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2023 Honda Mobilio Type S M/T Review

2023 Honda Mobilio Type S M/T Review

2023 Honda Mobilio Type S M/T. Honda Mobilio was born to meet the transportation needs of families. As is the custom of Honda, they created this car after observing the market that was getting saturated with the Toyota Avanza. All Avanza gaps are welcomed by the lower class MPV class and don’t forget the guarantee of Honda’s big name in Asia. Sweet shape, practical monocoque paltforce and front wheel movement that saves fuel.
Mobilo S with five-speed transmission is the lowest variant.

Honestly, the features are minimal, but just right. Power windows, central lock are definitely present. Upholstery wrapped in cloth (fabric) although, perhaps, there is a possibility that it is not the best, but it is quite comfortable to live in. What is interesting is the entertainment feature consisting of a 2din main unit. The display of the AC is also digital and looks expensive.

On the technical side, the machine is no different from the others. Correction four-cylinder with a capacity of 1.5 liters is equipped with an I-VTEC ignition control system. Also comes with a car with a wire, which removes the gas wire and its function is replaced by a sensor. Power 118 PS, the highest in its class to date. Like other Hondas, the Mobilio Type S M/T has also been equipped with ABS and EBDS to ensure optimal performance. But on the safety side of the car, it is equipped only with a lock with an immobilizer.

Mobilio Type S M / T also has a passenger load of up to seven people with a large cabin area, making it suitable for traveling with the family. The Honda Mobilio Type S M/T emerged as a modern MPV and offered a cooler and more elegant design and style. Its presence can attract the hearts of many consumers and do well in the country’s automotive market. Highlighted by this car’s best selling since the publication of this car.

The safety system of Honda manufacturers is unquestionable because they always give priority to the safety and security of their customers and have their own standards for their production cars. Although the interior is ready to confirm all its passengers with various supporting facilities. Plus to the cabin that feels relieved to travel with the family feels more enjoyable.

The new Honda Mobilio is more comfortable The new Honda Mobilio is equipped with semi-bucket seats in the first row, new thicker cushions that make the second thicker seats, new separate and adjustable headrests in the front row that allow the headrest to be adjusted as desired heart, new headrests in the middle of the second row of passengers to support comfort during the trip, a fan C It provides freshness throughout the cabin, and the seats in the second row can be moved, aligned and folded (seats to the 2nd row).

New Mobilio Rs gets more features than other types, you can see it from the black interior design with a combination of orange dots, then other features like multi-information display, digital + auto A/C, rear pockets on the back seat And back and don’t forget the protector sun with mirror cabinet which makes it more elegant. Other changes have also been found in the video video system with 6.8 tactile monitors that can be used to enjoy audio in various formats such as DVD, CD, MP3, WMA and via USB and can also be connected on iPod, iPhone via USB Port, and Bluetooth and features and features quickly (1.5A) to accompany your trip and your family. For audio quality, the new Honda Mobilio cannot be underestimated. Honda has immersed 6 premium speakers with K2 technology to improve sound quality and frequency.

Inside of Honda Mobilio Type S M / T

• Equipped indicator and power window.
• The cabin stays cool and comfortable due to the heat rejection feature of green tinted glass that blocks the inlet of sunlight.
• Comfortable and elegant interior design with dazzling black tones.
• Down Din audio system so that the journey does not feel boring.
• Touch button function on the second row of seats so that folding seats is easy with one traction.

Honda Mobilio
Honda Mobilio

Exterior of Honda Mobilio Type S M / T

• Tires use 15″ Rims which makes it look elegant.
• Chrome design on the Grille before making it luxurious.
• Equipped with high-mounted LED stop light.
• Also equipped with an eraser on the back glass.
• Aerodynamic design, modern and very attractive.

Honda Mobilio
Honda Mobilio

Safety Honda Mobilio Type S M / T

• Supporters with seat belt load limiters that can maintain the passenger’s position to stay safe when there is a pump or sudden braking for the protection and safety of all passengers.
• Isofix + Tether is embedded for the safety of child passengers.
• Automatically locks doors at a speed that makes all passengers a sensor.

Dimensions and Capacity of Honda Mobilio Type S M/T MT

The length of the Mobile Mountain is 4386 mm. It measures 1683 mm in width and 1603 mm in height.  chair This MPV 7 has a 189 mm ground authorization. Wheelbase reaches 2650 mm. Fuel tank capacity 42 L.

Interesting from Honda Mobilio Type S M/T MT

The price of the Honda Mobilio Type S M/T Mt in asia is $13,818. Available in 7 color options, namely black crystal beads, white orchid pearl, modern metal steel, cherry red, white taffeta, orange pearl and metal moon steel.

Honda Mobilio Type S M/T Mt :

The MT Mobile variant is powered by a 1496 DC petrol engine with an online 4 cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC configuration.
Ansmissions Honda Mobilio Type S M/T Mt : Honda Mobilio Type S M/T MT uses a 5-speed manual transmission.
Performance MOBILIO TYPE S M/T MT: Motio S MT 1496 cc engine with 116 hp power and 145 nm of torque.
Competitors MT Honda Mobilio : Mobileo S MT has several competitors. Among them are Honda Brv S 6mt, Toyota Avanza 1.3e ke, Suzuki Ertiga Ga Mt, Mitsubishi Xpander GLX M/T and Honda Brio RS CVT Urbanite edition.

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