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2022 Honda Vario 110 Carburetor Review History

2022 Honda Vario 110 Carburetor Review History

2022 Honda Vario 110
2022 Honda Vario 110

2022 Honda Vario 110. Since its first publication in 2006, the Honda Vario has turned into the most claimed automatic motorcycle by the people of Indonesia. The futuristic and modern impression is one of the factors that make people buy this scooter Honda. By researching the very high demand for Matic Honda, PT AHM while the motorcycle manufacturer Honda innovates and develops its flagship scooter to remain appreciated by many people. But the ylang is now upgraded to VarioTechno 160cc.

Please note, since the first time, has been published so far, PT AHM has issued Vario Honda with 5 generations. This attracts each generation to a step that is better changed so that consumers do not feel bored with the appearance offered by this Honda scooter. And five generations of Honda Vario, PT AHM, at this time, we will discuss, namely Honda Vario Techno 110cc.

This type of 2022 Honda Vario 110 is the second successor of the Vario production which was born to replace the position of the first successor Honda Vario. This Honda Vario Techno 110 started production in 2009 and stopped production in 2013. As a motorcycle from the development of the previous variant, of course, the Honda Vario Techno 110 motorcycle has several advantages compared to the previous generation drive.

The futuristic impression of the Honda motorbike scooter is clearly seen in the slightly larger body size, so the curve of the motorbike makes it sharper, also showing more and more character impressions on Honda motorbikes. It’s just that for the trail business, PT AHM always relies on a 110cc engine which always uses a carburetor fuel system.

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Carburetor Combustion System

Automotive friends, today it must be quite difficult to find a motorcycle that always uses a carburetor combustion system. Because the carburetor is a combustion system that can be said to be very classic and old. This combustion system has been around for more than a century. The existence of Karbu has actually really helped car companies that always use conventional methods. In addition, the need also needs a reason why Karbu is still there in these years.

Characteristics and Specifications 2022 Honda Vario 110 Karbu

2022 Honda Vario 110
2022 Honda Vario 110
1. Rear Safety Brake Lock

Honda Vario 110 is the first Matisse in Indonesia to use this feature, which is a functionality that will secure the engine when stopped at an incline, it can also help prevent the motorcycle from jumping when the engine is running.

2. Contact Safety Close

In the lower ISM class, the Honda Vario has also been a pioneer of packaged key covers. This feature will prevent or at least inhibit the potential theft of a motorcycle using a ‘T’ lock.

3. Double lighthouse on the body

Although it was not the first, in fact, it was Honda Vario 110 that had become a motorcycle trelletter with the headlights located inside the body. In addition, the use of two ampoules also benefits us completely when the lights are off. Meaning, we won’t be able to embezzle or police tickets if one of the lights goes out, because another bulb is on.

4. Cold Liquid

Even on this side, the Vario is the first tactic to use a high compression ratio. The high compression ratio is obviously cost-effective on the power supply side, but also increases the temperature of the hotter motor. Well, with this Honda radiator cooled Vario 110 becomes more optimal.

5. Standard Lateral Support (Bottom Switch)

Once again the Vario 110 is the pioneer of this feature. This is the first time the OM Bro will not be able to start the engine when the lateral standard is low. The good effect of OM Bro will never forget to raise the standard and OM Bro will not shift the machines on the lateral standard.

6. Tire size

The next advantage is the relatively larger tire size than competitors. Bigger tire sizes certainly offer more stable manipulation at speeds and all road conditions.

7. More Competitors

Honda Vario Wheels proved to be strong, not easy to vibrate like its rival, the Yamaha Mio Carburetor version, even to the age of Mio J.

8. Minimal vibration.

Another advantage is in terms of flexible machine vibration. Dual connection model at the meeting of Honda Vario Corps and Bullmarm, it reduces body vibration to the body.

9. Comfortable Suspension

This case is actually not only on the Vario 110. Honda always provides a comfortable suspension on all entry products.

2022 Honda Vario 110 Specifications

Engine type: 4-stroke SOHC cooled cooled 108.2cc unique cylinder

Compression Ratio: 10.7:1

Highest torque: 0.86 kgf.m / 6500 rpm

Starter starter : electric & kick

gasoline load: 0.7 liters on periodic replacement

Carburetor Release System : VK22 × 1

Clutch type: dry centrifugal

Transmission: automatic from V . belt

Dimensions Length: 189.7 cm

Width: 68 cm

Tall 108.3 cm

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