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8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has officially announced the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023 as the official car for the Sentul Motorsport (Issom) series in Indonesia. This vehicle is used as a fast doctor championship which takes place at the Sentul circuit. Honda Hubby from Honda Hospital of Turbo has a special privilege in the new Honda Civic family launched in Indonesia. The face version of the Civic Hatchback was launched by PT HPM in early 2020. Its presence also completed the RS Alignment in Indonesia, following the RS RS, Jazz Rs and Mobilio Rs. Spring

The factory made this new variant as a refresher for the Civic Hatchback and confirmed that it is getting sexier. In fact, HPM changed the Hatchback Civic’s motto “Unit Unit” to “Intensive Sexidura”. This refresh was made after Honda did it first in the fastest variant, the Civic R type.

Exterior Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

The RS variant is more sporty than the Turbo Civic due to the use of side skirts. The adoption of the two-tone element, also known as the two-tone, seems to be connected with the front and back lip aleterators. Its appearance is similar to the Civic R type, especially when viewed from the transfer of the two exhaust positions to the center of the rear spoil, which is flanked by the diffuser. There’s also a side under the spoiler. The RS badge is fixed on the front and rear of the Honda Civic Hatchback. Added an Aero Kit on the front bumper, rear bumper and side windows adorn the sides. 17 inch alloy wheels Two five cruz colors make the car look sporty aggregate.

8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023
8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

Cabin Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

The sporty scent is divided into the interior. The seats, steering wheel, shift lever, center console and door lining are wrapped in quality leather with red stitching. The brake pedal and gas are made in chrome feel designed for Sporty pedals for more men. Once you enter the cabin, there are some minor changes. The Sporty nuance is shown by a new design that combines leather with red sewing accents, accents, Sporty cars, seats, steering wheel, transmission lever, center console and door covers. The seat pattern becomes sportier, slightly semi-cuvette. Sporty Chrome pedal design on gas and brake levers. The semi-bucket seat is comfortable and enjoyable for lying down. The adjustable driver seat position with 8 electrical configurations firmly supports the ergonomic value. The front view is very wide.

Infociment System

A very bold Sporty feel supported by modern and sophisticated information. Central entertainment is focused on the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. Connect with smart phones for Android and iOS. Audio configuration besides being able to get a touch screen on the control panel, you can also use the Settings button on the steering wheel. The audio and hands-free phone switch functions allow the driver to set or change the audio channel as desired and receive phone calls without ever leaving the side of the wheel.

Spacious rear legroom

The new Honda Hontage Hatchback Turbo has the following dimensions xhxh 4,501mm x 2,075mm x 1,421 mm. The dimensions of the rootbase are 2700 mm and the distance from the front medicine is 1.547 mm and the rear is 1.563 mm. As a compact car, this sexy video has ample room in the back seat. You don’t feel close to excess luggage in the airplane compartment. It is very good for long distance travel. Passengers will still feel comfortable and at ease.

Spacious luggage Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

In addition to legroom in the back and front, the luggage is also spacious. Although when viewed from the outside, the body looks small. I analyzed myself, this vehicle is like entering a movie theater. From the outside it looks small, right into the room.

Silent cabin

From the results of tests conducted by Carvaganza, the cabin is silent, so that along the way it is calming. Almost no sound from abroad. Even the suspension attenuator managed to keep the cabin, unbalanced, no welding symptoms.

Performance Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo 2023

The engine applies four cylinders corresponding to a 1.5 liter VTEV turbo. Like the Civic Turbo Variant sedan. Do a torque of 170 hp and 220 nm. This Insignia engine is Euro4 compliant, thanks to ENCE Friendly Dreams (EDT) technology. Combined with CVT automatic transmission with EDT. The pair feels congested so the car becomes more agile in assigned traffic. Especially when driving on the road and requires maneuvering.

8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023
8 Things You Need to Know About the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

Interesting things about the Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023

Turbo Engine Honda Civic Hatchback RS Turbo 2023 1.5L The Civic 1.5L Turbo variant is powered by a 1498 cc petrol engine with a 4 cylinder, 4 valve, DOHC line configuration.

Transmission Honda Civic Turbo 1.5L uses a variable speed CVT transmission.

1.5L Civic Turbo Performance The Civic 1.5L Turbo 1498 CC engine has 171 HP with 220 nm of torque.

Ture Civic 1.5L Turbo Wheel The Civic 1.5L uses 17-inch alloy wheels with a size of 215/50 R17 front and rear radials.

Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Competitors In Indonesia, the Civic 1.5L Turbo has several competitors. Among them are the Honda Accord 1.5L, Honda City E CVT, Toyota Corolla Altis V at and Mazda 3 Square Skyactive-G 2.0.


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