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Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige 2022 Review

Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige 2022 Review

Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige 2022  has become the most prestigious variant of all variants. As a superior line, it certainly comes with a series of benefits. In addition to being filled with features, energy must also be the most powerful. Check out the benefits of a higher tier SUV from Honda’s premier mid-range. Or is there a gap? The first transparent machine.

Honda HR-V with a 1.8 liter engine, the output power is certainly of higher quality. Honda claims that the maximum power produced can reach 139 PS at 6,500 rpm with 169 nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. Overall thrust energy is channeled to the front wheels via a CVT (continuously variable transmission). This device allows not to feel the gear shift, so the ride feels smooth.

In 2021, the Honda HR-V has always been the new crossover of choice available to consumers. Finally, receiving a refresh in 2018, is the HR-V especially the highest variant always worth it? Let’s take a look at the following review of the prestige Honda HR-V 1.8L .

Domestic automotive market is different from Japan. In his country of origin, the Honda HR-V or its real name is Honda Vezel, comes in a completely new form. On the other hand, consumers in the country must be patient. The model on the market today is none other than the second generation HR-V. This model was introduced for the first time in 2013 and received a cosmetic cooling in 2018.

Features of Honda HR-V 1.8L

 Features Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige
Features Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige

Full features. As the highest variant, Honda applies many devices to support comfort. Outside, the lighting sector has been equipped with LEDs. This technology even includes DRLs (day limit lights) and fog lights. The most sophisticated because the highlight heights of the flagship lights can be adjusted automatically as a result of the angle of the car when it is filled with passengers.

The driver can easily access the car with the smart system and smart clascast system. Of course, this feature is combined with the thrust of inflammation, which facilitates the process of ignition on and off the engine. No need to remove the keys into the bag, just press the Startup button on the dashboard. Their experience in adversity is also funnier because there are quarter paddles.

A luxurious feel is also created in the cabin with leather trimmings, door trim, directions and gear levers. The highest variant is also fitted by a sunroof which enhances the exclusive printing. On the dashboard, there is an 8″ capacitive touch screen unit that can play radio, mp3 / wma, equipped with a USB port, Bluetooth connection and smartphone connection. Through this. Big screen, the driver can monitor the rear area of ​​the car. The problem is the multi-angle camera HR-V 1.8 has been strengthened.

Enter the security function. Honda seems to want to increase consumer confidence. The rubber bag, for example, has not only two units available up front, but six. There are 2 additional airbags for the driver passenger and front passenger, as well as 2 side curtains that are on the long side along the lateral windshield.

The HR-V 1.8 Prestige pipeline direction is safely supported by intelligent braking devices: ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic braking distribution), automatic braking and boss (brake change system). Then other features such as: Cruise Control, VSC (Vehicle Stability Support) which prevents the car from becoming a sub-rider and sport, HSA (Hill start help) to help you when you want to speed up on Tilt, EST STOP SIGNAL) It shines a hazard when the car stops sudden and motion from the direction of adaptive electrical energy.

To have all the advantages, consumers have to spend deep enough. This has been the lack of the HR-V 1.8 variant which is priced at 400 million asian. Although some competitors are offered at lower prices and have the same features. For example, the Chevrolet Trax, which actually has a smaller motor, but a larger amount of energy than the HR-V 1.8.

Interior Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige
Interior Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige

Review of Honda HR-V 1.8L

The existence of the HR-V as an alignment of Honda’s new car itself has managed to reap a positive response from the public. Outer design looks cool. Its appearance is filled with a combination of the tenacity of a Sports commercial vehicle (SUV) and compact dimensions referring to the tail stature. Despite being compact, the HR-V has good accommodations. In addition, technical performance and fuel is also another attraction of this car.

Honda HR-V 18 Engine

Honda HR-V 1.8L prestigeengine The motor sector is the main difference between the prestige 1.8L HR-V with the variants below having less power. The prestige Honda HR-V 1.8L uses a 13-cylinder 137 HP engine with the code R18. This means the same as the 8th generation of citizenship. In this case, the prestige of the HR-V 1.8L deserves to be appreciated. On a trial basis to give it a try, the engine draws responsiveness. Make this car poke fun even if you always carry SOHC technology with you.

Transmission Honda HR-V 1.8L Prestige

The prestigious Honda HR-V 1.8L is equipped with a CVT type transmission. In this car, Honda has managed to eliminate the stigmatization of “slow” the use of this transmission. CVT work is quite fast coupled with the presence of offset paddles to explore the engine’s potential more optimally.

For further information, the 1.8L prestige variant is only available in the CVT transmission selection. Unlike the housing with the 1.5L variant which can also be included in the 6-speed manual option.

Fuel Consumption Honda HR-V 1.8L

Effective fuel consumption is also a plus of the Prestige HR-V 1.8L. Prestige 2022 From the Carmudi test results, the fuel consumption for the association route is 12 km / liter. Although if you advance the fuel-efficient style of fuel, aka eco driving those numbers can be more economical, which reaches 21 km / liter.

Entertainment features Honda HR-V 1.8L

The main 8-inch touchscreen unit is central to the management of the in-cab entertainment functions. The features are pretty captivating, even the wellink bracket, which means you can see what a number of mobile apps look like on the screen. Apart from Bluetooth connection, hands-free cell phone, smartphone connection, AM/FM radio are also caught there. The head unit can also display a visual camera with different views, from normal view, wide view and top view.

Comfort Characteristics

Passenger comfort is supported by the presence of digital alternating current that uses a touch panel for its parameters. There is an automatic air conditioning function for more convenient operation. Now, this passenger variant can also feel the impression of a wider cabin thanks to the panoramic power sunroof. Read More!

Spec Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige
Spec Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige

Performance Honda HR-V 1.8L

Engine Displacement 1799cc

Power 137 hp

Fuel Type Petrol

Torque 169 Nm

Engine 1.8L Petrol Engine, 4 Cylinder 16 Valve SOHC

PGM-FI Fuel Supply System

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