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2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price

2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price


2022 Honda forza usa 350 review Specifications and price. The new Forza 350 scooter has more power and torque for faster acceleration and a greater top speed, so you can do more with it. This fluid-cooled engine is equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), for better rear wheel grip. consistent. The sleek bodywork features enhanced styling – and enhanced aerodynamics – for extra high-speed comfort, with a further 40mm of movement for the electric screen. The redesigned digital/analog instrument panel now features the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, connecting you via Bluetooth to many of your device’s functions. And the full LED lighting emits a premium light signature.


The newly refined appearance matches the sharp performance.

The Forza 350 sets the bar high – a quick sculpture of efficiency and aerodynamic style. Smooth, modern lines create a real sense of sportiness, and roll with fresh, smooth shapes. The updated front fairing and air scoop blend neatly, managing airflow to reduce rider back pressure at speed, and the electric screen provides wind protection at the touch of a button.


Our ultimate scooter family.

Our family the best scooters; loaded with state-of-the-art technology and sharp sports performance, defined by eye-catching contemporary style. The Forza 125 delivers agility in or out of town, while the Forza 350 builds ranged abilities into the formula. And the new Forza 750 is the head of the family, with stunning looks, true GT-luxe comfort and practicality, and impressive performance from its 745cc twin cylinder engine, motorcycle-style brakes and high-quality suspension.

2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price
2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price

Review of Honda Forza 350

Imagine if someone made a vehicle that could nip through city traffic like it didn’t exist. Imagine that the same vehicle that has enough weather protection to keep the worst of the wind and rain out can travel 90 miles on gallons of fuel and its emissions are clean enough to pass the latest regulations.

Oh, and just for fun, how about we make it able to cruise at highway speed, follow traffic in any lane, and filter through the tightest gaps when it all comes to a halt?

What if this vehicle costs about the same as your daily cup of coffee and saves you £1000s each year on expensive season tickets, parking stations while eliminating leaf-on-the-line-misery and worrying about the next terrible virus?

The vehicle exists. It’s called a mid-sized maxi scooter and Honda’s Forza 350 is the newest and probably the best of many. For 2021, the Forza gets a bigger engine, more power, cleaner emissions, a higher screen (still electrically adjustable), new LED headlights, and voice-activated Honda smartphone controls.

2021 Honda Forza 350 license terms

The only catch for most public transport commuters looking for an end to the nightmares that trains bring is that you need a full motorcycle license to ride the Forza 350. Unlike Yamaha’s 300cc three-wheeled Tricity, which can be ridden with a car license, Forza requires you to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and Mod 1 and Mod 2 motorcycle tests. Sounds difficult. No, but it takes time and is quite expensive.

However, you can ride a 125cc scooter once it gets past your CBT (which takes a day and costs less than £200) which does a lot of what the bigger scoots do, but without the punchy acceleration and more relaxed cruising speed of the more relaxed bikes. big.

The perfect customer for a scooter like the Forza 350 would be someone who passed their bike test a few years ago, may have dropped out of riding because they now have a family and so don’t have the time or cash to devote themselves to an expensive hobby. But they need to work and love the idea of ​​extra hours at both ends of the day to cuddle their kids and play with their wives (or maybe vice versa).

The Forza’s relatively modest power output means it’s suitable for A2 licensees (if you pass the Under 25 test you’re limited to a 47bhp bike and a certain power:weight ratio) meaning that anyone over 17 with a full license can ride it.

Honda Forza 350 Power, torque and performance

No one buys a scooter because of how much power it produces. What matters to urban and non-urban commuters not only urban are machines that are fast off the mark to get you ahead at the traffic lights. It’s good if it also has midrange power to overtake trucks and buses and the ability to do 60-70mph without squeezing its neck in a handy double train so you can keep a safe distance between you and the traffic behind.

Most 125cc scooters do the former pretty well with just 10-12bhp and plenty of revs. The second challenge requires some midrange torque and that usually comes from a larger engine, while the third – maintaining a reasonable top speed – needs torque and rev, which in turn provides power.

