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2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed

2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed


2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed. Automatic scooters (scooters) of the 150 cc class are highly demanded for lovers of two wheels. In fact, scooters are rare in this area leading to entice consumers away from motorsports users to turn away. The Honda PCX 150 is an interesting choice. The story of the Honda PCX in the country is quite long. Before being produced in the country, this scooter was a CBU (fully built) with introductions from Thailand and Vietnam.

The closest competitor to the 2021 Honda PCX 150 is the new Yamaha all ABS connected Nmax 155. The two scooters are locally made equally. But for its characteristics, PCX 150 2021 can be said to be less complete and less sophisticated than the brand new connected Nmax 155. The price offered is also different, PCX 150 2021 is cheaper than its closest rival.

The next generation with a larger engine capacity, namely the PCX 150. Its status is still like a motorcycle, aka CBU and is still being introduced from Thailand. Headlights and LED technology used. In 2014, Honda made a refresh on the PCX 150. The change opened the lid of an accessible tank. This time, the status is not Thailand, but from Vietnam. Honda PCX 150 third generation (now).

To reduce the price of its competitor, namely Yamaha Nmax, since 2015, Honda has produced local premium scooters. In this third generation, PCX 150 is equipped with various advanced features.

Advantages of Honda PCX 150

2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed
2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed

1. No Lock On All Variants

Talking about the benefits of the Honda PCX 150, the former is equipped with a lock for all variants. This feature replaces conventional keys with remote and smart keys. As a result, the driver no longer has to place the key. Just put the remote control in your pocket, then press and turn the smart button. Then press the Start button, then the automatic motor automatic machine.

2. No Key Needed In Various Variants

Keyleess on the PCX 150 is also integrated with immobilization. Then the machine will be harder to suspect. Because, only the factory default remote control can be used to start the machine.

3. Alarm feature on Honda PCX 150

The alarm function is the advantage of the Honda PCX 150 Honda PCX 150, in addition to the keyless button, there is also a security function in the form of an integrated alarm with a smart remote control. The presence of an alarm is like a double backup from thieves. The PCX 150 alarm works by making a sound when there is a potential thief. The sensor detects keys and non-natural vibrations. In other words, an alarm sounds when the machine is shaken or moved.

This alarm feature is an advantage because Nmax as a competitor does not have it. Not only Nmax, other motorcycle manufacturers don’t just have anyone. Alarms seem to be more identical on Honda motorcycles.

4. Answerback In All Variants

In addition to having an alarm, the Honda PCX 150 smart remote control is also an integrated response system. This useful feature facilitates the driver to find the vehicle in the parking lot. The way the pause system is very simple. You simply press a button on the remote control, the motorcycle will ring and turn on the lights to notify you of its presence.

5. Bigger Luggage And Easy Storage

In addition to the spacious luggage capacity, the benefits of the Honda PCX 150 are in the easy storage mode. Related capacity, a total of 28.8 liters. While Nmax is only 24 liters. The difference is almost 5 liters. Thus, apart from adapting the full face helmet, the PCX trunk can always easily place various driving equipment. Dials only waterproof, microfiber tower, gloves and more. At Nmax, that’s not possible, just a narrower room.

Then, on PCX, if you want to plug in headphones just a standing position. Different from Nmax which needs to turn the helmet over first. Of course, that’s a lack of Nmax as the helmet below has the potential to cross with the trunk floor and result in a helmet blister.

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6. Larger fuel tank capacity, one of the benefits of Honda PCX 150

Then, the advantage of the Honda PCX 150 is the capacity of the fuel tank. The total capacity reaches 8 liters. Much larger than the Nmax which only has 7.1 liters. Even if the new Nmax tank size has been enlarged. Previously, the Nmax could not accommodate 6.6 liters of fuel. With a large shelter, Honda PCX owners certainly don’t have to visit (gas stations). As a result, mobility is more and more convenient.

7. Higher Ground Clearance

The next advantage of the Honda PCX is plateau authorization. The automatic motorcycle contains wings at the lowest distance of up to 137 cm. Much higher than Nmax which is only 124 mm. Of course, the high terrain clearance makes for less potential for lower body intersections with asphalt. Especially while driving. This right makes driving more comfortable.

8. Elegant Design is the Benefit of Honda PCX 150

When looking at the Honda Nmax and PCX designs, there are differences in terms of postur, Nmax appears more sporty, while PCX has an elegant form.

Specifications Honda PCX And Top Speed

2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed
2023 Honda pcx 150 Top Speed

Engine Type 4-Stroke, 4-Valve, eSP+
Liquid Cooling Cooling Type
PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) Fuel Supply System

The speed of the Honda PCX when on the road can reach 118-120 km
Volume Step 156.9 cc
Diameter X Step 60 x 55.5 mm
Compression Comparison 12:1
Maximum Power 11.8 kW (16 PS) / 8,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 14.7 Nm (1.5 kgf.m) / 6,500 rpm
Automatic Transmission Type, V-Matic
Electric Starter Type
Clutch Type Automatic, Centrifugal, Dry Type
Lubricating Oil Capacity 0.8 liters (Periodic Replacement)

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