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2023 Honda NSX Specs And Price

2023 Honda NSX Specs And Price

Honda NSX After sliding in the United States, the Honda NSX Type S finally paved in his homeland, Japan.

The Honda NSX Type S has been planned to be present in its home country, namely Japan, although in a limited number of only 30 units.

Honda NSX Type S will only be produced as many as 350 units and the majority for the United States market (300 units). do you already have it?

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2023 Honda NSX
2023 Honda NSX

 Japanese and American NSX Type S Specifications

The Honda NSX Type S version in the Japanese market is equipped with a 3,492 cc twin-turbo V6 engine equipped with a three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD hybrid system.

The engine and three electric motors are claimed to be able to churn out a combined power of 610 hp and a maximum torque of 667 Nm.

While the American version there is no change from the engine specifications, but the Japanese version of the engine also gets oprench on the turbo, cooling, transmission, and electric motor.

The Japanese version of the Honda NSX Type S also brings a fierce design and aerodynamic features that are present in the American version of the Type S.

It’s just that the difference is that Honda has changed the special Gotham Gray Matte color to Carbon Matte Gray which is a step darker.

Other differences such as the interior which has adopted the position of the right steering wheel rather than the left steering wheel.

The Honda NSX Type S in Japan costs 27,940,000 yen or the equivalent of $256,338, more expensive than the US version. and for the exact price, you can check directly on the official Honda website in your respective area.

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