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2022 New 8 Advantages of Honda Vario 125 Review 

2022 8 Advantages of Honda Vario 125 Review

Honda Vario 125. It was the first time that PT Astra Honda’s engine was serious about playing the mactic engine of the Honda Vario. In the 125 CC Class scooter segment, Honda has only one champion. In some of the many choices in the market, one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia only has the Honda Vario 125. This motorbike which is powered by 125 cc has a very attractive appearance with a modern and aggressive design.

The Honda Vario 125 first came to Indonesia in 2013. Before the appearance of the 125 cc version, the Honda Vario initially relied on a 110 cc engine with a different Honda beat engine base due to liquid cooling. PT Astra Honda engine has time to remind Honda Vario 110 cc with the same engine as Honda Beat. then Honda Vario 125 in high demand by consumers. According to data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the Honda Vario 125 sells 50,000 units every month in Indonesia (Asia).

One of the most sold automatic motorbikes in the country is the Vario 125. Easy to drive, has a large trunk and an economical engine, that’s the reason that is often heard by word of mouth by Bikers lovers.

In Indonesia, the Honda Markets Vario 125 is available in two variants: CBS and CBS-ISS. The difference between them is the features and the price. Features Honda Vario 125 CBS does not have an idle stop system (ISS). The goal is to save fuel consumption. Then, on the price side, the CBS variant is also cheaper than the CBS ISS.

  1. Price of Vario 125 CBS $1,450 in asia/indonesia
  2. Price Vario Putih 125 CBS-ISS-ISS $1,514 in asia/indonesia
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Honda Supra GTR 150
Honda Supra GTR 150

The advantages of Honda Vario 125

1. Luxury Design

Looks luxurious for a 125 cc scooter. Before there was PCX 150, it could be said that the body was a bongster compared to other criteria. Body lines are also sharp with a reduced light design. So he seems not only luxurious, but also sporty and aggressive.

2. Extended Baggage Capacity

The feature that many consumers look for in a machine is the luggage capacity. In the Honda Vario 125, the luggage capacity offered is quite wide, which reaches 18 liters. With this spacious luggage capacity, drivers can carry enough items. The trunk of the Honda Vario 125 is also happy to accommodate full or half face headphone models.

3. Regular Machine Performance

Honda Vario 125 is equipped with a 4 stroke engine, SOHC, ESP, liquid cold. The piston diameter is 52.4 mm and the stroke is 57.9 mm, producing a maximum power of 11.1 ps at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of up to 10.8 nm at 5,000 rpm.

With a light weight motorcycle, only 111 kg, the weight ratio is quite good. To speed things up, the scooter is relatively fast.

4. Efficient Fuel Consumption

Honda Vario 125 has idle stop system (ISS) functionality. With this feature, the motorcycle turns off automatically if left for three seconds. Thus, no fuel is wasted when the engine is idle or inactive. The motorcycle engine will start again when the gas lever is played. With the ISS function, the fuel consumption of the Honda Vario 125 can also be more economical. Honda claims that this scooter can save up to 51.7 kilometers per liter.

5. Functionality

Honda is not radin in this injection scooter. Honda Vario 125 is equipped with complete digital panel counters, LED lighting system (headlights, tail lights and breast lights), idle stop system, anti-theft alarm, response system, large trunk, front tire without room and other tires.

6. All Led Lights

 Honda Vario 125
Honda Vario 125

The Honda Vario 125 and Vario 150 use LED lights from all sides of the lighting, starting from the headlights, taillights, Scouts strains and epidide meters. So, for lighting lamps – lamps are bright enough and there is no need to make many changes anymore.

7. Lock Ignition Using Remote Control

The Honda Vario 150 uses a Honda Smart Key or No Key, so this machine does not require a manual key as in general, the key used by the Honda Vario 150 is a remote control consisting of 2 different buttons. From the on / off / ignition button, remote control and parking alarm.

8. Competitors Honda Vario 125

Vario 125 Competitors are: Honda Vario 150, Honda Beat, Honda Scoo, Yamaha Lexi and Yamaha Freego.

Specifications of Honda Vario 125

Engine: 4-stroke engine type, SOHC, ESP, coolant

Volume Step : 124.8 CC

Diameter x steps 52.4 x 57.9 mm

Automatic transcription type: V – matic

Maximum power 8.2 kw (11.1 PS) / 800 rpm

Maximum torque 10.8 nm (1.1 kgf.m) / 5,000 rpm

Electric starter type

Clutch type automatic, centrifugal, dry type

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