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Review of Honda Giorno 2023 New Specifications, Engine Performance and Other Advantages

Review of Honda Giorno 2023 Specifications, Engine Performance and Other Advantages

Honda Giorno 2023 Specifications. In addition to a very cheap price, economical to beat the Honda BEAT, this is the latest retro Matic from Honda.

The unique design like the Scoopy makes the Honda Giorno 2023 very much in demand in Asia, it is round and looks cute. Young people to women are guaranteed to like this look. He is the latest version of the Honda Giorno which has just been released in Japan.

Honda Giorno 2023 gets a lot of updates

Honda Giorno 2023 New
Honda Giorno 2023 New

One of them is an update from Honda. Specifications Honda Giorno 2023, from Giorno’s signature color, Honda added 4 new colors to the Giorno to make it look younger and fresher.

The four new Honda Giorno colors are Virgin Beige, Pearl Deep Mud Grey, Matte Armored Green Metallic, and Summer Pink.

Luggage Honda Giorno 2023

Although small, the trunk on the Honda Giorno can accommodate up to 20 liters and can also store a helmet.

Honda Giorno 2023 New
Honda Giorno 2023 New

Fuel Consumption Honda Giorno 2023

For gasoline consumption, armed with a 50 cc engine, the Honda Giorno is clearly more efficient than the 110 cc engine BEAT.

Honda Giorno 2023 Mileage in 1 Liter

Honda claims gasoline consumption reaches 80 km / liter with a constant speed of 30 km / hour.

Honda Giorno sold in Japan in the range of Rp. 18 million, while the Honda Scoopy in the range of Rp. 20.475 million to Rp. 21,275 million.

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 Specifications of 2023 Honda Giorno

Length : 1,650 mm

Width : 670 mm

Height : 1,035 mm

Wheelbase: 1,180 mm

Ground clearance: 105 mm

Seat height: 720 mm

Vehicle weight: 81 kg

Vehicle capacity: 1 person

Minimum turning radius: 1.8 1.8

Engine model/type: AF74E / Water-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder

Total displacement: 49 cubic cm

Compression ratio: 12.0

Maximum output: 3.3 KW, equivalent to 4,425 HP at 8,000 Rpm

max speed : 4.1 Nm at 6,000 Rpm

fuel system Electronic control fuel injection device or PGM-FI

Fuel tank capacity: 4.5 liter

Transmission type: Continuously variable or V-Matic

Tires front / rear : 80/100 – 10 46J

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