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2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire Design

2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire Design

The latest Honda CB150R Streetfire Features

2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire
2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire
  1. Aggressive design
  2. The use of LED lights in all lighting systems provides a more futuristic appearance, lighter light intensity, longer durability and more energy efficient. The futuristic and functional digital indicator panel displays comprehensive information such as speed, engine speed, digital clock and trip meter.
  3. Acceleration is more aggressive reaching 10.5 seconds (0-200m).
  4. Capable of being driven up to 125 km/h while producing an efficient level of fuel consumption.
  5. Newest generation 150cc engine, DOHC 4 valve, 6 speed, liquid cooled with PGM-FI injection technology.
  6. Trellis frame that provides a high balance between strength and flexibility.
  7. Gas tank capacity of 12 liters.
  8. The use of larger tires to provide safety when cornering and at high speeds.
  9. Front and rear disc brakes.
  10. Tubeless tires.
  11. Rear suspension with pro-link system (this feature is also used by the Honda CBR 250R where the seats of this feature feel softer, more stable and comfortable because the suspension Honda CBR 250R is able to adapt to various road conditions.
  12. Secure Lock Shutter Technology.
  13. Bank angle sensor – a roar sensor that protects the driver during a fall (the engine will automatically shut down when the motorcycle is at an incline angle of 60° or more.
  14. The latest Honda CB150R Streetfire has a fuel consumption of 37.87 km/l (Euro 3) and 40.58 km/l (Euro 2). Different test results follow Euro 2 and Euro 3 regulations.
  15. The design, features, and technology of the Honda CB150R Streetfire make it a sporty motorcycle with the most valuable value and features in Asian.

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View of Honda CB150R

2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire
2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire

2022 Honda CB150R Street Fire. The appearance of a form that had the impression of being ready for battle made it a lot of young people in this country. Not only that, a very sporty external exhibition is also in line with the performance of the Honda CB150R, which is known to be quite strong thanks to its 150 cc engine.

Although it has the same engine base as the Sonic 150R, in fact the Streetfire Honda CB150R has a stronger performance because it occupies a different class. Not surprising, as it was launched for the first time in 2012, now in the first half of 2017 PT. AHM updated from this road bike again. Even though it’s just a lift update, it makes this Honda CB150R look more handsome and charming.

Although the price of the Streetfire Honda CB150R is the most expensive for the Sporty class with an input level of 150cc, the quality of the new Honda motorcycle is still balanced with its competitors. Armed with more powerful engine specifications, the Streetfire Honda CB150R is definitely ready to fight on the streets.

In addition, with a new body design concept that further strengthens the smell of a naked sporty bike, of course this motorbike will easily become a new idol in the 150cc class.

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