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2022 Honda crf250l Rally

2022 Honda crf250l Rally

2022 honda crf250l rally look

2022 honda crf250l rally. There’s never a bad time to ride — as long as you have the right bike for the ride. From Saturday mornings on the track, to Friday nights on the town, the Honda CRF250L Rally is up for anything. With long-travel suspension and an upright sitting position for great trail and traffic views. With its large fuel tank, Dakar-inspired bodywork, hand guards, windshield, skid plates and extra suspension travel, the CRF250L Rally is a sensible ADV bike. Looking for something lighter and more affordable? Then check out the CRF250L: the same big bike, with less bodywork and a few other minor differences. We have high hopes that the 2022 honda crf250l rally will feature its latest specifications next year.

The CRF250 Rally with the motto, ‘Weekend Adventurer’ is a 250cc, Euro4 compliant motorcycle that opens up a whole new range of two-wheeler opportunities, whatever the experience level of the rider. Not only does it look ready to compete on the desert stage, it also gives a real sense of adventure to riders who prefer a lightweight yet easy-to-manage engine.

2022 Honda crf250l Rally
2022 Honda crf250l Rally

Based on a similar base to the CRF250L, the CRr250 Rally adds various changes that make it a unique choice especially in the Malaysian market. What makes it even more alluring is the fact that the styling is inspired by the HRC CRF450 Rally racing bike.

Up front, the ‘floating’ screen, fairing and radiator shroud provide wind protection, with the rest of the engine flaunting a minimal but attractive motocross style. The compact headlights feature an asymmetrical dual LED unit which at the rear has been fitted with LED indicators to match.

The liquid-cooled single cylinder DOHC engine of the CRF250 RALLY is focused on lower end torque and high rpm power, plus linear delivery that has the same power and torque output as the CRF250L.

The frame of the CRF250 RALLY is constructed of steel, with twin oval section main spars and semi-double cradles. The large 10.1 liter fuel tank allows a wide range of more than 320km thanks to a fuel consumption of 33.3km/liter.

Being a lightweight machine with a wet weight of just 157kg, the Rally is also equipped with a long-travel suspension and high ground clearance to further enhance its long-distance off-road capabilities. Together with a larger floating front disc with ABS (rear ABS can be switched off), the Rally delivers a much more robust dual-purpose package.

The CRF250 RALLY comes in Honda’s Extreme Red racing color as a base, with black and white accents inspired by the factory HRC engine. Build an ever-increasing sense of adventure.

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Review 2022 CRF250 RALLY

As mentioned earlier, the CRF250 Rally really does seem part of an adventure tourer.

It has a windshield, super bright dual LED headlights (the binnacle looks like glasses – great!), massive front bodywork that looks like it has an extra fuel tank, and a massive rear end. The color combination is also very pretty.

OKB first rode it with a student as his passenger to show him the different points around the track. He then went full tilt after dropping the boy.

The rally looks tougher popping up than the CRF-L and it doesn’t go down. That’s probably due to having to bring more bodywork and loading when the owner takes him on tour.

However, the engine response is the same as the CRF-L, requiring a lot of revs on more difficult parts. The rear sprocket is also geared for the road. “Needs more kicks,” said OKB.

OKB continued, “But overall, I like Rally more because it’s more structured around the track. It looks pretty sexy too.”

“On the other hand, it doesn’t go well on the road, that means it means to tour the ground.”

Sifu is right. I ride my bike on the road and don’t want to steer very well. However, once it starts to lean, the front end plops into a corner. This is even though I drive it both road (lean) and dirt style (push down).

2022 Honda crf250l Rally
2022 Honda crf250l Rally

2022 Honda CRF250 Rally Specifications

  • Dimensions : (W x W x H) 2,210 x 900 x 1,425 mm
  • Wheelbase : 1,455 mm’
  • Ground To Ground Distance : 270 mm
  • Seat Height: 895 mm
  • Pavement Weight : 155 kg
  • Caster Angle / Trace : 28.1′
  • Line : 114 mm
  • Engine Type : Liquid Cooled, 4 Stroke, Single, DOHC
  • Displacement : 249.6 cm
  • Fuel Supply System : PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection System)
  • Bore x Stroke : 76 x 55 mm
  • Transmission Speed ​​: Type 6
  • Compression Ratio : 10.7 : 1
  • Maximum Power : 18.2 kW / 8500 rpm
  • Maximum Torgue : 22.6 Nm/6,750 rpm
  • Starter Type : Electric Starter
  • Clutch Type: Wet, Hydraulic multi plate
  • Oil Capacity : 1.8 L
  • Fuel Capacity : 10.1 liter
  • Fuel Consumption : 34.1 km/L (WMTC Mode)
  • Frame Type : Steel Twin Tube
  • Suspension Type (Front): 43 mm Showa Inverted Fork, 250 mm . Stroke
  • Suspension Type (Rear): Pro-link 265 axle stroke, Showa single tube 40 mm
  • Brakes (Front): 256 mm Floating Wave Disk with Dual-Piston Calipers
  • Brakes (Rear): 220 mm Wave Disc with Single Piston Caliper
  • Brake Type (Front): 3.00 – 21 51P
  • Brake Type (Rear): 120/80 – 18M/C 62P

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