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2023 13 Amazing Advantages Honda Beat Specs And Features

2023 13 Amazing Advantages Honda Beat Specs And Features

Honda Beat is a Honda scooter that has a very fantastic sales value. Since it was first introduced by Honda, the Honda Beat Moto has quickly become a motorbike, an enthusiasm for automatic motorbikes, especially for women who want a simple and practical motorbike to ride. With many interested in the Honda Beat, it is not surprising that this Honda Scooter motorcycle has earned such achievements as the best selling bike in Indonesia in recent years.

And that’s interesting, almost all variants of Honda Beat are always at the request of state consumers, both the Honda carburetor which is the first generation in the Honda Beat ESP, which is the last variant that is trusted by many people, So don’t be surprised if the price of the old Honda Beat in the market is still high in Lumanan. And several variants of Honda Beat, we will try to discuss this segment, namely the advantages of Honda Beat carburetor

The Honda Beat Karbutor motorcycle is the first generation scooter from the Honda Beat Born family with a fairly simple and modern design with a 110cc engine. With regard to the fuel system, this first generation cadence is still based on the carburetor fuel system. Because once this motor stops transmitting, PT AHM has issued beat injection.

After 2010, sales of honda beat motorbikes showed a very fast progress. Until now after switching the injection system, it remains the best-selling motorcycle of all motorcycle variants in the country.

Amazing Advantages of Honda Beat Carburetor

Honda Beat
Honda Beat
1. Modern and Bright Headlamp

Aside from the simple and slim design, Honda’s benefits overpower the carburetor which is one of the reasons people who bring home these motorcycle scooters are modern lighthouses or lighthouses so you can provide more quality and lightness. With a little light show, of course, this Honda motorcycle would be practical to ride at night.

2. Slim and sporty body design

According to the target of the Yamaha Mio, Honda provides an elegant model on the body beat. Even though he was visible from the bridge, he looked thinner than his competitors.

3. Rear Brake Lock

Since the start of production of the Vario in 2007, Honda has completed the lineup this time with a rear brake lock. The goal is to ensure that the engine does not jump when the engine is started. In addition, it is also guaranteed when you stop on a trend or descent. Even to ensure the motor in the parking lot on the uneven ground.

4. Relief Leg Footrest

The footrest model is mixed with the bridge so that it is more comfortable. The sole size is made wider than competitors (MIO), so the foot does not slip easily.

5. Anti-Heat Exhaust Cover

If the OM Bro has been stung with a hot exhaust, this will no longer be the case at speed. Because the Honda Beat exhaust has been equipped with a blanket that will not heat up even if the engine temperature is in thermal conditions.

6. Fast And Reactive Acceleration

The advantage of the second Honda Beat Carburetor is the fast motorbike accent. Although the engine capacity is quite small, you don’t have to wait long to feel the sensation of fast acceleration on this motorbike. Because the lower rotation of the motorcycle engine is very responsive, acceleration can be felt quickly without having to wait for round rotation first.

7. Easy and Cheap Maintenance

It is common knowledge, if a carburetor is to be expected in terms of maintenance. With a carburetor component that is not too much and to treat it does not need special tools such as injection. So, if you want to take care of this bike, everything can be done with less maintenance costs compared to injection engine maintenance.

8. Machine Performance Can Be High

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the engine that Honda beat the carburetor and want to upgrade the engine capacity. The benefits of Honda overcoming this carburetor can only be easily upgraded rather than replacing some components or parts so that the engine capacity is larger and the power generated is stronger.

9. This Manipulation Is More Convenient And Quality

The last advantage of the Honda Beat carburetor, namely the quality of manipulation that is more comfortable thanks to the quality suspension at the front and rear. Yes, it can be an open secret that the performance of the suspension on the moto is very soft and quality.

10. BBM is Enough To Use Premium

Some theories say that a compression ratio greater than 9.0:1 should be Pertamax. But under the beat seat it’s clear that the fuel requirement for this bike is simply ‘unleaded fuel’. Meanwhile, Pertamina stated that premium fuel is free. Basically, this means that the Honda Beat is safe to consume high-end gasoline.

11. Equipped with Hangers

In the middle of the middle, under the handlebars, honda beat comes with a default article array. This hook will very useful when OM Bro / Sista transport grocery store or other items.

12. There is a Front Shelf

Also equipped with an article rack at the front. Om/Sist will easily store drinks or other small items.

13. Close the ignition keyhole

From vario to rhythm, even now, Honda uses a sperm-capable hole. This lock model is useful for minimizing the potential for motorcycle theft.

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Specification Honda Beat

Honda Beat
Honda Beat

Engine: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled SOHC with fan, Horizontal single cylinder 108cc

Fuel System: Carburetor

Diameter × Stage (Bore × Course): 50 × 55 mm

Compression Ratio: 9.2:1

Maximum power: 8.22 PS / 8000 RPM

Maximum torque: 0.85 kgf.m / 5500 rpm

Clutch type: automatic, centrifugal, dry type

Transmission system: automatic, v . belt

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