2023 Honda CB650R Design Features and Top Speed

2023 Honda CB650R Design Features and Top Speed

2023 Honda CB650R Design And Features. Honda CB650R is a sports motorbike with the Neo Sport Cafe concept, the Honda CB650R now looks more handsome and very exclusive. After being introduced for the first time in early 2019, this Japanese giant is presenting the latest colors and touches for next year, although this is still in the stage of the consumer’s wishful thinking. This is the answer to the enthusiasm of today’s riders, fans of the 2022 Honda CB650R big bike street fighter.

View of Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R carries the Neo Sport Cafe design revolution and has a matte black color (Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic). This latest refresh accompanies the Red Candy Chromosphere Red color option which is retained for users who want a lighter color on this model.

The new color composition is now also pinned on the front fender and fuel tank. In the latest Honda CB650R model, the rear fender design feels more assertive with the exposure to metal elements looking stronger.
Marketing AHM Thomas Wijaya in Asia said the innovation of design, technology, and features of the Honda CB650R is getting more complete with the presence of new color choices that are increasingly dashing and exclusive for lovers of this type of motorbike. This is increasingly presenting pride for anyone who owns it.

Honda CB650R Design

2023 Honda CB650R
2023 Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R provides a new energy and style for sport bike users who want to be different in their class. The design emphasizes the characteristics of a street fighter motorcycle. At first glance, the figure presents a modern sporty impression, as well as an extreme sensation.
The Neo Sport Cafe Honda CB650R concept with a strong retro impression is shown through the round LED headlight design. And other attractions are obtained through the embedding of an all LED lighting system and clear lenses in the evening lights, the design of the taillights and turn signals to produce modern lighting.

From the side, it is very clear that the engine or mechanical parts are exposed, while at the back it looks like a very strong street fighter. This all increases the dashing sensation and adds an extreme impression to the Honda CB650R. Although there are many hopes that the 2022 Honda CB650R can show something extraordinary from all sides, with an exclusive model while increasing confidence and agility to ride on every type of terrain.

Honda CB650R has Advanced Features

Full digital display of the Honda CB650R on the panel meter with blue lighting, containing information on gear position, shift up indicator. engine speed, speed, odometer, fuel, average fuel consumption, and time.
The wealth of features is the advantage of the Honda CB650R this year. The use of Showa 41mm inverted telescopic front suspension improves handling comfort while driving. The rear suspension with aluminum swingarm features a curved shape with an arc located above the exhaust on the right side. This section has settings up to 10 levels tailored to the needs of the rider.

The assist/slipper clutch feature is also embedded which makes the clutch lever lighter when operated, while reducing the effect of the engine brake when dropping gears quickly.
Another additional feature is that Honda Selectable Torque Control is a mandatory tool for the Honda CB650R which is in charge of adjusting engine power in order to optimize torque at the rear wheels and reduce slippage. Embedding Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) on the Honda CB650R supports safety during sudden braking in an instant.

The ESS automatically activates the emergency (hazard) light when the brakes are operated, so that it can give a warning to the driver behind it to avoid a possible accident.
Honda CB650R Engine Performance and Supports
High performance pinned to support the appearance. Honda CB650R is equipped with a 650cc DOHC, 6-speed 4-cylinder engine, which is capable of producing a maximum power of 66.5kW or 11,000 rpm and a torque of 60.7Nm and 8,000 rpm.With a fuel tank capacity of 15.4 liters.
The exhaust model on the Honda CB650R has a compact but sturdy design, thus adding to the masculine impression while providing optimal performance at the lower-mid engine speed. At the same time, this component of the exhaust gas exhaust hole is able to produce a distinctive and classy sound.

Honda CB650R Frame

2023 Honda CB650R
2023 Honda CB650R

This 650 cc Honda CB650R has a sturdy diamond steel frame in the shape of an ellipse, designed to give a strong and dashing impression. The driving position is slightly inclined towards the front, placing the rider close to the front wheels. The pillion seat provides sufficient space and is supported by straps for security. The right profile of the driver’s seat helps reach the feet to the ground, with a seat height of 810mm to keep riders safe when stopping.

Honda CB650R is equipped with aluminum rims wrapped in 120/70-R17 front tires, with 180/55-R17 rear tires. Honda CB650R uses four piston front brakes with 310mm discs. While at the rear pinned single-piston calipers with 240mm discs, which produce comfortable braking power with ABS as standard equipment.
The Honda CB650R is marketed in two colors namely Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic and Candy Chromosphere Red, priced at $20,772 or more at European prices.

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