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ALL NEW Honda CB650R Neo Sport Café 2024

ALL NEW honda cb650r neo sport café 2024

Honda cb650r neo sport. this time Honda to explain the design concept of the CB650R is not kidding. That is, the amalgamation of modern and classic designs. Its role is to replace the CB650F, which had previously hit Asia and Europe. Being in the naked bike segment, it seems Honda is a little late in including it in the list for the next year. but because the interest in vintage-style naked bikes is still quite large.

2024 Honda CB650R Almost the entire body has firm lines. At the front, a round headlamp contrasts the classic design which is very attractive. But in it, modern LED Round technology produces

beautiful light. Enough to give a dramatic impression on the motor.

Armed with a 650 cc engine, he is in the middle class motorcycle. The advantage of this, the motor still allows for everyday use but is also capable of being tortured out on the circuit. With a very cool look, the charm of this motorbike is sure to steal attention on the road and on the race track.

Design 2024 Honda CB650R

Honda cb650r neo sport
Honda cb650r neo sport

The very design of the 2024  Honda CB650R is illustrated by the tank model that has firm lines and makes sharp curves. Not only that, because this is a Honda CB650R naked bike, the frame and 650 cc engine can be seen clearly without being blocked by the fairing. Not to mention the exhaust header model that coincides and ends in one exhaust.

The Honda model this time is very cool and becomes a typical Honda 650 cc. A masculine impression is also obtained from the use of a large diameter upside down fork. Plus the decoration in the form of cross rims and wide tires that look just right in position.

The seat model and design of the Honda CB650R this time are used typical of motor sport. That is, the sitting position is quite bent and it is not comfortable to take long trips but it is very sporty when driving. After all, this bike is not intended for long touring. Actually the tail ends right at the point of the wheel axis. But there are elongated fenders to keep you from splashing water. If you replace it with a mud guard model, it looks like it looks more frightening than the standard.

Dimensions of 2024 Honda CB650R

Honda cb650r neo sport
Honda cb650r neo sport

Total dimensions of CB650R W x W x H

2128 x 784 x 1076 mm.

The wheelbase reaches 1449mm.

The axis distance is classified as large for the medium motorbike size. Likewise the weight that touches the figure of 203 kg

CB650R Engine & Fuel Consumption

The 648 cc DOHC four-cylinder engine is a huge power source. The power released is 90.4 PS and can produce rotation at 11,000 rpm. While the peak torque reaches 60.7 Nm at 8,000 rpm. All that power is transferred through a 6-speed gearbox. As for the compression is made quite dense, with a figure of 11.6:1.

Braking Honda CB650R

Safety and braking matters are not kidding, the 2024 Honda CB650R double disc 310 mm with four-piston calipers embedded in the front wheels. While at the rear uses a single disc brake measuring 240mm. Both are equipped with ABS sensors. Read More !


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