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Honda Kirana 125 2022 Version Launches in Camboja, Price Breaks $2,657

Honda Kirana 125 2022 Version Launches in Camboja, Price Breaks $2,657

Honda Kirana 125 is no longer sold in Indonesia. however, this Astrea and Legenda legacy motorcycle continues to be marketed in Cambodia under the new name Honda Dream 125. Well, recently the latest version of the Honda Dream 125 was launched in Camboja at a price of $2,657.

As quoted from Greatbiker, NCX Honda Camboja released the 2022 Honda Dream 125. According to local dealer leaks, the duck with an elegant design is sold for the equivalent of $2,657. The price is too expensive for a motorcycle with basic features.

By design, the appearance of this bike has hardly changed. but still exactly like the previous design, both the shape of the headlights, and the side body, including the brake light design. The legs are still faithful to the format of the 17-inch spokes, which are controlled by a 60/100 tire profile at the front and 70/100 at the rear. Even the braking system is still using a drum model which of course is very outdated at this time.

Honda Kirana 125 2022

was launched by Astra for family/usable bicycles by circulation which provided functionality and also at an affordable price ($ 629.37 at that time in 2005) cheaper than the Supra X at that time. If the CC 125 turns out to be able to change the Honda supra c100 market. Honda Kirana underwent several face changes (striped changes) and was eventually suspended.

The long story is that the Honda Kirana 125 is a motorcycle that was emitted by Astra to the Indonesian motorcycle market because, according to Astra Anime, the public’s perception of the model as the Honda Grand was still high at that time. Maybe you know this duck variant. Yes, this is one of the variants of the motorcycle for the family bicycle class. So all ages and all needs can be used by this duck. Honda Kyrana 125, was a “Test Rabbit” motorcycle before the occurrence of the Honda Charisma. The specifications are equivalent to the Honda Wave (Thailand – Red), including technological sophistication, but have a low selling price to make this variant an option for mediocre pockets.

Based on the experience that has been used by Honda Kirana for 5 years, this motorcycle has a lot of access that can be sprinkled that is a motorcycle in its class. Small form (because its shape is similar to the Honda Astrea Grand), this variant is preferred by the whole family. This Honda Kirana doesn’t have a limiter on its CDI (try a gas survey, in neutral on your motorcycle, and you can feel the loss on your big grin-emoticon CDI). Traction gas is highly receptive, which makes this bike feel like it’s on a spontaneous gas specification.
Kirana’s 125 cc engine is an engine that is capable of accelerating and has a top speed, quite high! Keeping up with a motorcycle with a less than fine weight ratio like the 175 eliminator is certainly not a difficult case, especially in 2004 the road isn’t “crazy” now, it’s still good to ride a bit. Reads on the Kirana forums has an excellent, unlimited, and very light CDI. Honda Kirana 125 2022 marketed for family vehicles. Therefore, the features that are embedded are only standard, apart from a new type of engine with a larger capacity. The rest is like a big astrea.

Because these bikes are rarely bought, many people are not generally known. This motorcycle first came out that charisma, but more than this bike is an economical version of charisma (similar to supra and legend). Due to the early launch, it was considered a test rabbit for the new Honda engine.
There is a bit of surprise, namely information from the head of mechanics of Yogyakarta, Asass Gedong kuning, which indicates that Kirana must use Pertamax fuel, even more Pertamax so that the combustion is optimal. If so means that this motorcycle is high compression: Rolls:

There is a characteristic difference between Kirana and Karisma, if Kirana seems old school while Karisma is more modern. Kirana always uses an analog speedometer and it is extracted from the front wheel, so there is still a speed cable on the axle. Unlike the charisma which uses a digital speedometer and is not extracted from the front wheel, but from the pinion. There is also no luggage feature on this Kirana motorbike because there is only one small place for the tool box. The stretch iron still uses a flat iron, while the charisma uses aluminum brackets.
The big signature shockbreaker full of Chrome coverage is also retained in the Kirana. In addition, the complete closed chain guard which has been left behind is always applied to this motorcycle. It functions well but gets weird when other motorbikes leave the device. Kirana’s front brakes only use drum brakes. Read Also !

Honda Kirana 125 2022
Honda Kirana 125 2022

Kirana Motorcycle Price

the current price of $2,657 the price may differ from the price of the Honda Kirana motorcycle found, this is due to several factors that can affect the price difference, such as the condition of the Kirana motorcycle. The engine, body and physical condition of the Kirana engine, or the completeness of the motorcycle and the tax itself For the price of a Kirana motorcycle with a smooth and well-maintained condition usually has a higher price.

Honda Kirana Specifications

Honda Kirana 125 2022
Honda Kirana 125 2022

Engine: 4 times, unique air cooling
Capacity: 124.9cc (125)
Max. Power: 6.7 kw @ 7500 rpm
Max. Pairing: 9.9 nm @ 5000 rpm
Air Conditioning Carburetor: 18mm piston valve type (0.71 in)
Starter: electric and kick
Transmission: constant mesh, 4 speed (N-1-2-3-4) Rotary
Ignition: CDI (constant ignition discharge)
Battery / Battery: 12V – 3.5Ah
Clutch: multi-plate, wet
Head lamp: alternator
Weight: 101.9 kg
Size: Length x width x height: 1867mm x 702mm x 1049 mm
Wheel Base: 1,199 mm
Distance to ground: 135 mm
Fuel Tank: 4.0 liter

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