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2022 New Honda Jazz Type M/T Specs

2022 New Honda Jazz Type M/T Specs

The Honda Jazz really attracts a lot of people to Indonesia. This is highlighted by its sales which always occupy the ranks of the average tailgate segment. Even if it’s one of the idols of the segment, but the new Honda Jazz available in 4 variants has no drawbacks. But PT Honda’s engine is perspective, because the manufacturer is good enough to offer jazz in its true majesty.

The Honda Hatchback cars that made their name in Indonesia have a charming design, especially the price of the Honda Jazz, which is also not too expensive. Many cars are loved and chosen by young people, the changing design of the Honda Jazz is not surprising, with changes to the lines in a more aggressive car body making the 2019 Honda Jazz look more sporty and the price of the Honda Jazz even more tempting.

Indonesia’s car market hatchback competition is heating up more and more with many new competitors, as well as its rival, Toyota, with the Yaris product which has become a jazz competitor in the HayonBacks class also taking place with many changes and improvements to the Side Screen and the Honda Jazz Awards, it is not surprising that Honda Joran has a review of the 2019 Jazz Design and Rally with various new features and without forgetting the new engine also embedded with the Honda Jazz.

Since joining Indonesia in 2003 until today, it remains the target of consumers in Indonesia. A city car with a capacity of five passengers has always been a car that many people want, especially young people. You want to know what benefits the beloved Honda Jazz, with reviews:

  • The design of the Honda Jazz from the start of the slide so far, it brings an elegant concept that other cars in the city.
  • This car is equipped with safety and entertainment features which are the advantages and effects of the Indonesian people.
  • The 1.5 liter engine is considered stubborn. Therefore, this car is often used in national race events.
  • Known as a fuel-efficient gasoline engine.
  • Having a high sales position and selling factor in the automotive market.
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Honda New Honda Jazz Indoor M / T

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz

When you enter this car, you will be greeted with a very luxurious and sporty interior screen, as well as a cabin that is dominated by black which is very neat and will allow you to get used to this car. On the dashboard, this car has been supported with LCD screen functions, advance audio and video with a touch system, which you can enjoy in this car.

In the steering wheel of this car has a sports flywheel and functionality which is used to adjust the performance of the LCD screen directly from the wheels of this car. In the speed indicator of the car, it is also equipped with the help of the ECO which serves to significantly provide fuel consumption information through the plate planet indicator.


In terms of engine, the car is powered by a 1.5L 120PS Naturally-aspirated 4 valve 120PS 120PS 4 valve 4 valve engine using PGM-FI fuel that will make this car powerful and impressive. At the power of this car is capable of transmitting maximum power to (120 PS) / 6,600 rpm and maximum torque reaches 4600 rpm. This Honda Jazz machine is not only supported by Technology Cable (DBW) which will provide what precision accuracy will be provided, but will still be economical.

Safety Honda New Honda Jazz Type M/T

In terms of characteristics, this car is supported by complete safety features in our opinion, because the new car from Jazz is supported by a body frame structure made with G-Con + ACE technology that can absorb and drain energy when this car feels like a colleague.

In addition to a good body frame structure, this car is also supported by dual SRS Airbags adding a solid braking function, namely the ABS + EBD braking system. This car is also equipped with the safety features of lateral impact beam and prestranion, which will protect the impact pieces from lateral collision.

Headling and Impression of New Honda Jazz Type M/T

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz

The car is supported by the same suspension as the company’s old front wheels equipped with McPherson legs and a redesigned torsion beam back. This car is also very good for maneuvering either on curvature of curvature or if you want to overtake.

Details of New Honda Jazz Type M/T

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz
  • W x h x h: 3955 mm x 1694 mm x 1524 mm
  • Fuel capacity: 40 LTransmission: 4 vitesses MT /
  • Engine: 120L 120PS
  • Strength: 120 hp (6 600 tr/min)
  • Pairing: 145 nm (4 600 tr/min)
  • Competitors: Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio Mazda 2, Suzuki Swift

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