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The New Features of Honda CB650F 2024 First Look

The New Features of Honda CB650F 2024 First Look

Honda CB650F. it’s amazing whether it’s true that next year there will be a new surprise from Honda. Compactness is increasingly seen in the speedometer display with a wide dual screen on the Honda CB650F. On the left side displays information about engine speed and speed. While in the right position displays fuel information, clock, odometer and other indicators. The lighting sector is optimized with the use of LED technology which includes headlights, twilight and brake positions.

The Honda CB650F is equipped with a wave-shaped ignition which reduces the risk of damage to the combustion chamber. In addition, the CB650F is even more secure with the HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) technology embedded in the immobilizer capability. Riders don’t have to worry if their motorbike is damaged by thieves.

Design Honda CB650F 2024

Honda CB650F 2024 First Look
Honda CB650F 2024 First Look

The design of the Honda CB650F that is applied seems to flow from front to back. The driving position is intentionally configured to lean to the front position. This provides a more pleasant driving sensation. Not only that, a compact and fierce appearance emanates from the composition of its components. The Honda CB650F engine is left to stand out. In addition, a short exhaust with 4 necks is neatly installed in front of the 650cc engine

Dimensions of Honda CB650F 2024

Despite having an aggressive form, the dimensions of the CB650F are actually very easy for the driver. With a length of 2,107 mm, a width of 784 mm and a height of 1,077 mm. Honda CB650F designed so that the rider remains comfortable driving with a seat height of 810 mm. In terms of maneuverability, the CB650F is made agile because of the 1,440mm wheelbase setting. Drivers do not need to be afraid to bulldoze asphalt roads with various conditions, because the ground clearance is set at 152 mm.

Handling & Riding Honda CB650F

Equipped with a double diamond type steel frame measuring 64mm x 30 mm ensures the Honda CB650F is very light for the rider. The goal is to keep the motor stable for maneuvering. Driving comfort is also supported by the use of 41 mm Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) telescopic suspension at the front so that the Honda CB650F is very comfortable on rocky terrain. Likewise at the rear, the monoshock suspension can be adjusted to preload at 7 levels, so the driver has the flexibility to choose the settings that suit his riding style and road conditions.

The braking sector of the Honda CB650F is optimized through the use of dual 320 mm hydraulic discs with dual piston calipers at the front. The rear wheel is also reinforced with discs, but a single type with a size of 240 mm combined with a single piston caliper but very strong for braking. Both are confirmed to be able to reduce the rate of rotation of tires measuring 17 inches with a profile of 120/70 at the front and 180/55 at the rear. Safety is maximized with a 2-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard on the Honda CB650F.

CB650F 2024 Engine & Fuel Consumption

Honda CB650F 2024 First Look
Honda CB650F 2024 First Look

The mechanical heart of the old version of the CB650F is quite fierce with a 649cc cubication. This DOHC type Honda CB650F engine has a 4 stroke 16 valve liquid-cooled system specifications. Inside the combustion chamber with a compression ratio of 11.4:1, the Honda CB650F piston is designed asymmetrically, minimizing contact with friction. Intake fuel is sprayed using PGM-FI technology, mixing with the air entering through the shorter intake duct. Coupled with the embedding of an internal two-pass structure in the exhaust which reduces back pressure, the power output is large.

So the CB650F engine which has a diameter and a step size of 67 mm x 46 mm is capable of producing a peak power of 91 ps at 11,000 rpm and a torque of 64 Nm at 8,000 rpm. All power is channeled through a 6-speed transmission system. Although powerful, this big motorbike is still fuel efficient with a large tank capacity, which is 17.3 liters.

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Interesting Information From Honda CB650F Products
The following are the features of the Honda CB650F:

Exhaust Design with “Four-Into-One” Exhaust
New LED Headlights –with powerful looking headlamps integrated with LED lighting
LCD Multi Meter – LCD meter display panel provides complete information (including speedometer, tachometer, clock, trip meter and fuel gauge).
New Honda CB650F SDVB Front Fork – Dual Front Disc Brakes with 2 channels ABS
Aluminum Swing Arm – Specially designed using aluminum for the best performance and optimal appearance on the Honda CB650F.
Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S) – Honda’s Immobilizer creates world-class security with state-of-the-art ignition connected to an electronic system.
New DOHC Inline 4 Cylinder – with more powerful and aggressive performance.

Top Speed New Honda CB650F


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