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Honda Astrea Legenda

Honda Astrea Legenda

Honda Astrea Legenda. At the beginning of the third millennium, the asian automotive market was flooded with low-cost motorcycle products, including Chinese brands. Not wanting to lose rivals, other well-known brands, including Japan, have also launched a variety of affordable motorcycles, including Honda through the Legend 2 variant. Even if it is no longer produced, the product of this motorcycle is still largely high. . hunted by the public.

Talking about its twin, the 1997 Astrea Grand after a facelifted version of the first model which was born in 1991 and is often called the Grand Bulus. It is said that Bulus is caused by the shape of the backlight that looks like a bubble or some kind of turtle.

The difference with the regular Astera is not much, there are color strips, color collections, gripper items under the front number plate to the new design of the stern, in the form of taillights similar to a duck. or spoilers. The dimension query of this motorcycle has a length of 1,845 mm, a width of 660 mm, a height of 1,050 mm and a wheelbase of 1 203 mm. This large Astrea has a ground clearance of 130 mm and a seat distance of 663 mm.

In addition to the legs, the frame is linked to a telescopic front suspension and at the rear oscillating arms with dual dampers. The spoke wheels are covered with tires with a profile of 2.25-17 33L front and 2.50-17 38L rear. Everyone also has a drum brake. Enter the kitchen, a Honda Astrea Grand Holder with a carburetor engine that often sits on a 97.1 cc, cylindrical (OHC) air-cooled camshaft.

AHM launched the Legenda Astrea to the country’s automotive market in 2001. Released around July 2001, riding a horse with a moped model (motorcycle rider) received quite a positive response from asian consumers. With a selling price of $9.4 million at the time, the Astrea Lapend recorded up to 118,110 units in just six months or as late as 2001.

In appearance, the Astra Lagend has a body design that is identical to the Astrea Grand or Astrea Impressa, another motorcycle made at Honda that slipped into the 90s. However, if the Astrea Grand was designed with sufficient quality, the legend of the heretic had lower quality materials. , with the aim of putting pressure on production costs.

This motorcycle has a vintage look, with an impressive retro body curve, full of balls on some sides. As the successor to the Astrase Impressa model launched in 1997, this motorcycle still has a thin design. The headlights and taillights are minimalistic and follow the curves of the body so they don’t look stiff. The difference between legend and impressa can only imagine the band.

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Honda staged the legend itself, for example the Honda Astrea Impressa, which was presented by PT AHM as a low-end variant of the Astrea Supra model, which first fell in the mid-90s. Astrea Supra can be said to be a bullet. From the sales path of AHM PT to the current moped segment (perhaps so far) because it is equipped with a pleasing appearance and a stubborn engine.

At the heart of the track, the legends of Assta and the legends 2 carry the exact same engine. The manufacturer provides this vehicle with a 4-stroke type, air camshaft, unique cylinders, air conditioning, a capacity of 97.1 cc. With this capital, this motorbike is claimed to be able to explode with a maximum of 7.3 cv at 8000 rpm. The following are the technical specifications of Astra Legend 2.

Specifications of Astrea Legend 2

Honda Astrea Legenda
Honda Astrea Legenda


  • Type : 4 stroke, air camshaft, single cylinder, Air Conditioner
  • Engine Capacity : 97.1cc
  • Diameter x step : 50×49.5 millimeter
  • Compression Ratio : 9:1
  • Maximum Power : 7.3 HP @ 8.000 rpm
  • Transmission: Manual, 4-speed
  • Ignition : CDI
  • Starter : Electric & Kick


  • Dimensions: 1,854 x 667 x 1,043 mm
  • Wheelbase 1,203 mm
  • Seat Height 663 mm
  • Distance to Ground 130 mm
  • Fuel Capacity 3.5 L

Suspension and Braking System

  • Telescopic Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension Swing arm, double shock
  • Front Tire 2.25-17 33L
  • Rear Tire 2.50-17 38L
  • Front Drum Brake
  • Rear Drum Brakes

Unfortunately, Astra Legend products did not last long in the internal market. The company decided to discontinue production of this bike in 2004 and it was replaced by the Génération Supra Fit. Well, for those of you who saved this bike, we here the latest information on the market in the market.

Price of a used Honda Astrea Legend 2

Honda Astrea Legenda
Honda Astrea Legenda

The Honda Astresa Price The Legend 2 used above, we have compiled from various sources, including shopping and selling sites, selling sites and online sales. Compared to the previous year, the price was indeed a bit high. Last year, you could get Astra Legend 2 Legend 2 and 2003 for a price from $ 2.5 million and from 3 million people.


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