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Honda Civic Type R 2023 Specifications And Prices

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Specifications And Prices

The Honda Civic Type R 2023 with 6 speed is one of the cars that is designed for high performance. In Indonesia, this unit is priced at $37,495. The Honda Civic Type-R MT is available in six color options for consumers. When viewed from the design, the Civic-R type seems to be more aggressive than the regular Civic model. It’s actually a civilian hatchback. And only the variant with a six-speed manual transmission. But they gave him additional aerodynamics, so more Gahar. The fierce appearance is amplified by Onjein’s 2.0 liter VTEC performance to induce Turbo. Burst Energy reaches 310 PS with a maximum torque of 400 nm. The Honda Civic Type R is also equipped with three driving modes: comfort, sport, and +R. so that consumers always get a great skate experience. Both in racing and road racing.

The aim of the Honda Civic Type R is that the model was developed to reflect the passion and love of the career world. The character of the sport is not only from the advantages of specifications on paper. But it has been tested in several race tracks. Including through your achievements as a front-wheel drive car with the fastest lap time on the nürburgring circuit.

To the ears of those in the car world, perhaps the word “Type R” in the Honda Civic is just a variant/cut. The sports car introduced at the GIIAS 2017 event is priced at almost 995 million in asia, the most expensive product sold in Honda asia, much more expensive than the Honda Accord or even the Honda Oddyssey. With this 1 billion rupees, you get a fast car with a 2.0L turbo engine capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. It also states that the Honda Civic Type R MT is the fastest FWD car on the Nurturing circuit, Germany approaching the record of less than 7 minutes 44 seconds, something extraordinary for a general road car.

Honda Civic Type R is equipped with a unit system of 3 models, namely, sport, sport, and + R mode. Comfort is used for everyday use, sport is used for aggressive riders, and + R mode is used for use in circuits. Unfortunately, currently the Honda Civic Type R, which is a CBU from the UK is only available in manual transmission and does not yet use AWD as the Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R.

Features of Honda Civic Type R 2023

The list of characteristics of the civil type includes central locks, electric door locks, anti-theft devices, anti-theft alarms and motor immobilizers in terms of security. Supports comfort and convenience functions which include air conditioning, front power window, rear window, automatic climate control, assist steering, heating, motor start/stop, adjustable seat, adjustable driver seat, computer, Electric Folding Rear View Mirror, Accessory Power Outlet , Multi-function Steering Wheel, Cruise Control accessory socket, multifunction steering wheel, low fuel warning light, rear seat backrest, keyless entrance and armrest console.

Entertainment and communication features include touchscreen, FM/AM/Radio, navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and auxiliary inputs, front speakers, rear speakers and 2din audio.

Interiors of Honda Civic R

Interior features include a tacho meter, electronic multi tripmeter, upholstery, leather steering wheel, digital watch and digingometer. Read More !

Interior Honda Civic Type R
Interior Honda Civic Type R

Exterior of Honda civic Type R 2023

Exterior features include adjustable headlights, adjustable exterior rear view mirrors, windshield wipers, alloy wheels, center mounted fuel tank, rear spoiler, rear view mirror rotation indicator and integrated antenna.

Unlike the Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo, which brought the sedan model, the Honda Civic Type R was brought to the hatchback model (Hatch Hatch). Its dimensions are 10 cm shorter than the Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo. The design carried by the Honda Civic Type R is very thick with the smell of sports and of course very striking on the streets and, of course, the population is still very sparse, even on the streets of the capital.

Honda Security System From Honda Civic Type R 6-Speed ​​MT

Safety features include passenger airbags, front lateral airbags, child safety lock, driver airbags, anti-lock braking system, brake assist, vehicle stability control system, rear seat belts, day and night seatbelt warning. Adjustable front seat belt, rear camera, lock sensor, motor control warning, front impact beam, lateral impact beam and warning door.

Competitors Honda Type R 6-speed

Competitors of the Civic R Type are: Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman, Mini 3 Door, Mini 5 Door and Mercedes Benz A-Class.

Specifications Honda Civic Type R 2023
Specifications Honda Civic Type R 2023

Specifications and Prices for Honda Type R 6-speed MT

Price of Honda Civic Type R : $37,495

Honda Civic Type R 2023 Variant: There is 1 Civic R variant: 6-speed MT.

Honda Civic Type R Engine : The Civic Type R is powered by a 1996cc 4 cylinder 4 cylinder petrol engine producing 306 HP with 400 nm of torque. It is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission option.

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