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2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi New Specification

2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi Specification

Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi. Honda beat the injection pgm-fi introduced for the first time to the public in 2012, which was born to replace the previous variant. Of course, as a motorcycle, the development of the previous generation has defined the elements of the Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi specification.

More efficient fuel consumption is the main advantage offered by this Honda PGM injection. This has not fully embed injection technology on this motorbike, so that the fuel consumption of the latest Honda Scooter is more economical than the previous variant which still uses a carburetor and combustion fuel system. Less perfect than an injection engine.

In addition to more efficient fuel consumption, another benefit of the Honda Beat PGM-Fi injection is a more elegant appearance compared to the previous variant. To cover the shortcomings of Honda beat Karbu, some people are too light and thin, the manufacturer Honda built this second generation rhythm with a slightly large body size which has dimensions of 1863 x 675 x 1,072mm.

Honda Beat is known as an agile motorcycle and easy to ride. That’s what makes Honda Beat bring this 110 cc engine sold well in the domestic market. Honda Beat was launched domestically in 2008 to cope with sales of the Yamaha Mio which were still selling well. From the first exit until now on the Honda Beat, there are 3 types of machines that are used and have their advantages

As for PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has produced at least 4 types of Honda beat engines, namely the first Honda Beat carburetor motorcycle which always provides carburetor engine technology, finger wheel (Honda Beat SW) and blade wheel (Honda Beat CW type), both Honda motorcycles. . Beat injection (fi) using an injection system with spokes (Honda Beatf SW) and Honda Beat Fif racing wheels), three Honda Beat FIFB engines using system injection technology, alloy cash wheel and CBS braking system (Combi braking system) and the fourth is Honda Beat ESS ISS ISSS Motorbike, which is the latest motorcycle product from the Indonesian version of Honda Beat.

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Advantages of Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi

2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi
2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi

Despite having various advantages, the Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi also cannot be separated from the name of the shortcomings. You want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Honda beating pgm-fi injection? Please refer to the full explanation below.

1. More fuel efficient

As mentioned above, the most striking update of the Honda Beat Injection PGM-FI is the fuel injection system. And the results of the tests carried out, the fuel consumption of the Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi is 30% more economical compared to outdated motorcycles that use a carburetor fuel system. The advantage of the Honda Beat Beat Injection PGM-Fi is that it is more economical than the previous variant.

2. Environmentally Friendly

In addition to offering more efficient fuel consumption, injection technology integrated into the fuel supply system makes this bicycle environmentally friendly because this Honda scooter has adopted exhaust emissions. From the results of the tests carried out, this second generation motorbike beat has a CO value of 0.143 gr / hm emissions with a total HC NOx of 0.031 gr / km and 0042 gr / km. The test results, the Honda Scooter motorcycle in the value of environmentally friendly.

3. Fast Enough Acceleration

Although the Honda manufacturer has built this Honda motorcycle with a 110cc engine capacity, the acceleration of this motorbike should not be underestimated. The test results made by this bike are removed from 0 km to 60 km, which only takes about 7.3 seconds. But what needs to be pulled back, acceleration can be more responsive if the use of certain types of oil.

4. Luggage space is quite spacious

The advantage of the fourth PGM-Fi injection is more spacious storage or luggage space. There is no obligation to enjoy the rider, especially in storage, Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi is equipped with luggage storage that can accommodate 11 liters. With a fairly complete luggage size, it allows a large number of luggage with a large number of luggage.

5. A More Modern And Elegant Design

And the benefits of Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi are that more and more people fall in love with this Honda scooter, the outer design that is wrapped is more elegant and modern. The elegant imprint on the rhythm of the last motorbike is shown in the body design wrapped in softer curves, while for the modern impression on this motorbike, it is reflected in the use of the latest features that use modern and sophisticated technology.

PGM-FI injection motorcycle specifications

2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi
2022 Review Honda Beat Injection PGM-Fi

Size : W x h x h 1 856 x 666 x 1,068 mm

Lowest distance to ground : 146 mm

Axis: dalah 1,256 mm

Seat height : 740 mm

Empty weight: 94 kg

Reservoir capacity : 4.0 L

Front Disc Brake : Back retracted 90/90 14m/c 16p (pub)

Front Tire : 80/90 – 14m/c 40p (Tubiling)

Engine : Type 4-stroke engine, SOHC

Compression Fuel Injection System (PGM-FI) 9.5:1

Maximum torque: 9.01 nm / 6,500rpm

Maximum power : 8.68 PS / 7,500rpm

Transmission: v belt


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