2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo

2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo

The attractive 2022 Honda CRV-1.5L Turbo in Asia is very much in demand and is a luxury car in the middle class. Available in 4 color choices, namely black crystal pearl, white orchid pearl, modern metallic metal and metallic steel. PRESTIGE Turbo Peel Honda CR-V 1.5L finished

The 5th generation Honda CR-V finally made it to the Carvaganza. In the last generation it carries a turbo logo attached to the rear door. It is also suitable for Honda CR-V engines that use turbo. It’s just that it brings a smaller engine capacity than its predecessor.

The engine used is now 1.5 liters, although in the 5th generation CR-V, there is still a 2.0 liter engine without a turbo. The car I tried this time was a 1.5-liter Honda CR-V luxury turbo. Prestige says to highlight that this car has luxury, different from the 2.0-liter and 1.5-liter versions. The prestige version uses a panoramic sunroof.

The engine is identical to the Honda Civic Turbo. However, the heavier weight is also a reference for the differences between the two cars. The Turbo CR-V also includes an “ECON” button that can help the driver when you want to drive smoothly and on fuel. The gap between always on the CVT becomes more tenuous, so if we walk on the gas, it’s not very aggressive. But when the “ECON” button, I deactivate and move the shift lever to sport mode, the gap between is always tighter and more aggressive. I immediately walked on the gas pedal inside and the Turbo reaction also gave a pretty aggressive boost. Boost Turbo feels medium.

Unfortunately, because this car is an SUV so it doesn’t feel too pronounced. This car has a maximum power of 190 hp @ 5600 rpm and 240 nm of torque @ 2000 – 5000 rpm, which is the largest in its class. The wheel diameter is always the same as the previous version 18 inches, only it uses tires thicker than 235/60 to continue the comfort of the passengers during the passage of bumpy or hollow trails. Although the comfort level has increased, unfortunately for manipulation it has decreased slightly. I feel that when the car is invited to maneuver, the back body changes otherwise known as Limbung.

The Turbo Honda CR-V is equipped with a cabin that can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Unfortunately, for me, who has a height of 176 cm, the third row feels cramped and can’t even be closed in the second row. I claim this third line is for small children only.

The Latest Advantages Of The 2022 Honda CR-V

The latest 2022 Honda CR-V Qualified Suspension has been pinned by a reliable and quality suspension, namely the use of MacPhersons forcing feet on the front suspension and multi-link at the rear. Both suspensions are considered capable of maintaining the stability of this car very well. So even drive on uneven or bumpy roads.

Gahar Engine Performance And Fuel Efficient

Another advantage of the last Honda CR-V is its excellent performance. This car offers two engine options, namely 1.5L Turbo and 2L Machines. The 1.5L Turbo engine has DOHC specifications with a capacity of 1 498 cc, 4 cylinders and I-VTEC Turbo and DBW technology. This engine can emit 187 hp to 5,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 240 nm at 2000 to 5000 rpm. During this time, for the 2L engine, it has SOHC specifications with a capacity of 1,997 cm, 4 cylinders and I-VTEC technology and DBW Valves 16. This engine can produce a maximum power of 152 hp. At 6,500 rpm & torque of 189 nm at 4,300 rpm. In addition to GAHAR performance, the last CR-V engine is also clarified for efficiency and fuel efficiency. It is obtained from the PGM-Fi fuel system for the 2L variant and direct injection in the 1.5L turbo variant.

2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo
2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo

Paddle Offset Function

Paddle Shift is a feature to manually shift the car’s gear and is pinned into an automatic transmission car with the touch of a finger without having to leave the steering wheel. One of them, the last Honda CR-V that uses a CVT automatic transmission (continuously variable transmission) in all its variants. With the embedded function, the driver of this car can lead very comfortably. The driver just moved his fingers to adjust the change in speed without having to remove the steering wheel from the car.

Advanced And Complete Security Features

The latest Honda CR-V is equipped with various advanced safety features. This car is integrated with the SRS double airbag function before it can protect the driver and passengers before if there is a difficult impact. There are also vehicle stability (VSA) and Hill Start (HSA) functions that allow you to easily stay for the driver when stuck in traffic on sloped roads. The driver of the car does not have to run on the brakes or gas, so the car does not pull. In addition, there is isofix and tether to support the installation of advertising passenger seats.

Wide Car Interior

If you look at the interior of the last Honda CR-V, the car cabin space is spacious. This car can accommodate 5 to 7 passengers with free space. The final CR-V measures 4,584 mm long, 1,855 mm wide and 1 679 mm high. On the other hand, the trunk of the last CR-V is also quite large. The third row seats can be folded to provide more luggage space. In addition, this storage space or car compartment is considered functional. Read More!

2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo
2022 Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo

Specifications of Honda CR-V1.5L Prestige Turbo

Type: 1.5L 4 Cylinder Online, VTEC Turbo DOHC, 16 Valves + DBW Fuel supply system: direct injection X stroke diameter: 73.0mm x 89.5mm

Cylinder content: 1498 cc

Maximum power: 190 PS @ 5 600 RPM

Maximum Torque Moment: 240 nm @ 2000-5 000 rpm

Transmission: CVT.

Length X Width X Height: 4,584mm x 1,855mm x 1,679mm

Wheel axle: 2.660mm

Front suspension: Macpherson strut

Rear suspension: Multi-Link

Front brake: ventilated disc

Rear Brake: Solid Disc

Tires: 235/60 R18

Rims: 18×7.5h.

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