The Forza 350 has 29bhp and 32 lb-ft of torque, which is four bhp more than the old Forza 300 and Yamaha’s XMax 300 and some additional lb-ft of torque as well. It accelerated fast enough off the line to see almost any four wheeler and in unofficial tests of what might have been a private road (much of that small part was paid for by private individual taxes) may have taken just 610 meters to go from zero to top speed. which shows 100mph (which is where the speedo runs out) if you’re the kind of shallow individual that that sort of thing might matter.

What matters is the extra flexibility that top speeds provide when driving on the highway. There’s plenty of acceleration between 70-85mph to go with other traffic and, if you need to get out of lane two into lane three in a hurry, it just takes a wrist twist.

It’s not as fast as a powerful motorcycle – think of it like a powerful family car… with a ‘sports badge on the boot. Except this one is also small enough to fit through all the gaps when traffic stops at rush hour.

Honda Forza 350 . engine, gearbox and exhaust

2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price
2022 Honda Forza USA 350 Review Specifications And Price

For those interested, the Forza 350 has a liquid-cooled, single cylinder, overhead camera with fuel injection, digital ignition and enough emission equipment to meet the latest Euro 5 regulations. Linked to the twist-and-go CVT transmission. The new engine is actually 330cc, up 51cc from the Forza 300, which was actually 279cc.

Scooter engines tend to be in a relatively low pitch state because they require flexibility rather than outright speed. Forza’s strength peaked at 75:00, although the red line was at 9000rpm. Peak torque (which, on a manual gearbox, you’ll ‘feel’ it’s the right time to change gears) is 5250rpm.

Everything breathes through a simple exhaust pipe (at least from the outside), very quietly. In the UK we don’t really have a culture of adding bling to our commuter scoots. If this were in Europe, there would be an expensive sort of embarrassingly noisy rape device installed before it leaves the dealership.

Honda Forza 350 Economy and operating costs

Average consumption so far in the first 400 miles has been around 82mpg. I expect that to get a little better by 1000 miles or so as the engine runs-in properly. In the name of road testing, I try as hard as I can to get the most mpg possible in practical and usable driving conditions (no point in getting 120mpg if you have to do 40mph on the highway to get there) as well as the least mpg possible.

Long road trips, sticking as close to 70mph as possible, without worrying about being too slow, saw a very impressive 88.9mpg. Dropping the speed down to 60mph adds another 4mpg but doesn’t feel quite comfortable among all the HGVs on a scooter.

On the other end of the scale, I get up early and go for some thrashing on the back roads, just like I would on an exercise bike. Forza is surprisingly capable and more fun than expected. Continuous opening and closing of the throttle in and out of corners. The flat out acceleration and general looning are about still coming back at 66mpg, which is about double what I get on my own 918cc sports bike on the same road.

First service (basically oil and filter change and check over) is at 600 miles and regular service follows at 8k, 16k, 24k etc. Scooter engines often carry far less oil than bicycle engines and that can mean harder oil work and the need to change more frequently, so the 8000 mile service interval shows Honda has found a way to keep the oil sweet.

Other operating costs will be in line with other scooters. Tires will need to be changed more often than 125cc scooters because they work harder on the 350. Brakes too because there’s a bit more weight to stop. Insurance won’t be as expensive as you think compared to smaller scooters because riders don’t use L plates and are seen as less risky.

And all running costs pale into insignificant when comparing Forza to commuting by train. In the three years your finances will run you will probably be paying less to buy and run Forza than parking a car at the station alone will cost you beforehand, no matter the actual season ticket.

Honda Forza 350 seat height, weight and maneuverability

184kg is relatively light for a motorcycle, but heavy compared to smaller scooters. Honda’s PCX125 alone weighs 58kg (man ten stones) less than 126kg and even the Forza 125 comes at 20kg less, which goes to show how much extra scooter you get for your money with the Forza.

The 780mm seat height doesn’t seem very high, but the seat is soft and wide, so the arch of the foot-to-foot measurement is bigger than you might think. At six-feet and 32in in the foot I can only get both feet flat on the floor. My partner the six inches shorter are at the toe. It’s not as big of a deal as you think – a lot of short-legged riders are fine with tall bikes – it’s just about being confident and working out ‘talent’.

