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2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review

2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review


2022 Honda Cb650r New Sport Review. Honda’s legendary CB750K0 introduced the world of motorcycles to the modern inline-four, and the world has never looked back. That’s because the configuration delivers a magical balance of power delivery, smoothness, and instant acceleration in a tight, clean package. Plus, there’s an awesome waterfall header! Today, the HONDA CB650R stands almost alone in offering that combination in an engine sized 650. Plus, we wrapped it all up in a contemporary take on a modern naked sportbike we call Neo Sports Café. For 2021, we’ve updated the engine, styling and most importantly, added a new 41mm Showa SFF-BP “Big Piston” fork, making a great engine even better.

Honda is always evolving in exploring new frontiers, in design and engineering. In 2018, the new CB1000R and CB300R brought a new identity to Honda’s nude motorcycle lineup in the US, mixing cafe racer inspiration with an ultra-minimalist look under the “Neo Sports Café” design theme.

One segment remains for new aesthetics to find expression: the highly competitive naked mid-range arena and in 2019, the CB650R confidently takes on this role (formerly the CB650F). Aimed at a young demographic who looks to flaunt style and enjoy to the fullest the combination of exhilarating four-cylinder engine performance and lightweight, versatile and smooth chassis handling, it has proven to be a resounding success. But curious about the 2022 Honda Cb650r New Sport model next year. Before we discuss the latest Honda for the next year, let’s look at the review of the Honda Cb650r Sport Review which has paved the way for western countries.


2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review
2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review


  • DOHC 649cc . engine

Machines like this are what Honda does best. The four-cylinder design makes it smoother and revving faster than most twins, and offers ample low to midrange torque, plus plenty of power through the entire rev range. New cams and intake timings for 2021 provide plenty of power.

  • 4.1 Gallon . Fuel Tank

A versatile bike like the CB650R needs a lot of reach, and the 4.1 gallon fuel tank provides just that.

  • Four To One Exhaust

Power, style and clear growl — you get all three with the CB650R’s four-to-one exhaust system.

  • Selectable Honda Torque Control

With the Honda Selectable Torque Control System (HSTC), the CB650R offers peace of mind during aggressive driving conditions. This system adjusts engine power to optimize torque at the rear wheels, reducing rear wheel slip. And here’s the best part: you can turn it on or off with a switch mounted on the handlebars.

  • Muffler

Mufflers need to accomplish four things: They need to quiet the engine without robbing power, they need to help tune engine output, they need to sound great, and they are a big style element on any bike. The CB650R exhaust knocks it out of the park on all counts, and sounds like only the inline four can.

  • Smooth Intake System

The CB650R features a twin-channel intake design, engineered to ram cold, dense air into the air box, increasing horsepower.


  • Neo-Sports Cafe Style

This bike looks unique, because it is. The Neo Sports Café’s design combines elements of a pure sportbike and naked sports. Sometimes less is more, and the CB650R makes a bold styling statement no matter where you drive it.

  • Digital Instruments

The CB650R’s LCD display has a digital speedometer and tachometer, plus clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time and average fuel consumption meter, and illuminated engine diagnostic indicators. Changes to the LED display have also made it easier to read this year.

  • Led Headlights

The CB650R uses the same LED headlights as our CB1000R. The bezel around the headlights and finished in black, emphasizes a sharper image. These LED headlights are brighter and smaller than conventional designs, and contribute greatly to the CB650R’s sense of style.

  • Shiny Nanopigment Paint

The CB650R dual-layer candy paint is applied with a clear coat of nanopigment over the base coat. The aluminum flakes in the base coat give this paint a shimmery look — check it out for yourself and you’ll be hooked.

  • Trapezoidal Body Layout

It sounds like a mouthful, but it just means that the CB650R has some awesome lines, and it just flatly looks right.

  • Y-Spoke Aluminum Wheel

Aluminum wheels have “Y” shaped spokes which help reduce unsprung weight. Halos have a bigger effect on handling than numbers alone suggest.


  • New Showa Sff-Bp Front Suspension

Good handling and precise steering demand premium front suspension. That’s why the CB650R now has This is the Showa Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) unit. It offers lower weight, superior rigidity, and excellent overall performance.


  • Handlebar

Bicycle handlebars make a huge difference in how you relate to your engine. We changed the angle of the handlebars for 2021 too, moving it up three degrees. It changes a bit, but it makes tight, slow speed turns easier.

  • Frame

The twin-spar frame incorporates pivot plates, engine hangers, seat rails and other components all of which reduce weight. It’s light, strong, and provides the basis for the CB650R’s stellar handling.

  • Neutral Position/Sporting Riding

One of the most rider-friendly aspects of the entire Neo-Sports Café design is how you sit on the CB650R. You’re ready to ride aggressively, but you’re still comfortable.

  • Radial-Mount Front Brake

Featuring large 310mm discs, the CB650R also features radial-mounted four-piston calipers. The result is premium sportbike stopping power that is linear and easy to modulate.

  • Rear Disc Brake

A 240mm hydraulic disc at the rear complements the twin front discs for plenty of stopping power.

  • Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch helps ease clutch operation by about 12 percent compared to the previous model, and it reduces rear wheel jump during fast downshifts. Read More !


2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review
2022 Honda CB650R New Sport Review


  • Engine Type : 649cc liquid cooled in-line four cylinder
  • Bore & Stroke : 67mm x 46mm
  • Induction : PGM-FI with 32mm . throttle
  • Ignition: Transistor full
  • Compression Ratio : 11.6:1
  • Valve Train : DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Drive Train

  • Transmission: Six speeds
  • End Drive : chain #525; 15T/42T

Chassis Suspension Brakes

  • Front Suspension: 41mm Fork; 4.25 inches of travel
  • Rear Suspension : Single Shock Showa; 5.04 inches of travel
  • Front Brakes : Dual 310mm discs with radial-mounted four-piston calipers; ABS
  • Rear Brakes : Single 240mm disc; ABS
  • Front Tire : 120/70-17
  • Rear Tire : 180/55-17


  • Rake (Caster Angle): 32°
  • Trail : 4.0 inches
  • Wheelbase: 57 inches
  • Seat Height : 31.9 inches
  • Weight Limit: 445 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel ready to ride)
  • Fuel Capacity : 4.1 gallons, including reserves of 0.8 gallons
  • Miles Per Gallon : TBD

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