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2022 History Honda GL Pro Review

2022 History Honda GL Pro Review

For fans of classic motorsports, it should be familiar with the GL Pro model. GL Pro is Honda’s flagship sports motorbike and is a local Honda sports motorbike with the largest engine capacity from 1980 to 1990 before being issued by the presence of Honda Tiger. These horses are known for their distinctive “Father” aspect, which is so durable that it was published for the first time in 1985 until it was eventually replaced by the generation Honda Megapro.

In general, there are three GL Pro models launched by Honda to the country. The first model of the GL Pro was the GL Pro White Engine which was published in 1985 with an engine capacity of 145cc. Later, the white engine generation was replaced by the Black Model GL model engine which was published in 1992. It was named after the Black Engine, because this motorcycle carried a black engine.

Model Honda GL Pro Series

The Honda GL Pro Series (White Engine) is the next generation of the Honda GL family which appeared in 1979 as a replacement for the Honda CB Series. Honda had produced these horses in the midst of a stream of 2 motorcycles not that any other factory was actively producing, the GL Pro series appeared in 1985 and finally ceased production in 1991.

GLPro Series Engine

Honda GL Pro
Honda GL Pro

This Honda GL Pro series is sometimes called the white engine GL Pro because the Honda GL Pro itself has a black engine variant The GL Pro Variant, which has the same cubes, but “says” more stubborn power and acceleration. So, to distinguish automotive enthusiasts, call the dubbed white motor.

This white iron horse is designed not to compete with speed, as other manufacturers promote with the 2nd bike. These bikes are designed to tend to highlight toughness and cheating. Don’t forget, this bike can also travel long distances as this bike is rarely difficult despite minimal maintenance.

The power of this magnitude, 145 cc, is capable of removing 15 HP of power with an engine speed of 8500 per minute with 4 no. camshaft (OHC) technology. The ignition system of this GL pro series uses the CDI-AC ignition system, although for starting the starter, it still uses a sport alias kick starter in the same way as its brother, the GL Pro. Compression of the fuel is always relatively small, ie 9.2:1 can still be balanced with the air conditioning system.

This tough and durable machine has become the choice for some bosses to reject it as a daily bike, even if there is a motorbike with the latest technology. The durability of the Honda GL Pro series is proven to be the way upstream.

Honda GL Pro Black Engine

For the Honda GL Pro Black Engine Engine, it was one of the iron horses of winged manufacturers from its stable in 1992, after discontinuing the GL Pro Series aka the production of the Pro white engine in 1991. Motorcycles were imported directly from Japan before being caught in 1994,

The appearance of the GL pro black engine is only visible on the previous engine color. But this GL change is actually not only the color of the engine, but also the engine capacity. The previous variant, “only” can spend 15 HP at 8500 rpm while the Honda GL Pro Black Engine is able to remove power up to 16 hp at the same engine speed, 8500 rpm. This difference is quite important considering that both variants have the same kitchen cooking track, 144.7 cc. On the compression side, this black GL Pro engine also had an initial 9.2:1 upgrade in the white motor variant, now it’s 9.3:1 in this black engine.

These black horses have always been targeted by the country’s automotive industry because of their strong black engine character. Compared to its white motor sibling, the GL Pro Black Engine is more powerful and has better acceleration, enough to compensate for the not louder Gaban 2 engine for power and acceleration.

Despite being reinforced with capacities for power and acceleration, the GL Pro Black engine stays on its original path, namely the motorcycle of tough, economical and effortless sports travel.

Honda GL Pro Neotech

And for the Honda GL Pro Neotech, it’s the old bike from the GL series enjoying its glory. This bike appeared for the first time in 1995 and was finally decommissioned by Honda in 1999.

Honda GL Pro Neotech Engine

The iron horse has a cooking capacity of 160 cc track or more specifically 156.7 cc capable of spewing a maximum power of 14.7 hp in a motor speed of 8500 per minute. Despite having a track capacity that can be considered large, the GL Pro Neotech is classified as economical in terms of fuel consumption.

The efficiency of the GL Pro Neotech is not a barrier for the iron horses to exude their reactive and mechanical resilience character. As evidence is that people in the mountains, many are using Honda GL especially GL Pro Neotech. At Mount Bromo, for example, local people use this motorbike as a mountain every day to look for things a living by being a motorbike taxi that guides it. Not only tourists are transported on this motorbike, motorbikes that are not strong in the treatment of quite extreme slopes are sometimes also passengers in this right horse seat.

The design of the GL Pro Néotech has always been similar to that of the GL Pro Series and GL Pro Black Engine which always features Honda GL’s straight-box design and design. But for this energy the GL pro pro neotech is down relative to the Black GL Pro engine. But on the other hand, the more GL PRO is more economical than the two brothers. Read Also : All New Honda BRV 2022 !

Honda GL Pro Engine Specifications:

Honda GL Pro
Honda GL Pro

Engine Type: 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, DOHC, air cooling

Cylinder Volume: 144.7 cc.

Maximum Power : 14.7 hp @ 8500 rpm.

Maximum Torque : 1.3 kgf.m @ 6500 rpm

Transmission : Manual, 5 Speed

Clutch : Wet and Double Clutch Manual

Fuel System: Carburetor

Starter System: Kick.

Specifications Dimensions Honda GL Pro:

Size: 2034 mm x 754 mm x 1062 mm.

Wheelbase: 1281 mm.

Lowest Distance To Ground: 149 mm.

Empty Weight: 103 kg.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Liters.

Honda GL Pro Framework Specifications:

Skeleton: Diamond Steel.

Front Suspension: Telescopic.

Rear Suspension: Swing Arm, double shockbreaker

Front Brakes: Disc,Fouble piston.

Rear Brake: Drum

Front Tire Size: 2.75.

Rear Tire Size: 3.00.

Honda GL Pro Electrical Specifications:

Ignition System: CDI-DC, Battery.

Battery : 12 V – 4 Ah.

Spark Plug : ND X 24 EP-U9.



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