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2022 Honda Verza 150 Review

2022 Honda Verza 150 Review

2022 Honda Verza 150 Review. As one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers, Honda is still innovating with bicycles. This time, PT AHM (Engine Astra Honda) in Asia in particular, this big company reports its last motorcycle named Honda Verza 150. The last Honda motorcycle was born like a roasted motorcycle with a fierce and masculine appearance Honda Verza 150, a savings package for those of you who want naked sport style motorcycle. The design is masculine with the use of round headlights, a strong body and dual rear suspension. A modern aura, emerges through the new digital dashboard display.

It seems colder than Verza Lewas, but unfortunately, the information provided is not very much. There are only indicators of neutral gear transmission, speed, fuel consumption and trigger meter. More importantly, the Honda Verza 150 is easy to drive. For the owner’s height of 168 cm, the feet can walk on asphalt, thereby increasing confidence while driving. The light weight also facilitates traffic density control.

The Honda Verza 150 was launched for the first time on February 20, 2018. This bike is a continuation of the Honda Verza, which brings various extensions. Principal in terms of design. We are very confident that 2022 Honda Verza will launch more stunning engine specifications and features. There is a retro touch to this bike, especially with the round round headlights. The body also appears more muscular with aerodynamic fins on the sides. In addition, the back has also changed with the use of slightly darker lights, as well as a modern-looking exhaust hood.

No less interesting is the completely digital dashboard. As Honda Verza, Honda Verza 150 is also available in two variations which are distinguished by rims, spokes or stems. The engine capacity is always 149.15 cc. But thanks to the adjustment of the injection system, the Honda Verza 150 now has more torque, even if the energy is slightly less. But AHM dares to claim that this Yamaha Vxion competitor is able to cover a distance of 46.3 km with one liter of gasoline. Although there is no official information from this giant company, it is hoped that the 2022 Honda Verza 150 will upgrade all areas so that it looks much more classic with a larger engine capacity.

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The Uniqueness of Honda Verza 150

Dashing Machine Design

The benefits of the Honda Verza 150 relative to the first variant, namely the appearance of the engine of this new variant is more masculine and prerequisite. In terms of body size, the last Verza Honda VERZA 150 appears larger so that the thickening of the grilling motorcycle will have distinctive and masculine features. With this macho design, of course, the Honda VERZA 150 Verza becomes the right bike of transport everywhere.

Advanced features

Besides being supported by a crazy and masculine look. There are several advanced features built into the Honda Verza 150, which is one of the taillights with smoke that will provide more lighting and exclusive light so that when you drive at night, it will be more comfortable.

Digital Complete Speedometer

For motorcycle conditions while driving, the Honda VERZA 150 uses a fully digital speed counter to find the distance covered on a trip or to find fuel. In addition, several indicators will also allow the rider to know what is happening to the bike.

Machine With Injection Technology

While supporting the need for stronger engine performance, PT AHM immersed the Honda VERZA 150 with a 150cc engine supported by injection technology. What combines the 150 DC engine and injection technology makes the Honda Verza 150 more powerful and fuel consumption very economical. The fuel consumption of this motorcycle Honda Verza 150 can go up to 46.3 km / liter.

Engine and fuel consumption for Honda Verza 150

Even if the bike is new, the VERZA 150 Verza engine has been tested for reliability. This mechanical heart has the same base as that used on the old Verza and two other Honda motorcycles: the Megapro and the CRF150L. With a capacity of 150 cc SOHC cylinder, the difference is in the injection and ecu settings only. Especially for the VERZA 150, the engine is capable of spewing end torque of 12.73 nm up to 6,000 rpm and a maximum power of 13.04 ps at 8,500 rpm. Equivalent to an accelerated manual transmission system. Kiritan problem, Honda claims up to 46.3 kpl.

Features of Honda Verza 150

The Honda Verza 150’s list of safety features includes engine check alerts and road riding modes. Chassis, suspension and brake supporting characteristics include telescopic fork front suspension, double adjustable rear suspension, diamond body frame type, double right seat type, steel spice frame material, lateral wing and battery rear brake. Console features include digital odomometer, digital fuel gauge, digital speedometer, display screen, and tripmeter.

Rival Honda Verza 150

El CB150 Verza Competidor es: Honda CB150R Streetfire, Yamaha Vixion, Viar Vintech y BF Goodrich CG.

Engine Specifications Honda Verza 150

2022 Honda Verza 150 Review
2022 Honda Verza 150 Review

Size                              : 2,056 mm long

Width                          : 742 mm

Height                         : 1,054 mm

Wheel axle                   : 1.318 mm

Shopping                     : € 156 mm

Fuel tank capacity       : 12.2 L

Engine and Performance

Capacity                      : 149.15 cc

Maximum power         : 12.86 hp

Cooling system            : air cooling

Compress Ratio           : 9.5:1

Clutch type                  : maunal, multiple plates, wet

Torque                         : maximum 12.73 nm


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