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2023 Honda Brio Satya E Complete Specifications

2023 Honda Brio Satya E Complete Specifications

DISPLAY Honda Brio Satya E

Honda Brio was first introduced in Asia in August 2012 to be marketed a year later, its presence answers the needs of consumers to the European market. For those of you who want a cheap car with features that are not cheap, this is the place.

The first generation Honda Brio is offered with 6 trim levels, Satya A, Satya S, Satya E, S, and E which are made locally with a 1.2L engine. While the Honda Brio Sport is imported directly from Thailand armed with a 1.3L engine. However, the sale was discontinued in December 2013.

The Honda Brio in the Asian market received a facelift in April 2016 at the International Motor Show. The latest Brio changes include the front fascia and taillights, dashboard design, new CVT transmission, and Honda Brio RS trim as the highest variant.

Price of Honda Brio

Honda Brio is fighting in the hatchback segment by becoming the city’s car of choice. The price of the 2020 Honda Brio itself is still very affordable, starting at $ 10,419 for the Honda Brio Satya S variant, as well as the highest variant of the Honda Brio RS CVT priced at $ 14,265. The 1.2L 4-cylinder engine used is quite powerful and economical on urban roads.

Honda Brio Price List

Price Honda Brio Satya S M/T $ 10,419

Price Honda Brio Satya E M/T $11,048

Price Honda Brio Satya E CVT $11,048

Price Honda Brio RS M/T $13 181

Price Honda Brio RS CVT $14,265

Price of Honda Brio RS CVT Urbanite Edition $14,000

Honda Brio Satya E
Honda Brio Satya E

Interior Honda Brio

The HONDA BRIO dashboard comes with a single tone black theme decorated with transverse silver striped accents. But a slight difference is seen when the silver accent is removed on the Honda Brio Satya type E.

There is a head unit with a USB port, radio, which can be connected to iPhone and iPod and hands free telephone. To make it easier for you to drive, the Honda Brio also has a Digital AC cooling system.

Not only that, the multi-function HONDA BRIO steering wheel for audio settings and hands-free calling is only available on the higher Honda Brio E. It’s just that the comfort when driving is reduced because the Brio only has a tilt setting, and is not telescopic.

Honda Brio Satya E
Honda Brio Satya E

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The advantages of Honda Brio Satya E MT

1. Machine

When you drive a Brio, it will be much more stable and enjoyable. From the driving position as well as the sedan, to control. Suspension. Because Brio has a 1.2 liter 4 cylinder engine with variable valve technology. Satya Brio Power Bulp, 88.7 TK and 110 nm Torque, it rests with CVT transmission. Kamarai Brio Satya doesn’t feel cheap like other LCGCs. In fact it barely differs from the non-LCGC Version, Brio Rs. You have to prove control and stability.

2. Full-featured security and entertainment

As a car in general, of course the Honda Brio is also equipped with very complete safety features, from the SRS Double Airbag belt and the present seat belt equipped with a cost limiter. In addition, Honda Brio also completes This car with G + Ace force control technology which works to reduce and protect the cabin of the car when a collision or collision occurs. Inserts are also ABS + EBD Braking Difics. Don’t forget Honda Brio is also equipped with advanced entertainment features such as Double DIN, you can play MP3, single disc, USB port and radio in your car. Of course, this makes your trip more comfortable.

Honda Brio Overview

Honda Brio Satya E
Honda Brio Satya E

Honda Brio price. Available in 8 color options, namely pearl black crystal, modern metal steel, rally red, metal lunar silver, white taffeta, pearl taffeta, phoenix pearl orange, carnival yellow and carnival yellow.

Honda Brio Satya Type E is the best variant of the LCGC produced by Honda. In the segment, the Honda Brio Satya Type E is equipped with the most powerful engine. The total output of 90 PS / 110 NM has resulted in a 1,200 cc engine capacity, SOHC I-VTEC. Type E, Dedicated Power and Torque are sent to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. There is also a CVT technology version of Earth Dreams.

Classified as an LCGC, obviously, Brilliance wasn’t surprised at the hospital. From the outside the design tends to look innocent. The body is followed by color and does not appear decorative elements such as the lateral skirt or rear diffuser. The headlights still use reflectors. Nevertheless, the 14-inch alloy RIM seems to amplify the appearance of the LCGC caste Summit, even if it’s not a two-tone alloy.

The cabin is simple. The shape of the front passenger seat rests on a slim seat composition with one back (aka without a separate headrest). The head unit is in a 2din form, not a touchscreen. Honda Buot Shades are brilliant through cream fabrics. However, it is simple, it does not mean effort. He became the first player with a digital AC device.

Safety business, type e is fully featured in the LCGC boxing ring. The braking sector has acquired an ABS + EBD device. In addition, there are Dual SRS airbags to complete the list of completeness. Although there are five p . belts safety, three-point seat belts are equipped for four passengers.

Honda Brio, a small car design that is in the minds of young people today, with an affordable price compared to the Honda Jazz, but has a design similar to the Honda Jazz which is suitable for those of you who want to own a Honda Jazz, but have a minimum budget. You can make the right choice on the Honda Brio.

Since its first birth, Honda Brio is a series of series and E series, even if the youngest car with LCGC is able to compete with rivals such as Toyota Agya, Daihatsu Ayla and Suzuki Karimun Wagon R. After Honda released hospital and CVT variants for Honda Brio in 2016. Type birth in a variety of Honda Brio cars This makes consumers have many choices. Not only that, but the Honda Brio Satya E also gets a CVT version. This is of course a separate advantage for Honda Brio cars, as well as benefits for consumers because of the many variations they can choose from.

Judging by the latest conception of the Honda Brio, more sporty and elegant, the dimensions of the Honda Brio are larger than the first generation and the luggage storage and cabin are wider and more functional, making this Honda Brio attract more public attention to be able to update it. In addition to the top design, Honda Brio also has complex features and of course has a high level of functionality. Provide maximum comfort to passengers. Specifications Honda Brio Use manual / automatic transmission with Fuel.

Specifications Honda Brio in this type of city car has an engine capacity of 1,200 cc. The headlamp on the 2018 Honda Brio that leads with guidance technology with a narrow shape and looks sporty and futuristic. thick fog while driving at night. In the RS variant, the Honda Brio is equipped with a rear mirror with a turn signal led light which makes it even more modern. Remember that it can be easily adjusted with the retractable power function. On the side of the area, 15-inch alloy wheels also adorn the design of this Honda Brio. In addition, the bottom spoiler with a shape that follows the side door design seems to reinforce a more futuristic impression.

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