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2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review

2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review

The famous Honda company has again created the latest model of its products, the Honda WR-V is a Honda car model that has not been released in Asia, but it is very likely that the 2023 Honda WR-V will enter the Asian market, but has attracted a lot of attention from automotive lovers in the Asian market. . This one car is actually designed to be released in the Brazilian and Indian markets, but there is news that this car will also be released in the Asian and European markets.

The Honda party itself has not given an exact date for when the 2023 Honda WR-V car will enter Asia. The Honda WR-V itself is known to implement a design and function that is quite different when compared to its predecessor car model.

The Honda WR-V is said to have advanced features and a competitive purchase price, which is touted as one of the main advantages and attractions of the Honda WR-V. In the Indian automotive market itself, this car has indeed succeeded in achieving success and popularity in the European market

History The name Honda WR-V itself is short for Winsome Runabout Vehicle. Because of its popularity in India, the Honda WR-V is marketed under a quite unique nickname, namely WOW-RV. 2023 Honda WR-V in the Indian and Brazilian markets will continue to penetrate. hondausareview

2023 Honda WR-V Exterior

Honda WR-V Desain Design

Talking about the design, the Honda WR-V adopts a design similar to the third generation of the Honda Jazz. However, the Honda WR-V has a more muscular appearance in some parts, such as Bonnet, Fender.
The body of the Honda WR-V is arguably quite big and dashing. This rather large body displays an aggressive and radical impression that suits the tastes of young people in the European market, especially India.

2023 Honda WR-V Interior

2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review
2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review

Interior of Honda WR-V

Seeing the interior of the Honda WR-V, consumers will immediately be pampered with the feel of a luxurious cabin. There is no doubt that this luxurious and modern feel is getting stronger thanks to the interior design concept which is also not much different from that of the Honda Jazz car model. And the predecessor of the Honda WR-V
At first glance, the dashboard area of ​​the Honda WR-V also uses a concept similar to the Honda Jazz. Meanwhile, the infotainment panel in the cabin seems to adopt the instrument panel model owned by Honda City with a fast arrangement that is very elegant when viewed.

Not only that, what the Honda WR-V has on the steering wheel has also been pinned with various multifunction buttons that can be used to make feature settings while driving so that the driver does not need to lose focus. The steering wheel is also equipped with Tilt & Telescopic features so that its position can be adjusted to the driver’s body posture so that driving is more comfortable and the sitting conditions are right when driving. The 2023 Honda WR-V has also been equipped with a navigation system, so drivers don’t have to be afraid of getting lost while driving. While the chairs themselves use very high quality materials.

Features of Honda WR-V

The Honda WR-V is known to have been equipped by the manufacturer with a variety of sophisticated features. For example, for its infotainment features, this car relies on a 17.7 cm audio touchscreen head unit.
One thing that distinguishes it is the WR-V steering wheel is equipped with a Bluetooth system button with a hands free telephone. So the driver only needs to press the button on the steering wheel to answer the phone, it’s easier and more practical when driving.

The head unit is of course also equipped with navigation that can be used without having to connect a gadget.
In the middle, the WR-V also has an armrest that can make the driver more comfortable.
It doesn’t stop there, the Honda WR-V is also equipped with various other features, such as the Anti lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Distribution, and Parking Sensor features. In addition, there are also Intelligent Pedals (Brake Override System), Dual SRS Airbags for driver and front passenger, seatbelts, and Driver Side Window One Touch Up/Down Operation with Pinch Guard.

Engine and Performance

Riding Performance Honda WR-V

Regarding the engine itself, it is known that there are two types of engines offered by the Honda WR-V, namely gasoline engines and diesel engines. The tank capacity itself can accommodate 40 liters of fuel.

The Honda WR-V gasoline engine is a 4-cylinder engine with SOHC and i-VTEC technology which has an engine capacity of 1,199 cc or the equivalent of about 1.2 liters. The gasoline engine carried by the Honda WR-V is then combined with a 5-speed manual transmission system.

The power and torque produced by the Honda WR-V gasoline engine is quite good. This petrol engine can produce 90 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and 110 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm.

Meanwhile, the diesel engine is a 4 cylinder engine with DOHC and i-VTEC technology which has an engine capacity of 1.498 cc or the equivalent of about 1.5 liters. The diesel engine owned by the Honda WR-V is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission system.

On paper, the Honda WR-V diesel engine can generate power of 100 PS at 3,600 rpm engine speed. While the achievement of torque itself can reach 200 Nm at 1,750 rpm engine speed.

Driving Comfort Honda WR-V

As already mentioned in the features section, the Honda WR-V is equipped with an Anti lock Braking System and Electronic Brake Distribution braking system. The existence of these two braking systems allows the driver to minimize the possibility of slipping the tires when they have to brake suddenly.

Not only that, the ground clearance of the Honda WR-V is also quite high. This allows the Honda WR-V to be more reliable even if it has to be carried on bumpy off-road terrain though.

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Honda WR-V Fuel Consumption

2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review
2023 Honda WR-V Interior and Exterior Design Review

Talking about fuel consumption, it turns out that the Honda WR-V has a fairly efficient level of fuel consumption. In addition, it is also known that the diesel engine variant has a higher level of fuel efficiency when compared to the gasoline engine variant.

The Honda WR-V with a diesel engine is known to be able to cover a distance of 25.5 km with one liter of fuel. Meanwhile, the petrol variant of the Honda WR-V can only cover a distance of 17.5 km with one liter of fuel. hondausareview

Dimensions of Honda WR-V

Length: 3999 mm
Width: 1,734 mm
Height: 1,601 mm
Weight: 1,087 kg
Lowest Distance: 188 mm
Wheelbase: 2,555 mm
Tank Capacity: 45.5 liter
Engine Type: 1.2 L, 4-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC Petrol
Engine Capacity: 1,198 cc
Cylinder: 4
Transmission: Manual
Transmission Type: 5 Speed
Maximum Power: 90 HP / 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 110 Nm / 4,800 rpm
Fuel: Gasoline

Price Honda WR-V

Looking at countries that have marketed it, the Honda WR-V is priced under $17,857. In Brazil, the EXL type sells for $ 17,500. As for the EX type, it is sold at a price of around $16,714
But it could be, when it enters the Asian market, the Honda WR-V can be more expensive than that. Referring to HPM’s statement regarding its market segment, it can be concluded that the price will be above its predecessor Honda Jazz.

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