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2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review History

2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review History

Grand Honda Astrea Perjalanan Trip Overview

2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review. Mentioned above, Honda Astrea Grand was introduced first by Federal Engine in 1991, replacing Astra Prima. For those who don’t know, Federal Machinery was the distributor and manufacture of Honda motorcycles before the era of the Astra Honda PT engine. The presence of the main Honda Motor Corporation Company gave the name Astra Honda Engine Federal Engine in 2001.

There is an early version, this great Astrea has a beach backlight design similar to a tortoise turtle so it is called the big bubble. Three years later, Federal Engine has updated the great Astrée design, especially in the backlight by adding a duck tail spoiler.

As a fencing edition, federal machinery has released the Astrea Impressa which is similar in design to the Astrea Grand but thinner. The launch of the Astrea Impressa coincides with the release of the Astrea Supra, which has a sportier design. When the economic crisis hit Indonesia in 1997, the federal engine had re-issued a set of cheap motorcycles and re-recorded a Honda Astrée model called the Honda Astrea Lagend.

This type of Astrea has superior technology, but always adopts the same engine as the Honda Astrea Grand, which has a capacity of 100 cc. As a distinctive contour of the typical legendary period, PT Astra Honda Honda engines even published Legend 2 as the last edition of the asset clan in Indonesia.

Grand Astréa Typical 90’s Motorcycle Design

In the early 1990s, the Automotive Market Competition introduced three brands offering Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki Motorbikes. Of the three, only Honda is loyal to the motorcycle 4 no. Yamaha and Suzuki always use 2 non-engines, even if the engine capacity is 100 cm from the rounding.

There is no doubt that the segment of motorcycle users is also divided. Honda Astrea has been bought more by adults such as officials, homewomen, so that young people have been faced with an unnecessary young man right. The user character of the Duk Suzuki is almost identical to that of the Honda, the only difference is that it’s looking for a 2nd motorbike which is faster – no. Yamaha, which provides the power-1 series, aims at the youth or sportsmanship segment.

In terms of features, Honda is the most modest compared to Suzuki and Yamaha. However, Honda tried to make bikes that were the toughest and most durable on the engine. Astrea Big always carries drum brakes on the wheels and the engine 4 no. The design of the headquarters is also average like Yamaha, which is the “biccengers” rather stand out.

Because it’s always a descendant straight from the Super Cub, the Astrea Grand uses a monococcal frame design. That is, this drawing is a combination of a pipe with a steel plate arrangement. Well, this pipe that the main frame and steel plate serves for the body which is then covered with a plastic cap.

Typical 90s lamp design in a rectangular and somewhat inclined style. So, because it doesn’t impress old school, the backlight shape has a spoiler. Meanwhile, the suspension uses an ordinary telescope in front of the famous famous softness.

There’s nothing special about the great Austrian design simply because federal engine as the manufacturer designed this moped as a functional vehicle. You want to use between school children, you want to use transportation or agricultural products, just leave it. The Grand Astrea is known for this stubborn engine and the chassis of this motorcycle is surprisingly durable and strong.

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The advantages of Astrea Grand

2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review
2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review

Fuel Efficiency

Kiritian’s consumption of large Honda Astra fuel can reach 60-77 km / liter with an average speed of 55 km / h. An incredible number, considering that when new motoring technology had reached the carburetor system. There are absolutely no modern and advanced features like now.

Modern leg stage (in time)

Although the design has always been a retro model, the Honda Astrea Grand uses a separate backfoot model from the swingarm. The point is obviously to reduce vibration at the battery legs.

2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review History

2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review
2022 Honda Astrea Grand Review

Honda Astra big specifications and legends – contains a success story with the C100 product, in 1991, Honda released a duck motorcycle that received the big Astrea label. Astrea Grand still plays a role with designs like its predecessors Honda Astrea Star and Honda Astrea Prima, and still uses the C100 engine which is famous for being stubborn and economical.

Millennia is now very enthusiastic about the arrival of the new Honda Super Cub. The old modern school style duck brings back memories of the past for many. Especially for Indonesia, we have the great Honda Astrea which is left behind as a motorcycle of a million people.

Astrea is great in her pedigree including great-grandchildren from the Super Cub. The reason is, this motorbike is a continuation of the era after the Super Cub, Astra 700, Astrée 800 and Star Astrée and then Prima. Performance issues, no doubt even if only armed with a 95 cc engine.

The Honda Astrea Grand is still very much invited to go up and down on mountain roads without a problem. Performance on the horizontal road is well received as it is always strong at 90 kilometers per hour. Lost injection of the modern 110-125 motorcycle duck which is only 100 km / h.

The Honda Astrea Grand was published for the first time around 1991. This first exit was the Grand Bulus because the shape of the convex backlight was similar to a bubble aka a turtle. Three years later, the federal machine as a trademark agency then published the Astrea Grand update. In this facelift, the difference is in the design of the taillights which have a duck tail design with an extra spoiler.

The question of spare parts availability is always very easy because Astrea Grand owners are still very much in small towns. Obviously, great Austria, including the best-selling duck bike of its time. The size is proportional to the position of the assisted driver and the “balcellaner” is comfortable, even for long distances.

Not to mention, the consumption of Big Stout Gasoline is an effective spirit. There’s even an anecdote that says that if this huge Astrea tank smells only of gasoline, you’ll want to walk. Touring remotely using Grand Astrea is guaranteed not to find gasoline.

After the show, some time ago, a large restoration proceeds will be sold for $ 80 million. Intrigued by the problem of the Honda Astrea Grand, discuss more in terms of these millions of ducks.

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