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Honda Jazz 2022 Review

Honda Jazz 2022 Review

Honda Jazz 2022 Review. The existence of Honda Jazz, which is the king of hatchback cars in the country, in March, this year, has been officially replaced by Honda Hatchback Rs. If you observe the appearance of both, in our opinion, the Honda Jazz Rs is way more attractive and fashionable as compared to the other successors.

Then, don’t be surprised if the Honda Jazz Rs is still being hunted even though the new condition is no longer being marketed. Of course, the most expensive variant of the Jazz on offer is cheaper than the Hatchback RS from the city in its new condition. Lately, the price of the Honda City Hatchback RS through the official website of this car is at a price of IDR 299-Rp 239 million in Asia.

Looking at the appearance of the fascia, we know that the Honda Jazz Rs applies a design style that gives priority to the aggressive, elegant, and sediment hatch concept to reinforce a thicker sports aura. When the car itself is equipped with an LED headlamp lighting system with automatic leveling mode, to provide a good level of visibility to the driver when driving at night. In this way, the view will become clearer and more alert.

Looking at other parts, the third generation of the Honda Jazz RS with code GK gets sporting looks like a bright front grille + sports front bumper, new dynamic side skirts and a new rear bumper with diffuser. Sisi also implements the company’s lines with a diagonal model that focuses on the sports print on this car. In the wheel circumference, the Jazz RS uses a bonus R16 Alloy Wheels Cross Model with a 185/55 tire profile. Additionally, the jazz top variant is available in a pearl orange phoenix option featuring a two-tone concept with a black roof.

Talking about the Honda City Hatchback Rs, this urban car comes with a top design. The focus is very typical of Honda’s calm and steady design language. In the fascia section, it is linked to the LED LED lighting system with LED day day “shell”, LED Foglight and rear sense lamp with LED light bar.

Some exclusive items such as rear bumper with diffuser, fog trim, front bumper and bottom mesh grille are shaped to highlight the sporting print. Just like the Honda Jazz Rs, the City Hatchback RS is also built by two-tone 16-inch alloy wheels cut in black black and lay black.

Interior and Engine Excellence Honda Jazz RS MT

In the Interior, the honda Jazz RS MT, which is known to be cheap, has been equipped with a Multi Information LCD Display or MIL and also ECO Assist. Besides That Also To Make Your Trip With Friends Not Boring, Take Advantage Of The Presence Of An Audio/Video Player With A 6.1 Inch Touchscreen On This One MT RS Jazz Car Makes Your Driving Atmosphere More Enjoyable.

Coupled with the presence of a more spacious space on the inside of the cabin will provide flexibility for everyone who is in this vehicle. With Competitive Prices for the Jazz RS MT, this car is also able to be sold very quickly. Drove With Satisfactory Speed ​​And Acceleration Due To The Use Of A Reliable Engine With A 1.5 L I-VTEC Engine Capacity. The Jazz RS MT makes driving pleasure feel more optimal and also remains fuel efficient. The Use of The Best Components Also Makes This RS MT Jazz Car More Environmentally Friendly With Very Low Emission Levels.

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Honda Jazz 2022 Review
Honda Jazz 2022 Review

Features of the Honda Jazz RS M/T

The latest generation of Honda Jazz sold in Asia especially asian is known for receiving ultra tiered functions which can be adjusted with 4 compound adjustment modes: utility mode, long mode, large mode and refresh mode.

  1. Utility Mode

When folding the rear seats, users can maximize the cargo area so that large items such as large cards can easily fit.

  1. Long Mode

This mode is used to fold the front and rear passenger seats and the user will receive more storage space. In this mode, you can drag objects of any length.

  1. Tall Mode

Lift the rear seat holder for a very high space in the back, is part of the ultra-seat seat. Using this mode, you can bring objects that have superior size.

  1. Update mode

The last one is refresh mode. Folding the two seats straight ahead can result in a wider front that is suitable for long trips. With the Ultra Seat function, of course, the Honda Jazz is no less comfortable to use every day at a time with family and closest relatives.

Various Shows On Honda Jazz RS M/T Complete With Hatchback

Honda Jazz Rs is known to have a variety of interesting features. With regard to safety features, this car is equipped with dual front airbags I-SRS, G-Con + Ace, pretensioner with charging limiter, isofix & tether, brake change system, ABS + Cruise Control. With Cruising Control, The system automatically controls the speed of the vehicle. This system is a servomechanism that continues the car’s butterfly to maintain a steady speed set by the driver. When this feature is active, the driver does not need to keep the gas pedal to find the car to continue.

To facilitate the driver to turn the engine on and off, the Jazz variant is also equipped with a stop machine feature, which is enough by pressing a button.

To increase the safety factor, the Honda Jazz Rs is also offered smart touch + keyless input function. Do not miss the features in the form of an immobilizer and alarm, it is also embedded in this car to provide a sense of security.

With regard to other features of this room, the Honda Jazz Rs is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen touch screen connection, Cluster Meter Sport, from the paddle quarter, three display transmitters, from the ‘Medium LCD, 6.1″ advanced audio and video touch screen, a / c digital, new seat model, ECO support, retractable power door mirror with LED turn signal, tilt and telescopic fly and cover green in green.

Honda Jazz 2022 Review
Honda Jazz 2022 Review

The legendary engine in the Honda Jazz has a good level of sustainability

The Honda Jazz Rs is known for acquiring the legendary engine that mitigated the decline of the previous generation, namely the I-VTEC (combination of I-DSI and VTTEC technologies) boom L15A. The 1.5L 4 cylinder engine is online, 16 valve + DBW, PGM-FI with a capacity of 1,497 cc can spit out power up to 120 PS 6 600 rpm and torque up to 145 nm 4 600 tr. / Mt.

This machine with good durability, combines two transmission options, a 5-speed manual and a CVT with a 7-speed pallet offset which can be transferred manually using a pallet offset behind the fingertips which is sufficient for fingertip use. For the report, the I-VTEC technology on the Honda Jazz presents an advantage over traction. In this way, the speed of using this car seems to be racing on the arena circuit.

Knowing the heart of the Honda Honkback Honda Honeback, Honda has this car with the latest engines. Data, DOHC 1.5L engine, 16 i-VTEC + Valves DBW is 1,498 cc, which is used to burn power up to 121 PS 6 600 RPM and maximum torque of 145 nm 4300 rpm. Honda City hatchback hatchback is displayed with two transmission options, namely 6 acceleration and manual CVT.

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