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2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition

2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition

2023 Honda Hr-V Review now appears with a new, more extraordinary look, looks luxurious with a sporty and elegant male aura. The character of the premium SUV Honda Hr-V Review 1.5LE CVT that makes this latest release aerodynamic, reinforces the extraordinary printing from all sides. Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT has always been Honda’s strength in overseas markets in the compact SUV segment. Because it has always been dominant in the class that has increased in recent years. Fresh design, full features and impressive driving feel Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E Cvt Special Edition.

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) launched the new Honda HR-V in five variants, namely, HR-V 1.5L S M/T, 1.5L S CVT, 1.5L E CVT, 1.5L and special edition CVT and 1.8L prestige CVT. Of the five variants offered by the special edition for version 1.5 of the engine. As for the reason why HPM presents a special edition of the Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E Cvt Special Edition. to respond to the wishes of customers who want to own the HR-V, but the features or accessories offered are not much different from the HR-V 1.8. maybe in the next 2 years in 2023 the Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E Cvt Special Edition will issue an engine capacity of 3,000 cc.

But how about the price of 1.8 which is high enough to make it more affordable for consumers, so we present the 1.5 special edition. HR-V 1.5 sales volume is also quite large. For consumers who have more money, why don’t they buy a variant with the same characteristics as the 1.8 but with a 1.5 engine, because the reason is cheaper, almost all the features in the HR-V 1.8 are in the special edition HR-V 1.5 Only the solar roof is not paired. Jonfi admits that with the presence of the HR-V 1.5 special edition, it is not impossible for the HR-V 1.8 variant to break down. But now Honda has not been able to determine the percentage of the decline that will occur.

Honda HR-V 1.5L E Special Edition CVT

2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5L E Special Edition CVT is a new variant that adopts full LED headlights with LED Daytime Light and LED Fog. From the inside, this car is equipped with a New Sport Pedal Pad and is dominated by leather on the seats, the door lining is replaced with knobs and the steering value provides more value for the car driver. Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT. The audio system is transformed by an 8-inch capacitive floating touch screen audio display that is compatible with various music formats through media. On AM / FM Radio, MP3 / WMA, iPhone / Android, USB port, auxiliary port, Bluetooth (HFT + Music) and Miracast / Miracast compatible for Android.

2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition
2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition

Advantages of Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT Special Edition

 The price of the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT Special Edition in Asia is 337.1 million. Available in 8 color options, namely Black Crystal Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, Modern Metal Steel, ReliRed, Silver Lunar Metal, Metallic Olive, White Orchid Pearl Two Bonds and Brownish Stone.

Other big markets haven’t enjoyed the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT yet. such as the new European Region introduced this latest generation at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show ago. Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT Tracing global history has only one design. Unlike the Accord and Civic, which differ between the Asian, European and American markets, the form of the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT is always the same and only differs in small details. The CR-V EUDM / European Domestic Market is no exception. The design inside and out is exactly the same as the Asian version. Of course, the quality of manufacture is different from the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT of Asian manufacturers with the assembly centered in Swindon, England, where the Honda Civic Type R is also assembled there.

Features of Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT

Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT has a device that the driver wants, the first is entertainment facilities. An 8-inch monitor head unit fills the dashboard of the HR-V of the average edition. Large floating style for easy viewing. Capacitive touch screen, contacting on the screen can be responded quickly. The visual quality displayed is more colorful, the display is no longer disturbed by sunlight. Different formats of the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT are playable and capable of connecting to a smart phone via Bluetooth or cable. The NUM Digital setting is also very futuristic without the need to press a button, the driver can do it with the touch of a finger, aka smart touch. Another convenience for driver comfort is not only from the electronic parking brake (EPB) function. Brake handle function is available to keep the car while closing the moment on inclination, it is very useful if in traffic jam conditions. Also equipped with cruise control that makes the feet relax without the need to press the gas pedal during long road trips.

Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT safety features

The safety function of the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT is unquestionable, two inflatable pockets are responsible for protecting the front passenger from fatal collisions. The structure of the G gauge control frame (G-Con) and advanced compatibility technique (ACE) are able to distribute collision energy uniformly distributed throughout the rider’s body. Thus reducing the impact on the cabin and passengers. But before that happens, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) tries to prevent it first. In addition, the stability control system is still active to keep the vehicle speed from sliding or turning.

The pleasure of driving on the Honda HRV 1.5L E CVT

This type of car is indeed enjoyable when accelerated. Although the steering wheel has adopted the electronic electric direction (EPS), Honda Herb has always offered a communicative sense between the steering wheel and the wheels. Quick and precise answer to the will of the driver. Suspension comfort is maintained despite the use of 17-inch rims and 55 profile tires. Under empty and full conditions, chatter always reduces wheel current with holes. 185 mm of ground clearance is a plus than the 2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5L E CVT. Keep the HR-V nimble when you encounter hostile roads.

2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition
2023 Honda Hr-V Review 1.5 L E CVT Special Edition

Engine Specifications New Honda Hr-V 1.5l E Cvt Special Edition

The 1497 cc Petrol engine with inline 4 cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC + 1497 cc configuration offers 118 hp of power and 145 Nm of torque.

Variable Speed ​​Transmission New Honda Hr-V 1.5l E Cvt

The wheels use 17 Inch alloy rims with front tire sizes 215/55 R17 and Radial rear. Competitors include Honda CRV 2.0L, Honda BRV Prestige CVT, Mazda CX3 1.5L Sport, Toyota Rush TRD Sportivo AT and Mitsubishi X Pander Ultimate A/T. Hopefully useful to all readers. Read More!

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