2022 HONDA BLADE 125 Full Review

2022 HONDA BLADE 125 Full Review

Honda company is not only higher than their sales of super efficient motorcycles, but from the Honda Blade 125 motorcycle sector, Honda is superior, especially the production of Honda Honda Blade 125 motorcycles dropped by consumption. Very economical fuel.

Honda 125 Fi Blade has an elegant appearance with futuristic body curves. Honda Blade 125 Bike was released with the first version of the Repsol Edition version and the second version is the usual version. This machine itself is competent with rivals, namely the Yamaha Jupiter Z1. In the Honda Blade 125 FI section, this section is equipped with an engine that has a fairly complicated performance and is very fuel efficient. This engine is a 4-stroke, SOHC, single cylinder engine.

In addition to the character design, the benefits of the Honda Blade 125 FI can steal the public’s attention, namely the engine performance on the bicycle. Honda’s reactive pipeline and fast acceleration, Honda equipped the last motorcycle with a 125 capacity engine supported by a fuel injection system so that this motorcycle is not only higher in terms of power, but also greater in fuel consumption.


1. Design Honda Blade 125 Fi

Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda Blade 125 Fi Motorbikes For its own design, Honda Blade 125 FI has an elegant design with futuristic body curves. Switching to the front, the 125 fi Honda Blade has an elegant design plus 2 headlamps that are designed with a futuristic design so that they add a luxurious feel to the front of this motorbike. In the Honda Blade 125 FI section, the driving section has a comfortable driving position and the handling of the motor is quite large depending on the administrator. In the 125 fi honda blade speed counter is equipped with an analog speedometer with a futuristic shape. Turn on the blade seat section Honda 125 fi is equipped with a thick and comfortable seat for everyday use. so it adds a futuristic feel to the back of this bike.

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2. Honda Blade 125 FI Mesin Engine

In Honda 125 fi blade, the engine part is equipped with great engine quality and the super economical engine is a 4-stroke, SOHC, unique cylinder engine with an engine capacity of 125 cc.
With an engine, like the one above the Honda Blade, the 125 Fi is capable of emitting maximum power to reach 7.40 kW or equivalent to a motor speed of 8,000 rpm, while torque reaches 9.30 nm or equivalent to an engine speed of 4000 rpm.

3. Suspension Honda Blade 125 Fi

In the Honda Blade 125 the suspension section is also equipped with a quality suspension that is comfortable to carry out every day, for the front suspension the Honda Blade 125 is equipped with telescopic suspension while the rear suspension is equipped with swing arm suspension with dual suspension.

4. Performance is Strong enough

Compared to bikes in its class such as the Yamaha Jupiter Z1, the benefits of the 125 fi honda blade, namely in the performance of a more powerful engine thanks to the approved 4 non-SOHC mechanics with a supported 125cc capacity. With fuel injection. technology. By bringing the engine, this Honda Blade 125 motorcycle is not only good in superior performance, but also in more efficient fuel consumption.

5. Good And Quality Braking

Better braking performance, bringing an engine capable of spraying enough Teng, of course, to provide good driving safety, the Honda Blade 125 motorcycle must be balanced with a good system. Braking Therefore, for a quality braking system, Honda manufacturers have clamped this machine with disc brakes at the front and bottom.

6. Larger Fuel Tank Capacity

In addition to the several points we mentioned above, the benefits of the Honda Blade 125 Fi that you should not miss, the fuel tank capacity is larger than the previous variant. This supports better driving comfort, the Honda manufacturer provides this bike with a fuel tank that can hold 4 liters of fuel.

7. There Are Many Variations

The advantage of the last 125 fi honda blades, this bike was born with many variants. Of course, by the birth of more than 1 variant, consumers can choose 125 variants of the Honda Blade variant that is suitable for their wishes. For 125 variants of the Honda Blade variants sold in the country, including the Blade Brake Blade 125 FI Drum, 125 FI Repsol MMC Blade and Blade Blade 125 Fi MMC.

 Specifications Honda Blade 125 Fi

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, SOHC,
Number of cylinders: 1 cylinder
Engine Capacity: 125 cc
Max power : 7.40 kW (10.1 PS) / 8000 rpm
Max torque : 9.30 nm (0.95 kgf.m) / 4000 rpm
Front suspension: telescopic
Rear suspension: flying arm with dual suspension

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