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2023 New Honda CBR 250 R Redesign and Specs

2023 New Honda CBR 250 R Redesign and Specs

2023 New Honda CBR 250 R Redesign and Specs. Although there is still a warm discussion whether it is true that next year the Honda CB 250R will issue its newest version. first, let’s look at the reviews of what the Honda CB 250R has :

The Honda CBR 250 R is one of the most famous types of notor. There are a lot of people using the Honda CBR, especially for the CC 250. The Honda CBR 250 is a high-speed attraction. This bike is very popular among people happy with Motorsport. The Honda CBR 250 motorcycle is a single cylinder engine manufactured by the Honda company. This automotive market has spread all over the world, especially in big countries like America, India and Asia. This bike is a special attraction for people to buy it. The Honda company will continue to make developments to create generation after generation of the Honda CBR 250 motorcycle.

Honda CBR 250 R
Honda CBR 250 R

1. Honda CBR 250RR first version 2011

Honda company launched the CBR 250 bike for the first time in 2011. This single motorcycle is used as amaagentic Asia which responds to consumer demand for premium motorsports products. For this first generation, it was originally imported from Thailand. The build of this engine is inspired by the VFR1200F and CBR1000RR.

The first generation was equipped with a pro link system for the rear suspension. This system offers comfort for riders who use premium sports. The technology used is ABS-combined, where this braking combines the Combi braking system with an anti-braking system.

The first generation and the performance of the Honda CBR is quite optimal. In addition, the fuel used is also more efficient fuel. This is due to the use of the PGM-Fi fuel system.

Honda CBR 250 R
Honda CBR 250 R

2. CBR 250 second generation 2014

The prophecy happened to the CBR 250 bike using the motor to the cylinder. At that time, competition from Motorsport was warming more and more in the car world. For the company, Honda continues to innovate to develop the Honda CBR 250R from the previous generation, namely using the motor in the cylinder.

Features and updates have been developed, manufacturing has been inspired by the Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. For those of the second generation, it has its own nickname, which is Double Tien. This is due to the use of dual lighthouses that match the Honda CBR1000RR which is applied to the Honda CBR250 motorcycle. However, this second generation motorcycle has not yet carried out the function of the lighthouse used.

Not only that, changes also occur on the sides and rear body which make the design of this second generation Honda CBR motorcycle look more attractive. The design seems more aggressive and sporty. For the new exhaust, the sport cylinders are plated with chromium.

The braking system is made more part of the previous generation, namely to use belly braking. This makes the driver feel comfortable when braking suddenly. The wheel section does not stop suddenly or just the rider slides.

The Pro Suspension Link on the Honda CBR 250 makes the runner more comfortable when you use it. For the second generation, always use a motorcycle with a cylinder, 250 cc, DOHC, 4 valve 4 speed and liquid cooling. However, the energy provided is greater than the previous generation. Maximum power 28.16hp/9000rpm and tip torque 23nm/7500rpm. Gas emissions that have been 3 euros make exhaust gas exhaust.

Design CBR 250R

The design of the CBR250R follows the style of the VFR1200F, with the characteristic Y&C-shaped headlamps that stand out and create a layered look. Honda Motorcycle’s new design management was unveiled for the first time at the 2008 Intermot show featuring the V4 concept model, as well as the 2008 Firefrade CBR1000RR. The new CBR250R has even better. aspect of his brother.

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Features of the Latest Honda CBR 250R


Equipped with a 250cc engine, 6 speeds with programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) delivers optimal motor performance, maximum speed, reactive acceleration, fuel economy and environmental friendliness. Adopts DOHC 4 Valve engine technology with advanced cylinder head design and has met Euro 3 emission test standards.


The diamond Pro-Link Twin-Spark steel frame is specially designed to optimize the performance of the pro-link suspension system for stability, agility and coordination comfort.


Advanced radiator grease with supported automatic fan that always maintains the ideal engine temperature for extra power, efficiency and sustainability.


The pro-link suspension system allows the shock to feel softer thanks to a more progressive working mechanism and has a large capacity to adapt to various road conditions.

Steering Control

Intelligent riding comfort, the sporty ergonomic driving position facilitates control and stability when you operate, both alone and driving.

Braking system

By using the ABS braking system (Anti-Lock Braking System) on the front and rear wheels which can increase the stability of vehicle control during emergency braking conditions or slippery roads. With that, the company will continue to release the latest motorcycle as a development of the Honda CBR 250R . For those of you who are interested, you can buy it from an official reseller. You will surely be very satisfied with the different features.

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