2022 New Honda Brio RS MT 4 Advantages and Specs

New Honda Brio RS MT 4 Advantages and Specs

New Honda Brio RS MT 4 Advantages and Specs. Honda Brio is an LCGC (low cost green car) vehicle with a city car concept that has a dynamic appearance and is for young people. Many variations to choose from, with different interior, outdoor and support. One of the interesting series for you, the words are the MT Brio RS car.

The price of the Brio Hospital MT car is higher than other Brio types, but it is clear that the Brio hospital car price is not without reason. With the presence of a more complete entertainment system, ABS + EBD technology and an attractive appearance, you have no doubts about the cheap brv mt. The price of a Brio Hospital MT car varies from $11,267, although it is clear that the price is non-binding and is subject to change at any time.

Various Advantages of BRIO RS

New Honda Brio RS MT 4
New Honda Brio RS MT 4

Honda Brio RS MT comes with a much better engine capacity than similar products in the LCGC city class. Although its appearance is considered late, but the presence of many variations such as the cheap MT hospital car gives new colors and interesting substitution options. Moreover, with all the benefits offered, he does not make the price of the Brio Mt hospital car too expensive.

Even if comfort and safety are important in a car with this elegant look. Support Dual Front SRS Airbag offers better safety protection. Not to mention the use of a 1.2 L I-VTEC motor that is able to give you an optimal driving sensation on the road with the use of backup fuel. Honda has also equipped this saga hospital car with dream technology, which makes transmission transfer smoother and engine performance better.

Honda Brio Dimension

Honda also completed the Brilliant engine with wire-wire technology. This technology is able to control the engine to burn the lid open which can produce acceleration, but still save fuel. Not only doing this, Honda Brio RS MT also adopts a CVT with Earth Dreams technology which makes speed changes smooth.

In addition, engine performance is also more leverage. The car is also equipped with an ECO indicator, which is a function that detects and provides information about real time saving while driving.

Being sold with several types does not make everyone have a different machine structure. This is useful for consumers to be confused if they have to do “cannibals” if the parts they want to order with a long period of time, engine efficiency and effectiveness Advantages of Honda Brio RS MT

When you want to buy a car, it’s not as easy as when you buy a motorcycle. When you want to buy a car, there are many things that you should pay attention to. Honda Brio RS MT is the type of car that is widely chosen. Because, in addition to affordable prices, this LCGC car also has many advantages.

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Advantages Of Buying a Honda Car

New Honda Brio RS MT 4
New Honda Brio RS MT 4
1. Very economical fuel consumption.
2. High resale value.
3. High quality and technology.
4. Spacious interior.

Another Advantage You Need To Know!

1. More sporty designs

When looking at the benefits, the Brio RS has a more sporty and attractive design compared to its competitors. Good when viewed from the LCGC segment and also city cars. Not only that, after-sales Brio is also common. This is where the Brio RS dares to offer many modifications. Many people directly modify this car after receiving it from the dealer.

2. Highest Performance and Class Strength

The Brio RS has the highest performance and power in its class. In addition, this couple is also capable. Now, uninterrupted transmission can also be selected for this Satya variant. Brio’s handling has also been described as a sporting print to bring agility carried on the road but has not sacrificed its suspension.

3. Complete characteristics

One of the benefits of Brio Satya is having complete functionality. There are also entertainment features for quality safety features. He has an interior with a minimalist theme, but still functional. There are panels and features on the dashboard, such as audio, USB ports, AC and various other interesting features.

4. Gahar machine quality

For this type of low-cost green car in Indonesia, the Honda Brio RS MT has a higher quality. Made with a fresh exterior, elegant and suitable for the use of young people the use of spare parts is one of the selling points of Honda Brio Brio RS MT.

Color Honda BRIO RS MT

The price of the Honda Brio Rs is $13,084. Available in 8 color choices, namely pearl black crystal, modern metal steel, rally red, metal lunar silver, white taffeta, pearl taffeta, phoenix pearl orange, carnival yellow and carnival yellow.

Specifications of New Honda Brio RS MT

Engine type: 1,2, 16 valve i-vtec + dbw

Number of cylinders: 4

Fuel System: PGM-Fi

X-stage diameter: 73 x 71.6

Cubic cylinder: 1,199cc

Compression ratio: 10.1:1

Maximum power: 90PS/6000rpm

Maximum torque: 110nm/4,800rpm

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