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2022 New Honda Megapro 160 History-6 Advantages of Megpro 160

2022 Honda Megapro 160 History

The Honda Mega Pro, one of Honda’s motorcycles, said that it was quite valuable to win the hearts of 2-wheel enthusiasts in the country to apply for a bike that was predicted to be the successor to the Honda GL Pro Neotech. The Honda Mega Pro 160 slipped in the market first in 1999 after discontinuing production of the Honda GL Pro Neotech. These horses carry the same thing with the Honda GL Pro Neotech. It is therefore not surprising that many of the first generation Honda Mega Pro Honda Mega Pro Neotech. Even this contract is not equipped with an electric starter, just like the CompanyHonda GL Pro Neotech.

Fuel Honda Mega Pro 160

Honda Megapro 160
Honda Megapro 160

With regard to fuel consumption, the initiator of the Honda Mega Pro 160 includes economy. With 1 liter, this bike can traverse 51.4 km at an average speed of 50 km / h. But a bike that weighs 114 kg empty always has a lack of resembling the Honda GL Pro Neotech. Knowing the lack of electricity that makes Honda Mega Pro 160 users have to “work out” to deal with this bike with a kick starter.

Honda Mega Pro 160 Second Generation

Appeared in 2002 Honda Mega Pro sliding second generation is an update from the previous version of the Honda Mega Pro 160, which did not have an electric starter, and in this version the Honda Mega Pro 160 has been equipped with this characteristic. This facilitates the task of this motorbike user so that it is not difficult to start this motorbike.

In addition to the completion of the electric starter of this motor, there is a change in the motive for stripping. In 2004, Honda released a new variant for the Mega Pro 160, namely the Honda Mega Pro 160 CW. The rest, for the engine and body design and others are still as before.

Even the second generation of Honda Mega Pro Pecara is still the same as the first generation Honda Mega Pro 160 PEFORA. No changes. At the same time in terms of power and mate, it has always been like its ancestor, the Honda GL Pro Neotech. Maximum power is 13.3 PS @ 8500 RPM and maximum torque is 1.3 kgf.m @ 6500 rpm. It can be said that this second generation mega pro is the Honda GL Pro Neotech, which received an electric starter.

Specifications of the first generation Honda Megapro 160

Honda Megapro 160
Honda Megapro 160

In 2006, there was a new megapro named Honda Megapro 160 Advance. But this third generation is better known by the community like Megapro Primus. Primus? Not the man from the Musholla or the slime slime, my brother, but it was the name of the trendy artist at the time, namely Primus Yusustio who played in his advertisement. Kids in the 90s would know the artist who was called the soap king and the artist of several clips of Nafa Urbach’s songs. One soap opera to stare at is Gan Millennium Banner of Man.

This Primus Honda Megapro has an update, especially in terms of the design of the motorcycle that seems to be connected between the bodies in the middle of the beach and behind. The design of the tank changed a bit higher but the volume was reduced. Modifications to the flashing taper lamp and changes to the stirrup for grip. The rear oval taillight design is still visible on the first generation Honda Verza 150.

6 Advantages of Megpro 160

1. Easy to Bore-Up

In fact, the Honda Megapro 160 cc engine is less. But it’s easy to do because the parts needed are easy to install

2. Cheap Upgrade Fee

As an illustration, Didik compares the cost of upgrading a megapro engine with the Kawasaki KLX150. “With a higher cost of around Rp. 5 million euros, the increase in power of the KLX remains below the megapro which only lost from Rp. 3 million.”

3. Load piston 76mm

Crankcase with piston diameter 76 mm in a safe condition from being damaged.

4. Easy when Racing

This is also for business. Can use piston handlebar from 8.5mm to 12mm because it has RX-Z

5. Easy and Cheap Maintenance

Because spare parts are found and cheap, the cost of maintaining megaprobesses machines is cheap. “Besides, there are so many mechanics that go into megapro machines, that they are easy to maintain.

6. Cheap motorcycle prices

Megapro population is large, so it’s easy to buy. “From there, we didn’t feel Eman-Eman to bring a bicycle. In addition, the price was also affordable. The capital of 5 to 6 million seniors was able to ride a motorbike.”

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MegaPro 160 . Specifications

Type: Sporty Tourism

Production year: 1999-2001

Engine: 4 No, OHC

Capacity: 156.7 cc (160 cc) engine

Bore X Shot: 63.5 x 49.5 mm

Maximum power: 13.3 PS @ 8500 RPM

Maximum torque : 1.3 kgf.m @ 6500 rpm

Fuel system: Cylinder Fan Carburetor 24 ”

Cooling system: Air

Battery: 12v – 4 ah

Glitter : ND X 24 EP-U9 / NGK DP8EA-9

Clutch: Manual clutch, wet and double


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