Honda New Odyssey 2023

Honda New Odyssey 2023

Honda New Odyssey, Currently, the type of MPV (multipurpose vehicle) in this country is increasingly popular with consumers. Give what is primarily a manufacturer competing to create the latest MPV cars that are more attractive. Likewise with PT Honda Perspect Motor, which offers the latest car improvements, technology, and MPV innovations. Yes, this MPV is the Honda New Odyssey which entered the market starting in 2005.

The new Honda Odyssey brand now with a more exclusive look and more exclusive touch buttons. But it always retains the premium features and advanced technology in the previous model. The exterior of the new Honda Odyssey is luxurious with a new black front grille, an elegant combination of smoked chrome and black. Recycling is also featured through fog lamps complemented by black trim and newly designed 17″ alloy wheels.

Honda’s flagship model in the country continues to lead the way in terms of technology and comfort. This model also has a reputation for Premium MPV and has very loyal consumers in the country. More revolutionaries emerged with the “best of two worlds” concept offering a family car with the perfect balance of pleasant driving performance. The use of DOHC I-VTEC engine with a capacity of 2,400 cc also produces high performance for the size of an MPV car in its class. For more details, Carmudi Domestic tries to peel off one by one change by Honda for the Odyssey.

The Exterior Of The Honda New Odyssey Is More And More Charming

outdoor design Honda New Odyssey with a sedan concept that has a smooth shape to do this Honda Odyssey feels sporty and luxurious. The front fascia looks very luxurious with some chrome accents presented.

From a layered grill design with a Honda Emblem and has a sharp narrowed beacon. It has a large bumper with a fairly tight cavity. Accompanied by Foglamp at the end of the side makes this car very luxurious and strong. The side has a quite unique design, there is a curve of the bottom line in the middle of the body making this car a futuristic car. Especially with the sliding door doors and Chrome accentuated handles make it very luxurious. The rear fascia has a fairly simple shape with Chrome accents in the middle. And has a fully equipped backlight.

Such as active light from turn lights, LED high mounting lights, LED rear combination lights will provide a clear sign for the jumpers behind this car. Overall, the car is equipped with a projector lighthouse, electric sliding doors with clearance lights outdoor, sliding sunroof with clamp free.

And active turn light, silly lateral, LED high mount light, LED rear combination light and day light, auto level light and auto featured As the rotating light active light, LED high mount light, LED rear combination light will give the driver a clear sign behind this car. Read More!

Honda New Odyssey 2023
Honda New Odyssey 2023

Interior of Honda New Odyssey

The new Honda Odyssey Hut has been designed to empower drivers and passengers alike. The driver can adjust the driving position as comfortably as possible with tilt & telescopic tilt, 8-channel power seat adjustment + memory seat and armrest. As for the comfort of the first passenger line using a 4-way power seat adjuster and passengers from the second row have been served with Premium + Ottoman (the first and longest duration of the world, the 2nd row of the second row in its class in Indonesia).

Overall, the car is equipped with headlamps, electric sliding doors with outdoor license lights, slide sunroof with clamp free. And active rotation light, LED high mount light, rear and daytime led tail light, auto and top auto light For the convenience of all passengers, there are 3 areas of the car and parasol at the rear door. The Magic Storage Type 3-Step Connection System offers easy folding of the third-row bench in a flat line in three easy steps, for ample loading space. The new Honda Odyssey audio system has been designed to prioritize the sophistication of the new Honda Odyssey. 7 WVGA MONITOR Capacitive Touch CD, Reproduct Secret DVD, Mp3, FMI, HDMI, Bluetooth, iPod & iPhone also equipped with smartphone connection (requires special cable).

The Right MPV Dimensions on the Honda New Odyssey

At dimensions 4 830 x 1 800 x 1 695 makes this car very long. With these dimensions, the Honda Odyssey is the longest car in its class. It weighs 1,792 kg, which is classified as making this family car sensitive and easy to control. The fuel-fuel capacity reaches 55 liters, plenty to provide fuel when traveling long distances. Supported with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels will deliver maximum power to propel this car. The Force MacPhershon suspension port at the front and torque bear at the rear will provide maximum handling performance.

With regard to the braking device, the specification Honda Odyssey has a ventilated disc on the front bag and a drum in the disc is considered sufficient to reduce and stop the speed of this car.

Honda New Odyssey 2023
Honda New Odyssey 2023

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