Complete Specifications And Features Of Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022

Complete Specifications And Features Of Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022

Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 Price $30,394 In Asian Market

Sporty Performance With Turbo Engine

  1. Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 always uses a 1.5L VTEC turbo engine with Earth Dreams technology. This engine produces a maximum power of 173 PS at 5,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 22.4 kgm at 5,500 rpm.
  2. The CVT transmission is able to strike a balance between the sensitive engine of low rotation and high rotation of power. This system provides reactive and better acceleration, and maximum engine performance and efficient fuel consumption.
  3. Safety features also include an electric parking brake which facilitates the duty of an adequate parking brake with lock grip and an automatic brake to automatically maintain the brake when the vehicle stops perfectly when tilting or descending to avoid slippery brakes without brakes.
  4. Honda Civic Hatchback Rs is also equipped with hill function assist, vehicle stability assist, anti-lock braking system (ABS), including electronic braking force (EBD), braking assist system (BA), brake change system, emergency stop signal. This model has passed a series of tests at the Honda Real World Crash Test of Tochigi, Japan.
  5. The 17-inch aluminum rim with a two-tone design further reinforces the sporty printing. The rear now features a new rear bumper diffuser and new exhaust pipes with a new finish. The RS badge is now pinned to the front and rear of the Honda Civic Hatchback.

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Interior of Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 Image
Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 Image
  1. The newly designed cabin combines leather with sporty accents with distinctive red sewing on the seats, steering wheel, shift lever, center console, door lining and sporty feel design on the gas and brake levers.
  2. New mirror of rear view auto attenuation to avoid excessive light reflection to be compatible with better motorcycle visibility.
  3. The new 7-inch headunit size with touch screen technology is capable of connecting with smartphones for iOS and iOS operating systems. Its purpose is to provide entertainment on the road.
  4. Audio settings can be made via the steering switch control contained in the steering wheel. While the hands-free phone switch function allows drivers to receive phone calls without having to remove the wheel.
Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 Image
Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 Image

Exterior Of Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022

To present the sporty impression of the Honda Civic Hatchback RS on the sides, there are sporty 17-inch alloy wheels with dual tone accents that really display the style of a sports car.

The looks are not just for style, but the Honda Civic Hatchback RS wheels have airflow control blades to help with aerodynamics while driving. on the back, the changes are not as much as the other parts. But Honda still maintains a sloping design at the rear. Equipped with a shark fin antenna adds a sporty look to the rear roof of the Honda Civic Hatchback RS.

Powerful Features Abound

  1. Another advanced feature set on the Civic RS Hatchback, among other smart locks that work, unlock, unlock, to start the engine and activate the air conditioning automatically, so that the cabin is refreshed when the driver enters the vehicle.
  2. Intelligent input technology to provide convenience when unlocking, just touch the door handle. The push ignition system is used to start the engine at the touch of a button.
  3. Cruise ship control function to drive the vehicle without the need to step on the acceleration pedal, you can also control the speed with the regulator button on the steering wheel. For added comfort and safety, the Honda Civic Hatchback also has a Wiper function with rain detection and rear parking space.

Engine Specifications Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022

The  Honda Civic Hatchback RS 2022 is equipped with a turbo-powered 1.5L VTEC engine with Honda’s signature Earth Dreams Technology. Turbo technology makes this car capable of producing up to 171.5 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and peak torque reaching 220 Nm at 5,500 rpm as well.

Currently, the Honda Civic Hatchback RS is only marketed with a 7-speed CVT transmission. Where power is channeled to the front wheels. But for those of you who want a sense of manual driving, you can use the paddle shift located behind the steering wheel.

The cylinder capacity of the Honda Civic Hatchback RS is not too large, so fuel consumption is also not so wasteful. Even with the technology provided, such as Drive by Wire with direct injection supply, the Honda Civic Hatchback RS is so economical for everyday use.

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