But until you get to it, you’ll feel a little nervous and it’s well worth the effort to practice a lot in your local parking lot because rescuing an 184kg scooter that was crushed is like trying to lift two 14 stone humans… at the same time.

If you are new to the scooter, you will notice the weight when you push it with the engine off. Low-speed maneuvers like U-turns feel a bit awkward because the handlebars are narrow, your feet are forward, and the Forza has a longer wheelbase than some touring bikes. Luckily, you get the hang of it quickly.

Having moved Forza is just as agile and easy to slip through traffic as you’d like. Narrow bodywork, compact dimensions and stubborn handlebars let it slip through almost any gap. Mirrors are the widest part of it and even they can be pulled out easily while screening (you don’t have to know what’s behind you when nothing is moving ) to get it out of the way of the car wing mirror. Smart design means they return to the right position when you are free from traffic jams.

I’ve always found that using a small amount of the rear brake when riding at very low speeds helps to keep the bike sharp and stable. Scooters are great for this because, being on the left handlebar, the rear brake is even easier to control.

Honda Forza 350 Handling, suspension and chassis

Scooter handling is a very different requirement for motorcycle handling. Scooters typically have shorter wheelbases and smaller wheels than motorcycles and the suspension is set to soak urban pits rather than high-speed control through corners.

So, they descend into the turn very quickly, but often feel a little nervous and wobble once leaning. Which is fine for flashing through a roundabout or changing direction in traffic quickly, but not so good for enjoying life-of-lean on the road. 45 degrees.

It was fine by me and I was surprised how well the Forza coped with some bumpy B roads when I took it on my ‘let’s see how bad we can get fuel consumption to be’ test. The long, corner sweeping at 70mph is surprisingly sure considering the suspension set very soft and not the most sophisticated setting.

Much of this comes down to the tires. Honda has smartly chosen to put some really good Pirelli Diablo rubber into the Forza. It grips well. But it also has a stable profile and construction that can handle this much weight at these kinds of speeds.

The only time it felt lacking was 20 miles from home after a two hour fast motorway ride. There are parts of the A23 where the truck has worn grooves into the asphalt and there are bumps and potholes as well. In this part the Forza feels like it has a flat tire and a loose wheel both at the same time. Adding more preload to the rear shock absorbers will fix this but it will also raise the seat a bit higher too.

Honda Forza 350 Rem

Single front and rear discs with ABS bring the Forza to a quick stop when you need it. Thankfully, there’s a lot of nuance to the lever as well – the gentle stroke knocks out a few subtle mph when filtering traffic. If you want to introduce your eyeballs to your visor, it takes a strong pull, but the stopping force seems proportionate.

Also helping to keep this cool is the Forza’s low stance, relatively long wheelbase and suspension setup that doesn’t dive too much when you brake hard.

On a motorcycle, in the dry I usually split the penmy growl 75:25 front:back. On scooters though I find 60:40 to work better as too much front can overwhelm the scooter’s front suspension, small wheels and front tires which some manufacturers don’t always grip.

The Forza has very gripping Pirelli tires, high quality front suspension and will allow more braking power up front if you need it.

ABS is nice to have, especially on wet urban manhole covers, and Honda’s system isn’t intrusive – it’s just a chip when you really need help.

Honda Forza 350 Comfort over distance and storage capacity

One of the main reasons to buy a maxi scooter is the ability to make longer trips more comfortable. On a smaller scooter you can do 60-70mph but the engine will be right at the top of the usable rev range, which feels cruel over long distances. You can of course, slow down, or you can buy a bigger scooter, like this one.

At 70mph it does a fraction over 6000rpm and the engine redline is set at 9000rpm, so highway cruising takes up only two-thirds of the available rev.

That’s only one part of the long-distance story, because there’s no point in having a machine that can do miles if the riding position isn’t comfortable for anything other than traveling.

