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2023 New Honda Sonic 150R Review Specs, Price, and Sped

2023 Honda Sonic 150R Review Specs, Price, and Sped

Honda Sonic 150R is Honda’s mainstay to face motorcycles like the Suzuki Satria FU. This bike feels nice indeed, with a note if you don’t mind the slightly lowered sitting position. And because it has been named a sport motorbike, riding this motorbike forgets about conveniences such as a spacious trunk. But you will get a 149.16 cc engine with DOHC valve drive, plus a radiator for engine cooling. To distribute power, Honda paired a 6-speed transmission, manual of course. The price starts from $1,532 in Asia i.e. Indonesia

Honda Sonic 150R Variant

There is 1 available variant of the Sonic 150R: Racing Red

Honda Sonic 150R Engine

The Honda Sonic 150R is powered by a PGM-FI Liquid Cooling 149.16 cc 1 Cylinder Engine that produces 15.82 hp at 9000 rpm and 13.5 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. The Sonic 150R has a seat height of 762 mm. The front tire size is (front-tyre-size} while the rear is 80/90 R17.

Sonic 150R Review.

Honda Sonic 150R
Honda Sonic 150R

2023 Honda Sonic 150R. This is a real competitor to Suzuki Satria. With sales of 14,708 units in 2017 (January to June), Honda Sonic has managed to compete with Suzuki’s Satria, Honda Sonic 150R can finally move forward. Although in some cases, this motorcycle is still inferior to its rivals.

The design is similar to the Satria f from Suzuki. But Honda provided a lower seat so that younger consumers could easily ride it. Second, the design is also more aggressive with design lines that seem more assertive, from any angle to look at.

Honda has equipped this bike with a fairly powerful engine, although it can’t beat the performance of the Suzuki Satria. The Honda Sonic engine is capable of producing up to 16 PS of power. While Satria reached 18.4 PS. Or reach a top speed of 153 kilometers per hour.

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Honda Sonic 150R Desain Design

Honda Sonic 150R design. as said before, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between the Suzuki Satria F and the Honda Sonic, when it is seen at a glance. That’s because the average shape of this bike is almost the same. Handlebar Clip, Thin Body, Monoshock, are must have features. But honestly, Sonic seems more fierce because the design lines are strong and the color selection looks very fierce.

Honda Sonic 150R has been equipped with LED lights and a digital instrument cluster. But Suzuki Satria also has it, and uniqueness is like a USB plug.

On the feet, it looks like 17-inch rims with a sports design wrapped in tubeless tires measuring 70/90 (front) and 80/90 (rear). Disc brakes are visible on the front tires. According to Honda the size of the Honda Sonic 150R is the largest in its class. Discs are also available at the rear, even if they are not as large as the front brakes.

Behind the steel frame mounted on the so-called steel twin tube steel by Honda. They say that the design of this framework contributes significantly to the agility of sound.

Sonic 150R Mesin Engine and Fuel Consumption

The Honda Sonic engine lies in liquid cooling with a radiator. As a motorized motor, of course, this is indispensable. But this unique cylinder engine only has one power of 16 PS, which is below the Sutzuki Satria. The pair hit 13.5 nm, again below Satria’s (13.8 nm), albeit skinny.

In effect, the initial acceleration of both motorcycles can be the same. But then Satria will be ahead. The Sonic is equipped with a damp wet manual transmission, with six accelerations.

Technical Specifications Sonic 150R.

Honda Sonic 150R
Honda Sonic 150R

Tires and Rims.

Front wheel size: R17.

Front tire: 70/90 R17.

Rear wheel size: R17.

Rear tire: 80/90 R17.

Tire Type : Radial, Tubeless.

Chassis and Suspension.

Rear Suspension: Swing Arm.

Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork.

Engine and Performance.

Capacity: 149.16 cc.

Maximum Power: 15.82 hp.

Valve Per Cylinder : 4.

Drive Type: Chain Drive.

Clutch Type: Multi-Plate, Wet Clutch, Coil Spring.

Compression Ratio : 11.3:1.

Maximum Torque : 13.5 Nm.

Number of steps : 4-Stroke.

Valve Configuration : DOHC.

Cooling System: Liquid Cooling.

Exhaust Pipe: Single Exhaust.

Number of cylinders : 1.

Maximum speed: 130 kmph.

Diameter X Step: 57.3 mm x 57.8 mm.

Engine Type: 4-Steps, DOHC, 4-Valves.

Maximum Power RPM: 9000 rpm.

Maximum torque RPM: 6500 rpm.


Category : Mopeds.

Width: 669 mm.

Seat Height: 762 mm.

Seating Capacity: 2 Seats.

Wheelbase: 1275 mm.

Height : 977 mm.

Length: 1941 mm.

Ground Clearance: 140 mm.

Oil Tank Capacity : 1.1 L

Weight: 114 kg.

Fuel and combustion.

Combustion system: Full Transisterized.

Start options : Kick & Electric.

Fuel system: PGM-FI.

Type of Fuel: Gasoline.

Honda Sonic 150R
Honda Sonic 150R

Gears and Transmission.

Transmission Type: Manual.

Gear Box :6-Speed.


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