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2022 Honda Charisma 125 Specs and Price

2022 Honda Charisma 125 Specs and Price

Honda charisma 125 D designed by AHM Asia in 2002 is a design for 125cc Puppy motorcycles in the Asian region. Honda Karisma 125D which has a fairly large body has been equipped with luggage features under the seat pointer and gasoline in the form of a mini-sized LCD screen. Karisma is a type of Honda motorcycle that has 125cc which has been facilitated with disc brakes on the front wheels, otherwise Honda Karisma 125 still has drum brakes in the same section.

Honda Karisma 125D Has a good body, has been equipped with luggage features under the seat pointer and gas in the form of a mini-size LCD screen. In addition, to distinguish the charisma of the charisma of the 125 and 125d is the braking system at the front. The 125D has been equipped with discs, while the Karisma 125 still uses drums.

Entering 2004, Honda gave a refresh of the 125D charisma. His name became Honda Karisma X 125D. Still carrying the same engine, SOHC 4-stroke 2 valve air-cooled (cold air) 125 cc. The charisma x 125d design looks thinner.

Honda Karisma 125 and 125D are still equipped with a deck (cover) on the wheel chain on the ground to be cleaner and more durable. In addition, the exhaust used is still polished with a chrome coating. Something that is very rare when compared to motorcycles today. Not to forget the exhaust is protected by a protective cover (which is criticized) from the heat so it’s not about foot pustion.

Honda Karisma is a type of duck motorcycle produced by the Honda motorcycle manufacturer, where this motorcycle began to occur since 2003. In time, the Honda Karisma motorcycle is a type of duck motorcycle with a large engine capacity, where the charisma of the Honda engine is equipped with a cylinder capacity 125 cc.

So this Honda Duck motorcycle can be quite fast on the road. In addition, this motorcycle Honda Charisma has also been equipped with a disc brake system, although the new front wheels are equipped with a disc brake system.

Advantages of Honda Charisma 125

2022 Honda Charisma 125
2022 Honda Charisma 125

1. Skeletal Structure

The advantage of the first Karisma motorcycle is in the part of the frame structure, where the Honda Charisma motorcycle frame design is very comfortable to use. This is because the seat position is much lower than the motorcycle handlebar, which makes the driving position of this Honda Duck motorcycle more comfortable for users. Along with the horizontally designed seat position, it also makes the rider and those who support it more comfortable.

2. Motorcycle Rim Suspension

The advantage of the next Charisma motorbike is in the legs, where the suspension used on the Honda Karisma motorbike is quite comfortable to use, even though we even learn. Along with the spoke wheel variant that makes the legs of the Honda Karisma motorcycle stronger. Although the use of disc brakes is only on the front wheels, the rear wheel brake system still uses drum brakes.

3. Engine Performance Honda Karisma 125

For the next advantage, the Honda Karisma motorbike is located in the engine section, where the Honda Karisma motorbike uses a SOHC 4 type motor, with its own cylinder capacity of 124.9 cc. With the resulting maximum capacity capacity is 9.3 PS and is able to provide maximum torque to reach 10.1 nm, so it can be determined if this Honda Duck motorbike can run fast on the road.

The fuel system for Honda Karisma still uses carburetor fuel (carburetor), so fuel consumption is still quite flooded. Even if we compare with other types of carburetor motorcycles, this Honda charisma motorcycle is still quite economical.

Honda Karisma was produced in response to the needs of people who are thirsty for innovation. Honda Karisma also proved to be the most fuel. When fuel efficient in Pekanbaru, Riau, some time ago, this motorcycle was able to devour 110 kilometers with one liter of gasoline. However, the AHM administration did not want to return as soon as possible. Honda is committed to continuously innovating. Read More !

Honda Charisma 125 Complete Specifications

2022 Honda Charisma 125
2022 Honda Charisma 125

Size : Length x width x height 1,901 mm x 708 mm x 1,078 mm

Axis spacing of 1,246 mm

The lowest distance to the ground is 137 mm.

Content weight 101.6 kg.

The fuel tank capacity is 3.7 liters.


Engine Type 4 No, SOHC, 1 Cylinder

Cylinder volume 124.9 cc

Max power 9.3 PS / 7500 RPM

Max torque 10.1 n.4000 rpm

Carburetor Fuel System

4-Speed ​​Transmission (N-1-2-3-4-N) Rotary


Front telescopic suspension

Double rear suspension shock

Front brake disc.

rear drum brake

Front Tire 2.50 – 17 38p

Rear Tire 2.75 – 17 41p

Electric CDI-DC Ignition System , 12V-3.5 . MF Battery

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