Fortunately, Forza is very comfortable. I made several long trips in the saddle for more than two and a half hours at a time. The riding position works very well. The back and arms are kept relaxed, and the electrically adjustable screen provides a choice between quiet serenity without windblast or fresh air and some pressure on your shoulders and neck to take the pressure off your arms. Being able to move your feet from center to front also helps.

There is plenty of storage space under the seat. Enough for two full face helmets, depending on the design. Sporty helmets that are subtle in design, like my Shoei NXR fit in the front or back of the underseat area, but larger designs like my Shoei GT-Air2 with built-in sun visor only fit in the rear of the storage.

When solo I can get a helmet, gloves and a full two piece textile riding suit down there which means I can ride into town, get all my kit under the seat and not have to walk around like a spaceman all afternoon. If I were to buy a Forza, I would also buy a 45 liter top box for the extra luggage capacity, which would provide a huge payload capacity without increasing the width and reducing the ability to filter traffic.

Driver aids and additional equipment/accessories

ABS on brakes is a clearly useful rider aid for all-weather (and legal requirements) travel. Traction control on a 29bhp scooter may seem less obvious, but there are plenty of ways to lose traction on diesel-filled, pothole-covered city roads and this is a bike that can accelerate fast enough to need it.

Honda’s smart keyless ignition system works well. The fob stays in your pocket and the bike recognizes when it’s within reach and allows you to turn on the ignition and start the engine. Refueling and opening the seat are also controlled by a smart key system. There’s also a ‘find my bike’ function, which may be more useful in Milan where your Forza will be one of hundreds parked in the Piazza. Press the button on the fob and the motorcycle indicator flash lets you find it.

Connectivity Honda Forza 350

The voice controlled smartphone system allows you to pair your smartphone (Android only at this time) to Forza and a Bluetooth headset. After doing that (and downloading the Roadsync app) you can then control your phone (calls, messages, music, and navigation) using voice activation. or via the controls on the handlebars. For now, that remains untested as no one in my direct riding circle has an Android phone. No phone, no music and sat-nav only for the last few miles. However I’m a road tester and it’s my job to give a full review, so will find someone who can lend me a suitable device to test it in due course. Watch this space for updates.

Honda Forza 350 verdict

If you sit down with a blank sheet of paper to design the perfect utility vehicle to get one person from one place to another as quickly, effectively and cheaply as possible, you’d do well to come up with anything better than a Honda Forza 350. Fast enough to follow and me ahead of four-wheel traffic (and lots of remote two-wheelers). Comfortable enough for long trips, handy, with decent screen and weather protection, plus plenty of under-seat storage space.

There’s a cheaper mid-range scooter – Honda’s own Sh350 for one, but it has less storage space, a smaller fuel tank (meaning more frequent refueling) and no screen.Read more !

Specifications of Honda Forza 350

  • Capacity : 330cc
  • Bore x Stroke : 77×70.8mm
  • Engine layout: Single cylinder
  • Engine details : Liquid cooled, 4v SOHC
  • Power : 29bhp (21.5kW) @ 7,500rpm
  • Torque : 24lb-ft (31.5Nm) @ 5,250rpm
  • Top speed : 90 mph (approx.)
  • Transmission: CVT belt drive
  • Average fuel consumption : 82mpg tested
  • Tank size : 11.7 liter
  • Maximum empty range (theoretical): 220 miles
  • Mimic capacity : No backup, but flashing alert at 45 miles
  • Driver aids: ABS, TC, keyless ignition, smartphone control
  • Frame: Steel underbone
  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork
  • Front suspension adjustment : No
  • Rear suspension: Twin shock
  • Rear suspension adjustment: preload
  • Front brakes: 256mm disc, two-piston calipers
  • Rear brakes: 240mm disc, two-piston calipers
  • Front tire : 120/70R15
  • Rear tire : 140/70R14
  • Rake/Trace : 26.5°/89mm
  • Dimensions : 2147mm x 754mm x 1507mm (LxWxH)
  • Wheelbase : 1510mm
  • Maximum loading : 180kg
  • Seat height : 780mm
  • Kerb weight: 184kg


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