2022 CRF 50F Children’s Edition Review

2022-2023, Honda Is Launching The CRF 50F Children’s Edition

2022 CRF 50F Children’s Edition Review. For those who like off-road motorcycles, Honda was recently rumored to have launched a limited edition CRF 50 for kids. The small-engined trail bike is only available in 50 units, so if you and your child are interested in training your child by loving the off-road world, then now, when 2022-2023, Honda is launching the CRF 50F children’s edition.

Reporting from the website, in addition to the limited edition CRF 250, Honda also offers the 2022-2023 Honda CRF 50F which will provide its own pleasure for the rider. but it is not certain that next year the Honda CRF 50F will be reproduced, this all depends on the demand for the European and Asian markets.

Honda CRF 50F Mesin Engine

Honda CRF 50 itself uses a 4-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 49 cc. but certainly safe enough to be used for specifications for children. not only that. The machine is equipped with an automatic clutch with three levels of acceleration.

View of Honda CRF 50F

2022 CRF 50F Children's Edition Review
2022 CRF 50F Children’s Edition Review

In appearance, this motorbike also has a body design like the 250cc CFR family wrapped in dual color tones, namely a combination of red and white.

In addition, the front shock absorbers also use upside down, and mono pretentious for the rear.

2022-2023 Honda CRF 50F Legs

2022 CRF 50F Children's Edition Review
2022 CRF 50F Children’s Edition Review

Then for the legs, they use spoke wheels with threaded tires that are typical of a dirt raking motorbike, so that the off-road impression will be felt by children who like to play mud trains.

Just look at the wheels, even though they use 10-inch rims, but the type of tires used are MT.

Because it is made for children, the ground clearance of the Honda CRF 50F motorbike is also not high and not up to 15 cm, so it is very easy for children to ride.

Honda CRF 50F Price In Europe

In the UK, this limited edition Honda CRF 50F is offered at a price of £1,399 or equivalent to Rp. 24 million at the Indonesian Rupiah exchange rate.

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