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Honda GL Max 2021 Review

Honda GL Max 2021 Review

Honda GL Max 2021 Review. Honda GL Max 125 was marketed in Asia, especially Indonesia in the 1990s to early 2000s. At that time, sales of the GL Max were quite good after its brother Honda GL Pro, competitively competitive with the Yamaha RX King. The countries of America, Mexico have just launched a Honda CGL 125 Streetbike motorcycle tool that always maintains the GL MAX. there is no information about the latest release related to the 2021 Honda GL Max, but many Honda GL Max lovers hope that the manufacturer will publish the latest release with a large engine capacity.

GL Max body view

The CGL 125 tool looks interesting with its retro style body box. The difference is that it uses large round lights, while the current GL Max still uses a box design. The turn signal always maintains the box model with the yellow color still as thick as the retro model. The mirror always uses a long stem with the Z model with a mirror box similar to the Honda GL 100 design.

Behind the lights always use a box template. At the top of the lamp, there is a shelf with functional chrome bandages for transporting other small and small items. The chair is always a classic style with the separation of the STPI and plate models.

GL Max suspension

Suspension using telescopic with cat eyes on the side. Back with dual suspension with black. The arms still retain the box to send the legs behind the frame. The style and model of using a similar modern panel is used on the Honda Tiger, which is a button to turn off the engine and start.

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Honda GL Max 2021 Review
Honda GL Max 2021 Review

GL Max engine

The engine is based on a 125cc single ohv cylinder that produces 9.7 KP of power at 8,500 rpm and 12.8 nm of torque at 7,500 rpm with a 5-speed rotary transmission. The braking system uses a drum. The fuel tank can accommodate a capacity of 10.5 liters.

After the success of the Duo GL100 and GL125, Honda then continued the portable product duo in 1983 under the names GL MAX and GL PRO to continue the approach of the GL100 and GL125. However, as demand for the GL100 was always high, Honda ended up selling the GL100 as a sport-level motorcycle with the GL MAX. I don’t know where the GL max. Because of this name, there are those who include GL MAX representing a direct boost.

This bike was ripped in 1983. Initially, the Honda GL Max was equipped with a 105cc engine with platinum ignition. This engine is always the same as that used by the Honda GL100. Early GL Max models have not yet been sold. So, in 1985, Honda replaced the GL MAX to 125cc. This new engine is also called the name GL max platinum because it always uses platinum. This GL Max appeared until 1986 before being replaced by the GL MAX CDI in 1987, which was given a nickname, so that’s because it was already using CDI.

In 1995, Honda revolutionized the GL Max engine with a new engine called Neotech Technology. Honda GLMax has received an additional suffix name which became Honda GL Max Neotech 1250. GL Max Neotech is quite old, as it was introduced for the first time in 1995 and production was arrested in 2005. In fact, but Honda never gave a change from the band. The design of the Honda GL MAX is exactly the same in the GL Pro, only the GL Pro headlights are not available on the GL MAX.

Even though these old generation iron horses have been captured since 2005, the country’s fans have always disassembled it because they have the same driving characteristics as the Honda CB series. Most car enthusiasts who are hunting for GL max neotech or previous generations will change the shape of the old motorcycle on the Honda CB, because to modify with Honda GL max as a base, it doesn’t need to change much compared to other motorcycles.

Even though these are very old, these machines have always had various benefits such as a sizable pair and always quite economical. For spare parts, this bike is clear because of the long production period of course many spare parts are distributed in all corners of Indonesia. Not to mention more local and Chinese motorcycles usually take the Honda GL base as this for business.

This Max GL engine can cover the soft because the engine is only 125cc. The legs are tough as sustainability comes first over comfort. The non-technical drawback is always the same with other Honda engine sports as a reservoir that is easy to rush. The design itself just likes everyone as a “Butt Box” model, so many GL Max as well as GL Pro Custom models are classic Honda CB models, for example. Read More !

Honda GL Max Specifications:

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, DOHC.

Cylinder Volume: 124.1 cc.

Transmission: Manual, 5 Speed.

Clutch: Wet and Double Clutch Manual.

Fuel System: Carburetor.

Starter System: Kick.

Specifications Dimensions Honda GL Max:

Size: 1,034 mm x 754 mm x 1,062 mm.

Wheelbase: 1,281 mm.

Seat Height: 772 mm.

Lowest Distance To Ground: 149 mm.

Empty Weight: 102 kg.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Liters.

Honda GL Max Skeleton Specifications:

Skeleton: Diamond Steel.

Front Suspension: Telescopic.

Rear Suspension: Swivel arm, damping shock absorber.

Front Brakes: Ventilated Disc.

Rear Brakes: Drum.

Front Tire Size: 2.75.

Rear Tire Size: 3.00.

Honda GL Max Electrical Specifications:

Ignition System: CDI-DC, Battery.

Battery : 12 V – 4 Ah.

Spark Plug : ND X 24 EP-U9.

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