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2022 New Honda Supra GTR 150 History and Specs

2022 Honda Supra GTR 150 History and Specs

History of Honda Supra GTR 150

Honda Supra GTR 150. Supra and GTR, two holy names are formed to be cherished every day. Not like a high performance car but as a daily machine for everyone.

Most four-wheel enthusiasts may feel strange when they hear the name of this Honda motorcycle. Naturally, Supra and GTR were the legendary names of Toyota and Nissan before being merged by Honda. Apart from its name that offends many JZ engine performance lovers, the Honda Supra GTR 150 comes with a story of its own.

Present like the Yamaha MX King 150 Challenger in 2016, the Supra GTR 150 was Honda’s attempt to dominate the rising 150cc super duck segment at the time. Judging from the basic engine which is the same as the Honda CB150R, Sonic 150 and CBR150R, the Honda Supra GTR 150 is the most powerful motorcycle in its class.

At the age, almost half a decade, see if the PEFORA SUPRA GTR 150 is still worth it for 2021 or will have to wait until Honda has a new generation.

“Supra” and “GTR”

Honda Supra GTR 150
Honda Supra GTR 150

It is true that the names Supra and GTR are one of the two most influential names on the four-wheel scene. But the Supra GTR 150 is not a continuation of the Toyota Supra and Nissan GTR which, in the Honda acquisition, but is the brother of the Honda Supra X, a legendary Honda motorcycle.

So the name Supra is not a foreign name for Honda, on the contrary, the name Honda Supra has been engraved in the history of two-wheelers from that country since 1997. The Honda Supra series has also been numerous., from the supra adjustments, Supra V, Supra XX, Supra X and Supra GTR.

Design Honda Supra GTR 150

Like the brothers of this motorbike, the Honda Supra GTR 150 is made with sharp and sporty language. The sporting aura felt more and more when Honda decided to launch this bike with a DOF color variant that was made up of this furniture. But the biggest drawback of this engine model is in the rear splatte which looks like a horn, so it’s a little less pleasing at the rear.

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Honda CBR 250 R
Honda CBR 250 R

Driving position Honda Supra GTR 150

Because the motor is made for daily use, the seating position of the Supra GTR 150 is standing and familiar to local people. The combination is a larger engine than a regular motor, which makes for a wider foot area.

Apart from being a bit wider, the supra GTR 150 is noticeably taller too. Although the seat of the seat sitting on the ground is quite short, it is only about 780 mm, but the steep and high suspension makes the 160 cm leg a little judgmental when sitting on it. While the stiff character of the rear suspension makes handling this bike tight to control. But be careful if you run on empty roads because the severity of the suspension of this bike will make you a mass rear if not careful. While the character of the front suspension is quite soft but don’t swing.

Driving with a vertical position and irrigation when controlling, it makes the Supra GTR 150 suitable for use in everyday activities. But it is not appropriate if used for traveling well because the position of the motorcycle is too vertical, creating excessive load on the end of the cut if it is too long while driving. Also remember to be careful with the hard rear suspension, you can also replace it with the suspension or suspension of its sibling, the softer Honda Sonic 150.

Features and Technology

Despite the new minimum features, the Honda Supra GTR 150 is equipped with quite complete technological features.

Starting from the use of lamps in the main lights, even if other lights still use bulbs but are bright enough to be used every day. From the bottom sector, the Honda Supra GTR 150 is equipped with a 31 mm telescopic front suspension, with the same diameter as the CB150R and CBR150R. The braking area is also equipped with disc brakes with a diameter of 256 mm for the front and 220 mm for the front. Of course, this combination of brakes is very capable of reducing the speed of the Supra GTR 150.

Then, for the speedometer, although it has not yet finished numerically, it is still equipped with a fairly complete information panel. Of tachometers, kilometer counters, tripmeters, fuel counters and expensive gear positions are not equipped with a clock. The absence of the most important feature of this bike is the absence of a motorcycle trunk under the seat which is forced to be sacrificed to accommodate the position of the engine radiator.

Engine and Performance

Engine Honda Supra GTR 150
Engine Honda Supra GTR 150

The Supra GTR 150 has the same base engine as the other 150cc Hondas. Take the engine base from the Honda CB150R which is configured to fill more in the lower part of the torque, so the preca GTR 150 has a good diet when used to stop and maneuver in traffic jams.

The engine itself has been specifically defined on Square Motor (DOHC) with a single cylinder capacity of 149.16 cc with a liquid cooling system. This machine has a power of 15.74 horsepower with maximum power can be obtained with a motor speed of 9000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 1 3.5 meters from Newton which can be obtained with a motor speed of 6 500 rpm.

With a combination of solid torque below and power that makes acceleration quite agile. The speed of 100 km / h can be done in 12 to 13 seconds. With an engine of this character, it is not surprising that the Honda Supra GTR 150 has good fuel consumption, filled with 20,000 petit petals that can be used from 5 days to a week. Although economical, the fuel tank of this engine is only 4.5 liters so it is not suitable for long distance travel.

Worth having

Honda Supra GTR offers interesting things. Among them, powerful 150 cc engine capacity, efficient fuel consumption and irrigation control. With an older age, Honda could soon provide a new generation of Supra GTR 150.

Although the first generation Honda Supra GTR 150 is still possible to own and use in 2021. Especially with the used price tag, the 2016 motorcycle can be intimidated at 13 million. Make this bike an alternative for those of you who need a motorcycle with good agility and good fuel consumption, but still need high performance.

Here are the complete specifications of the new Honda Supra GTR 150


  • Length x width x height: 2,025 x 725 x 1102 mm
  • Wheel base: 1276 mm (wheel axle)
  • Seat Height: 780 mm (Seat Height)
  • Liquidation in the field: 167 mm (lowest distance to ground)


  • Engine: 1 DOHC . cylinder coolant cooler
  • Cuberication: 149.1 cc
  • Boron X Course: 57.3 x 57.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
  • Maximum power: 11.5 kw @ 9000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 13.5 nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Gearbox: 6 speed
  • Starter: electric and kick starter


  • Frame Type: Twin Steel Tube
  • Front tire size: 90 / 80-17
  • Rear tire size: 120/70/17
  • Front and rear braking type: hydraulic disc
  • Prior Suspension Type: Telescopic
  • Rear suspension type: monoshock.

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