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Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features

Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features

Information About Honda Brio at A Glance

Honda Brio has a compact but attractive design and has high energy efficiency. No wonder we see that there are many Honda Brio cars passing in urban areas. Not only an attractive design and strong energy efficiency, Honda Brio is also popular and many are popular thanks to the price of spare parts that are quite affordable. Not only that, the price of used cars tends to be high so the value of the car does not go down. There are two generations of Honda Brio launched in Indonesia. The two generations of Honda Brio also have differences that can be considered quite important. This difference also does not exist only on the outside, but also on the inside of the Honda Brio. Honda Brio appeared for the first time with a sub-compact tailgate model. This car was also initially produced only in Thailand and India. Honda Brio was officially launched in Thailand in 2011 and asian a year later. The Honda Brio name has proven to have a unique meaning. The word “Brio” comes from Italian which means “cheerful”. By using this name, Honda hopes that consumers who use Honda Brio will always be happy and dynamic.

But many are curious how the face of the honda brio in 2023 will be. even though it is fairly old, there are many rumors from honda brio lovers that the model and specifications can change completely so that it displays a more sporty style on city streets. we will all look forward to it.There was information circulating that the 2022 Honda Brio SUV RS will be launching soon. here we summarize the specifications of the honda brio that have been circulating so far.

Advantages of Honda Brio

The first advantage of the Honda Brio is the sporty design and dynamic feel like young people. With the tailgate model, the agile Brio drives with ease when in a position to maneuver in tight spaces. Nothing amazing Honda Brio is also a woman’s choice to accompany them to activities. With regard to the performance and efficiency of the 1.2 liter engine, it also comes out with 90 hp and 110 nm of torque, more than enough to save light weight in urban areas or during family vacations. The performances of the automatic transmission and CVT used have proven to be neither disappointing nor responsive enough.

1. Sporty Exterior Design

The most visible advantage of the Honda Brio is in its sporty outdoor design. This car has an external concept that meets the tastes of young consumers in Indonesia. Not only sporty, the modern impression issued by the Honda Brio design also makes it more attractive. The latest generation Honda Brio already has a new design of the lighthouse and new taillights that emphasize the sporting print in this car. Not only that, the wheels used by this car are also in harmony with the overall external design language.

2. Modern interior design and rich features

Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features
Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features

Honda Brio has a modern language of interior design. Even if this car is a low-cost green car, but that does not make the Honda Brio reduce the quality of the taxi. Not only modern, but the Honda Brio cabin is also equipped with various quality features. Honda Brio uses the Digital AC function. Users will easily facilitate CA setup. The steering wheel is equipped with various audio adjustment buttons which can facilitate the configuration of the driver while driving. This car is also equipped with automatic door lock and door mirror. For safety features, the Honda Brio is equipped with an anti-lock braking system and electronic braking distribution in all its variants. This car has also been equipped with seat belts, dual SRS front airbags, wave wrenches and keyless entry doors.


This is the most expensive Honda Brio. But of course, there is a reason. Brio RS is the most complete functionality. Both outside and inside. From the outside, you will be able to recognize it immediately thanks to the Aerokit’s actions around the body. Starting from the side skirts to the spoiler. In addition, Dual Color on a 15 inch board. Inside the cabin, it feels sporting thanks to the use of black materials. The new seats only use the headrest connection as before. Although the cabin assistance is no different from the Brio Satya, the entertainment features are more sophisticated with the presence of a 6.1-inch touch screen unit that can make various connections. If you need a Brio that is complete and looks more sporty, the Rs type is the answer. And CVT transmission will facilitate the behavior of urban traffic density.

Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features
Honda Brio 2023 Design And Features

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In fact, it’s quite difficult to talk about the engine’s weaknesses in the Brio Satya. Because Honda’s I-VTEC concrectment technology is well known but fuel efficient. In addition, the transmission used carries the CVT type aka continuously variable transmission, smooth driving efficiency and energy is promised by it.

Brio RS CVT is priced at $13,711 The CVT variant BRIOR RS comes with a 1199 cc CC petrol engine capable of producing up to 89 HP cell phones and 110 nm of advanced torque. The BRIO RS CVT with a capacity of 5 SIRROSTS is also equipped with a variable speed transmission.

The new Honda Brio has a total of 5 variants. The price of the latest Honda Brio ranges from $13,711 to 14,225. Among them, the Honda Brio RS CVT is the highest variant of the Honda Brio.

Deficiency Honda Brio

The drawback of the Honda Brio is the limited availability of space for rear passengers. In addition, not a few Honda Brio users complain about the interior quality of the Honda Brio, which is considered not good. The thin plastic material used as the control panel is impressive and the quality of the doors is cheap and affects the driving print. He not infrequently complained to the roar of the dashboard when the Brio had been used for a long time. In fact, this can be started when arriving at the official workshop and tightening and configuring the Honda Brio boardholder.



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