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2022 Honda Tiger 2000 History Features and Pros

2022 Honda Tiger 2000 History Features and Pros

Honda Tiger 2000 is a fake variant of a sporty type motorcycle that can be said to be a legend in Asia. At the beginning of its appearance, around 1993, this motorbike immediately became the idol of auto lovers. Bikers as he argues, climb a Honda Tiger 2000, like in a mog and look for more macho.
Generation Honda Tiger 2000 itself is divided into two periods. The first labeled period Super Cruiser with the production code GL-200. This bicycle was produced between 1993 and 2002. In 1993-96, the color variations offered were dark green, brown, purple and yellow blue. Then, in 1996-2002, there were other color variants, silver, red and black.

Features of Tiger 2000

Features are taillights and rear braking lights using light bulbs, multi-lens deflection lights and separate left and right handlebars. Other distinctive features are the green speed indicator and tachometer indicator with a white base, the Tiger 2000 logo on the engine tank still sticker (1993-1996), and later replacing of the Metal Emblem (1997-200) and Honda of the designer type. CBX200 from Brazil.

Tiger 2000 As Second Generation

The second generation is known as the New Super Cruiser, with the production code GL-200S. This bike was produced from 2002 to 2006. There were several modifications made to the body design, including the taillights and rear braking light using 2 horizontally lined light bulbs, the headlights trimming the reflector. Diamond and handlebars are joined. Other changes are the orange speed indicator and tachometer indicator with a gray base and the Tiger 2000 logo on the metal tank emblem. In addition, silver chrome lights and chrome lights.

For the track cooking sector, the Tiger 2000 carries a 4 stroke cold OHC engine with a capacity of 196.9cc. The motorcycle with an empty weight of 138 kg is able to accumulate power up to 16.7 PS at 8,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque that can be produced reaches 1.60 kgf.m at 7,000 rpm. Unfortunately, in 2014, Honda decided to discontinue production of the Tiger 2000.

Honda Tiger 2000 Generation 1

Honda Tiger as the best-selling motorcycle in its class. In fact, the Honda Tiger does not sway in the sporty class in Asia. There are Suzuki Thunder 250 and Yamaha Scorpio 225 which have a larger engine capacity. Even according to some fanatics, these two competitors have better product quality. But the reality on the market says otherwise. Honda Tiger remains the best-selling motorcycle in its class.

Advantages of Honda Tiger 2000

Honda Tiger 2000
Honda Tiger 2000

1. Honda Tiger 2000 Effective Fuel Consumption

From the search results, MTB Tucks informed that the Honda Tiger has a fuel consumption figure of 40 km / liter. This number is also classified as economical for a 200cc engine with a carburetor system. Top speed Translucent 120 km / h. In addition to the economic economy, Honda also says the Tiger 2000 is capable of reaching speeds of 120 km / h.

Modern light design, As a sporty high-end motorcycle, from the first generation Honda Tiger is equipped with multiple light reflections. The use of this type of lamp reflector offers maximum lighting results. Modern body design. AKA Handle Bar Caliper is a separate model on the right and left. The tank is large with the ‘Tiger 2000’ logo by the sticker. Honda maintained this concept until 1996.

2. Honda Tiger 2000 Consists of Two Variants

namely Tiger 2000 Super Cruiser and New Super Cruiser. The two variants have no differences in engines. Refreshed in 2003 and 2006, the engine integrated with this bike has not changed.

3. Honda Tiger 2000 . engine

This Honda motorcycle has the same character as its predecessor, the superbore; Boron X Race 63.5 x 62.2 mm. For transmission, from 6 with 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 configuration. With an OHC technology engine with a capacity of 196.9 cc, the Honda Tiger 2000 can transmit a maximum power of 17 PS to 8,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque is 1.6 kgf.m at 7,000 rpm. To turn on this motorbike, AHM embeds a new feature for the GL Honda GL generation, an electric starter.

4. Frame and Legs

For command, the Honda Tiger 2000 relies on a diamond frame. Setting seems to have become a characteristic of the GL series family. While in the legs, this bike adopts the top foot with 18-inch wheels. In the braking section itself, used discs on the front brakes and drums on the rear brakes.

5. Design Honda Tiger 2000

This variant is the first generation of Honda Tiger which has a more elegant design compared to other Honda GLs. Honda Tiger 2000 SC has an elegant and elegant aerodynamic curve design. In addition, this motorbike was the most expensive AHM motorcycle production at that time. So, it is not surprising that the Honda Tiger 2000 SC became a symbol of someone’s creation in its time. Up front, the Tiger 2000 SC has a circular phase with multiple reflectors. Not only that, the tachometer and speedometer are also round, after the h . design headlamps.

While inside the body, there is a shroud or shield on the burning fuel tank. Overall, the design of this motorcycle is compatible with neo-classical curves. For the rear, Honda Tiger 2000 SC has a separate caliper or the so-called handle bar between the left and right. During this time, stopping or braking the lamp is still using the lamp.
The distinctive features of this Honda Tiger variant are the main and rear lights that still use a bulb and the main lights themselves use multi-lens reflectors.

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