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Honda Astrea Prima History And Specs

Honda Astrea Prima History And Specs

History of Honda Astrea Prima

Honda Astrea Prima History And Specs. FYI Areta Prima is the most popular duck in the 90’s, how the motor is not so fast because of fast gasoline, easy maintenance, affordable spare parts and the selling price of the rear is also high, so it’s no wonder Honda Prima is a consumer favorite in its day.

Astrea Prima began to enter asia in 1988 as the successor to the star of Astrea, there were two generations of Prima Astra entering asian, the first generation was still introduced by CBU Japan, with characteristics – from non-electric stations, while the second generation was assembled in asian by Federal Engine PT .
What is interesting is that Astrea Prima is a motorcycle specially designed by Honda Japan for the Southeast Asian market, it is not surprising that this bike is widely diffused in Thailand (Cub 100 ex) and in Malaysia (Dream Ex 5), Astrea Prima design), Astrea Prima Puts the comfort and functionality of the drive in, but still wrapped in trendy style.

The Honda Astrea Prima is the first Honda Duck to carry the C-Series 100 (H05E) engine, with a capacity of 97 air-to-air bikes, 4 cycles, with 4 OHC cycles, capable of delivering maximum power. Up to 8.9 PS @ 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.3 nm @ 6000 rpm, the engine power is then transmitted through a 4-speed manual transmission with a rotary system gear (4 gears can be directly neutral as long as it stops)
These engines differ only slightly from the modern 125 cc injection engines used by Honda Ducks at this time, it is not surprising that the Astrea Prima was famous as a fast duck in its time with a maximum plant speed of 110 km. / h, but in practice sometimes more.

Apart from this powerful engine, it is also known for its good sound and reliability, the original Japanese Honda Prima engine is also very stubborn and easy to handle,
The body of the body is still identical to the stars, ATPI Astre is equipped with a 35-watt lighter, further improvements were made in the suspension sector, with the use of telescopic safety on the suspension. Front and pretentious adjustable in back .

Features and Benefits of Honda Astrea Prima

Honda Astrea Prima History And Specs
Honda Astrea Prima History And Specs

1. Telescopic front suspension

A new feature on the Honda Astrea Prima is the use of telescopic suspension on the front wheels. I just said because in Bintang Astrea and before, Honda still used swing suspension (halu-halu) for the forefoot.
In Halu-Halu suspension, if you bury the front brake lever, the position of the front motorcycle will actually be lifted (up). Don’t give up telescopic suspension today.
In theory, Halu-Halu’s suspension is safer because the movement increases so the engine doesn’t fall. But on the stability side, things are less stable. Because at this time, halu-halu suspension is no longer used.

2. Electric starter

In addition, the electric start function was also relatively special at that time, motor sport (manual manual / coupling) only provided a starter.

3. Full black and white choice

Astrea Prima was marketed in asian in 1989. Designed by General, Honda Astrea Prima uses black paint on the body with white wings. But in the 1991 Limited Edition series, Honda offered a complete black for the Astrea Prima (including the wings).

4. Rear suspension can get stuck in the level of sweetness

Another feature of the Honda Astrea Prima is the rear suspension model that can be in short length / Stele according to needs (depending on the weight of the load). Then there’s also the fun function, which is a shelf of articles above the previous fender. Not a multifunctional shelf, enough to pinch waterproof or other small items.
If there was such a feature today, it would seem funny. But in the past, it is still common … even a useful feature. Because today, the duck bike has no luggage under its seat.

5. Original Japanese engine, more blocked and more powerful than now

At that time, Honda Motorbikes were not fully produced in asian. All parts are shipped from Japan and assembled in Indonesia. If today’s term is imported, CKD (completely reversed).

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Honda Astrea Prima Specifications

Engine type: 4 stroke, air cooling ohc, single cylinder 97cc
Fuel System: Carburetor, Keihin 16″
Diameter × step (bore × course): 50 × 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Maximum Power: 8.9 PS / 8000 RPM
Maximum torque: 0.93 kgf.m / 6000 rpm
Clutch: Automatic centrifugal automatic type
Transmission: 4-Acceleration Manual, Rotary System (N-1-2-3-4-N)
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters
Engine oil capacity: 0.9 liter
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height): 191.5 × 70.5 × 107.6 cm
Wheelbase: 123.4 cm
Vehicle weight: 93 kg
Tire size: 2.25-17 (previous), 2 50-17 (return)
Brakes: Drum.
Ignition System: AC-CDI
Battery (Accu / Battery): 12v-4ah
Starter: electric and kick starter; Foot starter

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