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2022 Honda Revo FI New Specs And Design

2022 Honda Revo FI Specs And  Design

2022 Honda Revo FI. One of Honda’s motorcycles, Honda Revo FI. This machine itself is famous for its very economical fuel consumption. Even this motorbike is a fuel-efficient Honda motorbike. This machine itself has been released to compete in the most difficult rival, Yamaha Vega Force.

The design of the new Honda FI has appeared more modern compared to the previous version, even the new Honda Revo FI has appeared more elegant with a facial appearance that seems more futuristic in our opinion. High quality Revo FI motorcycle. In this section the new Honda Revo FI is equipped with highly efficient fuel quality, this bike is the most economical bike in the Honda  motorcycle category. This engine is SOHC, 4 stroke motor, single cylinder with engine capacity of 109 cc.

2022 Honda Revo FI
2022 Honda Revo FI
1. Design Honda Revo Fi

On the part of the new Honda Revo FI design, a more modern look than the previous version, the Bahbak curve of the bike body is very futuristic in our opinion. Moving on to the front the new Honda Revo FI has a futuristic motorcycle display with a rounded design of the lights and a tamed beacon in our opinion. In the new Honda Revo FI, a pretty cool speedometer with an analog system.

In addition, at the rear, it is also designed with a more sporty design and does not have vibrations, making it more comfortable for the passenger of this Honda revo FI motorcycle. And not only that, for the design of the honda revo fi exhaust, it has also been designed with a much sportier design complete with a heat shield with chrome accents. And in the alloy section of the latest Honda Revo motorcycle, it has been designed with the sporty design of the old cross model.

With regard to the dimensions of the Honda Motorcycle Revo FI, the motorcycle is designed with a length of 1 919 mm and a width of 709 mm, and the height of the engine itself is 1 080 mm. The distance from the wheels of the Honda Revo is 1,227 mm, the lowest distance from the ground is 135 mm.

With regard to the empty weight of this engine Honda Revo Fi, 97.5 kg. For the frame itself, the Honda Revo FI motorbike is designed with a panel type with front suspension using a telescope and swinging tree with double suspension for the rear suspension. And the braking system itself uses disc brakes for the front brakes and the rear brakes use drums.

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2. Honda Revo Fi engine

The new Honda Revo is equipped with a very economical gas engine, SOHC engine, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder consisting of a 109 cc engine capacity. This Honda REVO FI engine uses a fuel injection system. This makes fuel consumption more efficient. Even this motorbike is a fuel-efficient Honda motorbike. This machine itself has been released to compete in the most difficult rival, Yamaha Vega Force.

With an engine like this, the new Honda Revo FI is capable of delivering up to 6.56 kW or the equivalent of 7,500 engine speed changes at 7,500 rpm while the torque reaches 8.7 nm or equivalent to a motor speed of 6,000 rpm.

3. Dynamic Characters, More Agile and Sgile

This motorcycle Honda Revo Fi has a more dynamic design than the previous version, in addition to the last motorcycle Honda Revo Fi, is more agile and agile to maneuver.

4. Suspension Honda Revo Fi

In the suspension section of the Fi Honda Revo, the suspension is quite comfortable for everyday use. For the front suspension of the Honda Revo Fi motorbike, it uses telescopic suspension, while the rear suspension uses swing arm suspension with double suspension.

5. Large Luggage

This Honda Revo Fi motorbike has also been designed with a large luggage capacity, where the trunk has a 7 liter capacity that can be occupied by a full model headset.

6. Contact Lock

The ignition of this Honda motorbike has also been designed with a template, which makes this Honda Revo Fi motorbike much safer when parked without worrying about the bike.

7. Side Lights That Look Sporty

For the headlights, of course, the last model is the last one compared to the previous version, for the latest sports version.

8. Sporty exhaust

For the exhaust gas design on Honda’s new Revo, it also has a final design where it has a more sporty appearance

2022 Honda Revo FI
2022 Honda Revo FI

Specifications of Honda Revo FI

Engine Type: SOHC, 4 Stroke

Number of cylinders: 1 cylinder

Engine Capacity: 109 cc

Maximum power: 6.56kw (8.91 PS) / 7,500 rpm

Max Torque : 8.76 nm (0.86 kgf. m) / 6 000 rpm

Front suspension: telescopic

Rear suspension: flying arm with dual suspension

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