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2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs

2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs

Overview of Honda CRF150L

2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs. The Honda CRF150L is more than just an off-road racing-inspired motorcycle, as it has the performance and specifications to match its respective dirt-bike category. Introduced in 2018, it is available with one Standard version. Most likely there will be something in 2023 Honda Crf 150 will review And Specs that might make Honda CRF150L lovers will see an engine capacity that can reach 500cc.

Standard equipment in this bike includes a long-travel fork, digital instrument panel, aluminum alloy wheels treated with off-road tires, removable mudguards and RR fenders.

The Honda CRF150L is powered by a fuel-injected 150cc SOHC engine that makes 12 hp and 12 Nm of torque. This mill was then paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. As for safety, disc brakes on both wheels keep the long distance safe and very controlled.

Honda CRF150L as the cheapest trail bike offered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in Indonesia. There is only one variation with a price of Rp. 31.8 million (OT Jakarta).

Who are these horses for, especially those of you who are interested in navigation. There’s no need to be a professional trail runner if you want to use the CRF150L. You also like beginners, the terminal can be absorbed with it.

Its body is slim and light at 122 kg, making sure this machine is easy to control. The addition of the additional use of the 37 mm inverted front suspension size, is able to create a more constant driving direction in all areas. The engine area is equipped with a capacity of 149.15 cc SOHC single cylinder, the result of the adoption has a sister, Honda Verza. The manufacture of wing bearing wings has made revisions, until the mechanical heart is able to vomit that the maximum motor power reaches low and average. It really supports greatness when driving off the road.

The size of the drag pool element is 2.75-21 inches in advance and 4.1-18 late, thus optimizing ground floor rumors. Add more braking mechanism has used wave disc on the 2nd wheel. Disc size before 240 mm and rear 220 mm.

The Honda CRF150L is also provided with various current technologies. Short digital instrument panel of them. Following the advantages and disadvantages, the use of fuel injection spray mechanism. Some Indonesians assume that the carburetor is best for off-road use. However, the reality of the carburetor has been abandoned now. Various trail machines from various other fabrications also use injection. According to Honda, the injection technology has the advantage of being easier to adapt to all weather conditions, storing and having a constant working life.

This bike is OK for road use as it has headlights, loops, brakes and mirrors. But the power to drive on asphalt roads is always in question because skimpy tires are used as standard.

2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs
2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs

Honda CRF150L Design

Slim body, inspired by its brother used for MXGP racing, the CRF450R. The red color wrapped around the body, with a combination of white on the wings and headlights. The front suspension is gold plated until it pops. Disadvantage of not having other color options.

Obviously the mill is quite high, 285 mm. Pave the way with various outlines, although there are still competitors who have the highest customs duties. It weighs quite a bit at 122 kg, but there are deeper competitors.

In addition, the CRF150L has a myriad of features to support off-road power. From the Pickik tires, the front suspension is 37mm 37mm inverted, the large aluminum alloy wheels and wavy disc brakes on the 2nd wheel.

Another feature used by the Honda Triandres, a powerful digital dashboard. Unfortunately, this panel provides limited information, only speed, mileage, and fuel capability. Suppose, in our view, Honda is equipped with information about the condition of the transmission gears, fuel consumption, etc.

Various reconstructions can also be done by the rider. Examples of handlebars before the height is set in two options. Additionally, the back fender and shock absorbers are removable for more active runners. S/D area to save secrets on the left of the body.

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Engine Fuel Consumption And Honda CRF150L

Honda provides a 149.15 cc mechanical heart from the SOHC cylinder. This engine can throw up 12.43 nm a few punches at 6 500 rpm and optimal power of 12.91 ps at 8,000 rpm. Equation, 5 speed transmission mechanism. Loss of transmission, gear transition feels quite difficult.

The CRF150L engine claims to save fuel consumption due to the use of an injection spray mechanism. Honda claims, Depot Energy can save up to 39 KPL through the ECE R40 test system with Euro3 fuel




The CRF150R uses a Unicam engine based on our championship-winning CRF450R. Designed to give you excellent rideability and more power and torque across the rev range, the engine runs consistently on different tracks — it’s a complete winner.



The CRF150R uses a carburetor featuring a “direct boost” accelerator pump that gives you better and faster throttle response.



The lightweight, tall steel frame with large diameter frame tube and crossmember provides excellent swivel performance and straight-line tracking.


The Pro-Link CRF150R rear suspension system features Showa shock absorption and excellent wheel control.


The leading 37mm adjustable cartridge fork features specially tuned valving for small bumps and a friction reduction design for increased compression and rebound control.



Front disc brakes provide strong and precise braking.


Strong, lightweight wheels last and minimize silent weight.


Rear disc brakes provide strong and precise braking.



The CRF150R has clean, bold, bright graphics, updated for 2022, which looks just like our CRF450R. Look like a pro, ride like a pro.


2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs
2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs


  • Machine Type

149cc single cylinder liquid cooled four stroke

  • Bore and Stroke

66mm x 43.7mm

  • Compression Ratio


  • Valve Train

Unicam, four valves; 26mm, steel intake; 22.5mm exhaust, steel

  • Induction

32mm Keihin flat slide with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

  • Ignition

Solid-state CD with electronics advancement


  • Contagion

Five-speed close ratio

  • Final Drive

#420 chain; 15T/50T


  • Front Suspension

37mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted Showa® cartridge fork; 10.8 inch travel

  • Rear Suspension

Showa fully adjustable Pro-Link® single shock; 10.7 inch travel

  • Front Brake

Single 220mm disc

  • Rear Brake

Single 190mm disc

  • Front Tire

70/100-17 Dunlop MX51

  • Rear Tire

90/100-14 Dunlop MX51


  • Rake (Caster Angle)

27° 2′

  • Trail

3.1 inch

  • Wheelbase

49.6 inches

  • Seat Height

32.8 inches

  • Ground Clearance

11.9 inches

  • Pavement Weight

185 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, necessary fluids and a full tank of fuel – ready to ride.)

  • Fuel Capacity

1.11 gallons

2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs
2023 Honda Crf 150 Review And Specs

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