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2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs

2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs

2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs. Be a big question mark for every aspect of scooter lovers matic from this one honda. Honda is one of the pillar pillars of the Honda 125cc scooter specifically launched for the European market. There’s no screen that distinguishes the PCX150 from the PCX125, but when you look closely, there are a few things that make it feel different, including material specifications and power. But is it possible that the 2023 redesign of the Honda PCx 250cc will be launched to the European market. I really hope this can be realized.

We’ve disassembled the PCX125 and we’ve reassembled, and we’ve upgraded every part. The updated style Smart shows futuristic lines and hidden more under-seat storage, USB type chot and smart button convenience. The new 4V liquid-cooled engine delivers greater acceleration from growing energy and top speed, while continuing to deliver outstanding fuel economy. Also equipped with Honda’s selectable torque control (HSTC) to maintain tire grip, whether wet or dry. The new frame, widest tire size, longest rear suspension and ABS braking make driving transparent and confident.

One of the advantages of course is a large body, trunk, modern features and engine capacity of 125 cc. As of 2010, Honda has no other automatic engines either. The Vario is only available with a 110 cc engine. Some of these advantages make the price of the PCX 125 CBU when it was released for the first time in 2010 is very high.

2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs
2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs

Honda PCX 125 CC  Engine

This bongster motorcycle has been equipped with a liquid 125cc SOHC engine and fuel injection. This machine is claimed to be capable of producing a maximum power of 12.2 PS at 8,500 rpm and 11.8 nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. The PCX125 has a tank that can hold up to 8 liters of fuel. According to internal Honda research, bicycle fuel consumption. PCX125 is quite efficient in the use of fuel consumption. Especially if the driver activates one of Honda’s superior features, the system stops idling. With this feature the Honda PCX engine will turn off automatically when the motorcycle is stationary or not moving for a few seconds. That way no fuel is wasted. The engine has character on the stroke, with a piston size of 53.5 mm and a piston pass of 55.5 mm. While in the PCX 125 the previous model used 52.4 mm pistons and 57.9 mm steps.

Since its statement, it is mentioned, the use of shorter piston strokes to provide room for the additional 2 valves, also reduces the friction effect. The PGM-Fi fuel production system, with 17 mm acceleration body, is 2 mm larger for improved fuel flow and improve engine performance.

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Comfort Honda PCX 125 Cc

Personal comfort with level ‘x’ – PCX: provided with sitting position, under seat storage for full face helmet and high quality construction. No need to wait for an expensive taxi, or in public transportation that hinders your journey, just press the Start button and go. The PCX125 Slim and Agile can get through city traffic with ease, get it where you want it in sporty style, and on time.

PCX 125 Not Entering Asian Market

In Europe, large motorcycles with 125cc engine capacity are actually popular. So that, it is not surprising that it is not Honda, in the blue continent, there are also several other manufacturers who market models with the same segment.

2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs
2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs

Looks Sporty And Modern Design

The front fascia in the 2018 PCX125 model looks sportier. Also, along with a touch of LED as a sunset lamp mixed with LED headlights. The taillight indicators and the PCX125 also use LEDs. Then, the instrument cluster is already LCD, so it’s easy to read the driver.

In addition, there is storage space under the seat with a capacity of 28 liters or liters compared to the previous model. There is also a 12 V AC adapter. The machine has adopted a keyless entry system which can facilitate driver lighting on the machine.

Fuel Capacity

Honda PCX 125 CC has a fuel storage capacity (BBM) which is more spacious than the Yamaha Nmax 155 cc (6.6 liters) and the previous version (imported PCX), which is only 4.5 liters. This capacity this time has been increased by 2x to 8 liters, so you don’t have to go from side to side to go through the gas station.

Honda PCX 12 CC power socket

Honda PCX has a compartment in the form of a drawer on the left side of the closed dashboard, the content of which is space to store gloves or a charging board to place the phone while loading. It has a DC flow with a maximum power of 12 volts. Unfortunately, in Nmax there is no such characteristic, but Yamaha is not because he does not have it.

2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs
2023 Redesign Honda Pcx 250cc Review And Specs

Specifications of Honda PCX 125 :

Engine type 4-No 2-SOHC single cylinder with liquid cooling

Displacement 124.9 cm³.

Hole and Step 52.4 x 57.9mm

Compression Ratio 11.0:1

PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection injection

V-Matic Transmission

Dimensions (pxltxh) 1,917 x 738 x 1,094 mm

Wheel base 1305 mm

Seat height 761 mm.

The fuel capacity is 6.2 liters.

Front telescopic suspension 31mm, stroke 100mm

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