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2022 Honda Astra Star Full Specifications | legendary honda classic

2022 Honda Astra Star Full Specifications | legendary honda classic

2022 Honda Astra Star. The design is nothing special. But if we look today. It’s a different story if we go back to the era of the 1990s. Thus the specifications and reviews of the Honda Astra Star.

Astra-Star is the latest generation of Honda Astrawhich uses a swing arm on its front legs, as well as the latest generation of Honda Astra which uses a transcurned engine with rotation under 100cc.

Well, if this motorbike we can always find, but rarely always use the original hot suspension. The mean has been replaced by the telescopic model.

Honda Astra Star Specifications and Comments

Honda Astra
Honda Astra

Machine and Design

Astra Star Advanced Astra 800 Duck. Retro design with type 4 stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 85.8 cc. The engine was quite large for the size of a motorcycle at that time, because the Honda Astra model had a smaller engine capacity, namely the Honda C70.

But despite the “one-of-a-kind” design, the Astra Star was numerous in its time. Naturally, at that time Honda had always been the only commercial motorcycle that used 4 motorcycles without a motor. This machine is synonymous with the jealousy of competitors who always insist on no. 2 machines.

Honda’s economic image has always been carried by many people over the years. Even in the current era of fuel consumption, every motorcycle is relative. It depends on many things. So, no longer domination of the brand.

Another myth that has always been carried out so far is the view that if aHonda Astra engine breaks down, the damage will spread to other parts. While other brands do not. Although now that view is no longer valid.

This is not display 2. Of course, this is no longer the case in an era where all commercial motorcycles are 4 years old or not.

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Gear Acceleration

Astrea Star is the first Indonesian Honda Duck to use 4 speeds. Previously, the Honda C70 and Astrée 800 only used 3 acceleration gears.

Astra Star is also an early generation Honda duck machine that uses a rotary system on gear polarity, namely Gear Gears can be directly neutral from top speed by pressing the front gear pedal when the engine is turned off.

Spark Plug

Honda Atrea Star uses Spark NGK C7HSA or DENSO U20SU Lilin. Honda continued to use these spark plugs until the triumph of the C100 engine, namely the Honda Revo series and the Honda Supra Fit which had the ultimate in Honda Fit X.

Shooting System

The AC-CDI installed in Bintang Area was always a novelty at that time. The reason is, in the 1980s, the Honda era was still using platinum as well as other motorcycle brands.

Boot System.

Duck bikes (duck) are motorcycles with the previous day’s segmentation. Therefore, the existence of an electric starter became a special thing in its day. While the sport type manual motorcycle only has a starter alias crank.

Honda started using electric starters for the Honda Tiger 2000 in 1993. Then it continued to the Mega Pro 1600 and other motorcycles.

Vehicle Weight

The star in estrea weighs only 83 kg. Of course it is very light if we compare it with today’s motorcycles.

But at that time, indeed a motorcycle weighing 80 kg was still extraordinary. At that time, duck bikes did not have the capacity to go at high speeds. Therefore, the weight of 80 kg is still capable, especially at that time there were still many muddy roads, so speed was not an advantage.

Braking system

Like the center of gravity, the braking system is always quite capable using only drum brakes. At that time, the motorcycle population was not what it is today, so the shock brake did not have a disc brake application. Imagine this age still using the previous rear brake, the address will have a lot of collisions in an environment with heavy traffic flow.

Tire Size:

According to his posture, the tire size is enough with 2.25-17 (previous) and 2.50-17 (rear). Tire sizes are always used for the Honda Astrea Prima Generation, Honda Astrea Grand, Honda Astrea Impress and Honda Legend. Honda recently increased the size of its duck tires during the race for the Honda Supra X 100 generation in 1997.

The Following Data Specifications Honda Astra Star

Engine Type : 4 No, 1 Cylinder, SOHC, AC

× race: 47 × 49.5 mm

Cylinder volume: 85.8cc

Compression Ratio: 9.4:1

Clutch type: automatic, wet, multiplate

Cylinder arrangement: single horizontal

Gear transmission: 4-speed

Gear operation pattern: N-1-2-3-4-N

Carburetor: Keihin 16mm × 1

Battery: 12v-4ah


Ignition System: AC CDI

Starter System: Kick & Electric Start

Dimensions (W × H × H): 184.5 × 66 × 105 cm

Frame type: spine

Fuel TankCapacity: 4 liters

Sumburoda: 118 cm

Empty weight: 83 kg

Front brake: Tromol

Rear Brake: Drum

Front tire size: 2.25-17

Rear tire size: 2 50-17

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