred in other sectors. Among them, some of the main headlamps are equipped with multi-reflexors so as to provide wider and brighter lampshades. This appearance is enhanced by an integrated lamp design, with the inner lens blending into the evening light.

For other features, such as a tank capacity greater than 4 liters and a storage location to store the tank cap for convenience when refueling. The luggage storage capacity has also become wider than it can fit items up to 7.3 liters.


This engine is the same base used by the suprax125 injection. The heart of the injection is a 125 cc, SOHC, 4 stroke, single cylinder capable of spraying out 10.1 psi of power at 8,000 rpm with 9.30 nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Before my sport, the Jajal was the new injection blade, so it will be better and he feels the changes in the face of the Honda Blade is the Karbu version. The position of the position may not be too different

But with the new Honda blade, the resulting power injection is better than the carb version. Yes, of course, the Karbu version is always 110cc over the injection plus 125cc version. Another advantage, the new injection of each gear change is smoother than the carburetor version. Not before there, facing corners and backwheel engineering feel smoother without disturbing the driver’s balance.


The composition of the wheels, with tire sizes before 70/90-17 and 80/90-17 behind, fed up perfectly. And on braking, a hydraulic disc with one piston is able to stop the engine speed. Similarly, the rear wheel is also the application of disc brakes. A slight tug of the brake lever of the motorcycle tire can immediately bite the asphalt, but the victims do not slip because the wheels are locked.

For the price, the new Honda Blade 125 with single disc brake is estimated at $944 in asia. With regard to the Dual brake variant.

Here Are The Complete Specifications Of The Honda Blade


Engine type: 4 stroke SOHC, air cooling

Diameterx Step: 50×55.6 mm

Volume: 109.1 cc

Compression Comparison: 9.0:1

Maximum power: 8.4 PS at 7,500 rpm

Maximum torque 0.83 kgf.m at 5,500 rpm

Clutch: double, automatic, centrifugal, wet type

Starter: pedal and electric

ND U20EPR9 Ignition Candle, NGK CPR6EA-9

Dimensions and Weight:

Tank capacity: 3.7 liters

Oil capacity: 0.8 liter

Transmission: 4 Speed ​​Rotary

Battery / Battery: MF 12V-3.0AH

PengusieldC-CDI Battery System

Dimensions: 1.898x709x1.08 mm

Axle: 1,227 mm

Lowest distance to ground 135 mm

Empty weight: 104 kg

Frame and Legs:

Frame type: backbone

Suspension Type Before: Telescopic

Rear suspension type: dual vibration fly arm

Front tire size: 70/90-17 m/c 38p

Rear tire size: 80/90-17 m/c 44p

Front brake: hydraulic disc with single piston

Rear brake: hydraulic disc with single piston

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